The Greed Energy Act

Greed Trumps All

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Apologies are offered in the rush to push the windmills through everybody’s throats before we realize how screwed up this whole thing is, they typed in the wrong letter. An “n” instead of a “d”, easily done but hard to change.

The Act should have been named the “greed energy act” instead, but how do you push that? 82 cents per kilowatt is only 1000% price increase. This may just be peanuts for some people, but it represents a significant change. God only knows how much the price per KW for wind energy is. But, the good thing is that it can’t be much because the efficiency is low and unpredictable. All agencies and major players have ignored the questions they were asked to publish: the cost per windmill plus the output per 20 years.

They all have a thick greed plate in front of their face and act as if democracy is non-existent here in Canada. Maybe they should have a close look at the Middle East, and see what happens to people who possess such attitudes. Push it through and get it done, no matter the cost. Personally, I wonder how many people would favour the Greed energy if the absurd land-lease prices of around $20,000 per acre weren’t offered, but just the normal rental prices of $150 per acre. This will save the average household $200 a year on their bill and it gives our younger generation a brighter future. But as long as Dalton, Carol and Ben are too busy admiring their reflections in the mirror, telling themselves how good they are, and decide, after deliberating for a few seconds, that putting the “greedmills” in the lake is off the list, we won’t get anywhere. These politicians cited reasons such as the environmental factors, while, in the meantime, there are numerous offshore wind farms around the world, not just the one, as Mr. Lobb would have us believe.

The reason for this is that it makes a lot of sense. The development of offshore wind farms would save a lot of farmland-15,000 acres in Ontario alone, plus the $200 million worth of land-leases paid for by the unfortunate people. It makes me wonder why all the intellectuals listed on the “Sunshine List” are so quiet about all of this. Having observed the amounts of money these people get paid for what these intellectuals are actually doing makes me wonder if there is a mistake here as well. It should have been the “Shame on You” list instead. Outrageous salaries doled out over the taxpayers’ back; that is all it is. These are greedy people, who give themselves raises or allot bonuses for whatever reasons they please. We had better think about the elderly, and the disabled, who have to live on a minimum amount of money and who have increasingly been forced to stretch it even more due to all of the tax increases, plus the costs of hydro, heating, healthcare, etc. Let us not forget that the same elderly people gave all of their best efforts over the course of their lives to make Canada what it is today.

Peter Weverink, Goderich

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  1. Now here’s a real message from a real person. Not a bunch of numbers and words that are supposed to be thrown around at meetings and protests and debates between believer and non believers. REAL words that underline the tragedy of this Wind Scam and Green Energy Scam!

    This is the reason politicians don’t visit the streets and talk to real people anymore, as they would hear the REAL reasons why they are considered despicable people!

  2. For some reason I can’t help but picture a dunce cap with a propeller on top.

    Hey, make no mistake, we will spot you from a mile away. Your turbines will be pointing to you snickering, we represent, “greed, lack of compassion for thy neighbour, and I never bothered to see a lawyer”

    I suppose spending the last 4 hours on a friday afternoon, assisting a client with an endless energy audit, withOUT compensation, (for the sake of the environment), has made me somewhat cynical tonight. I did mention, that their return on investment would look a lot better once their hydro bills start to escalate.

    As I pulled in the driveway, I pictured the dunce caps snickering and saying, “out saving the environment, whatever makes you sleep well at night…”


  3. The Greed Energy Act is a better fit as there is nothing green about it.

  4. “Let us not forget that the same elderly people gave all of their best efforts over the course of their lives to make Canada what it is today.”
    So true. What a weird age when turning your lights off for an hour makes you believe you saved the earth. A person in their 80’s would think that’s horse *

  5. From Japan, the Law of Untended Consequence:

    “High energy efficiency has a curious side effect: If a single unit of energy enables production of a large quantity of goods and services then elimination of that unit of energy causes a larger reduction in total output than would happen in a less energy efficient economy.”

  6. The Ontario wind turbine situation can be divided into two parts.

    1. The three wind turbine lies which includes all the reasons wind turbines should never be installed in Ontario including the scientific, economic and health issues. Much information has alreday been gathered for this part of the discussion.

    2. How the Green energy Act came into being in Ontario and who were the responsible parties that pushed the GEA into law. After all, if there hadn’t been a GEA act to begin with this whole situation would never have developed. This is the issue that now needs to be explained to Ontarians and this should be done as soon as possible.

    A complete case can now be made to demand the repeal of the Ontario GEA.

  7. Barbara, I disagree with ” After all, if there hadn’t been a GEA act to begin with this whole situation would never have developed. ” Some of us were fighting this fight before the GEA and losing even then. These are the IWT sites that people are having so many problems with. Duncan as energy minister allowed the wind industry to set standard lower than the GEA even. They did fund raising for him, he gave them our tax dollars.
    I believe there are Liberals that knew it was wrong but haven’t got the backbone to stand up and blow the whistle on this corruption. This includes the Samsung deal.

  8. Wolfe Island was apparently done to a lower standard than the GEA because it preceded the act.

    So as I understand it it BD is right — it could have been worse — but the GEA did “create an institution” and greased the wheels as it were.

    Regardless — it is a mess!

  9. BD

    Yes ,you are correct but as David pointed out it’s the Green Energy Act that
    now has to be repealed.

    The GEA came into being because the parties responsible for this whole mess didn’t think that wind turbines were being installed as quickly as they should be going in due to resistance from local councils.

    So the GEA was enacted to force wind turbines onto the people without local consent. So in 2008 the big push by a few individuals for the GEA began and it was enacted very quickly. It only took from the end of June 2008 til May of 2009 to push the GEA through.

    So BD,your help in explaining this to people would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps this can be explained as two phases. The first phase prior to the GEA and the next phase begins with the passage of the GEA.

  10. A bit off topic folks but, I just saw the pol #`s for the main
    federal partys,coming into the unwanted/unneeded, federal
    election campaign.Tories 43%,Liberals 24%,NDPs16%,Greens
    6%.Unless the opposition are all totally brain dead, which we know they are not (even the most reprehensible criminals are not brain dead,just despicable humans),they have to know,
    they can`t possibly win.The best they can hope for is another
    Tory minority.So they obviously have something, up their
    collective sleaves. My guess is, they`ve given up on beating the Tories, legitamately winning the keys for 24 sussex Dr.,
    & are planning to take control, with Canadas`first, coalition
    government.It beats another 4 yrs. in opposition. Who cares
    that it`s a disaster for Canada? Certainly not them!! Power is everything, to a Lying Liberal. Besides, Britain has broken the
    ice, so to speak, & made coalitions acceptable.
    After reading the articles David Robinson pointed out,re;Iggys
    speaches about relentlessly pursuing renewable energy projects, as well as David (the Dork)McGuintys,`proclamation
    about wanting to see IWTs, everywhere across Canada,similar
    to Denmark(except of coarse,anywhere near his home),we all
    have reason to be afraid,very,very afraid. Iggy has already
    promised a new tax on carbon,much like others around the world,which are known to be dismal, corrupt failures.
    Organized crime groups profit greatly from them, I`ve heard.
    They do no good whatsoever for the environment or taxpayers. Anyway, can you imagine the obscene costs and
    environmental catastrophy, that awaits us, if this coalition of
    leftist fools, is allowed to take the reins of power in Ottawa?
    They will endeavor to be the worlds biggest ‘Green Powerhouse’, in spending anyway. Much like the Ont.Liberals
    they will take us from the #1 economy in the world, to a third
    world status country in their first 4yr.term.
    I hope I`m not right about this,but I see no other reason for
    them to be so gung ho about going to the pols.It`s long past time for a Harper MAJORITY. That`s now Canadas`only
    salvation. Harper`s a long way from perfect, but he`s done
    a good job to date,even with his hands tied by minority govs.
    I`d bet he`ll do even better with a majority. And he promised
    NO Carbon Tax. Because, when it comes to global warming or
    cooling or climate change or whatever BS name is in, he does
    ‘get it’. He knows it`s B.S. If we give him his majority he`ll
    probably admit it. And govern accordingly.Wouldn`t that be nice? A P.M. to be proud of!! I think I`m dreaming again.

  11. Douglas:

    Despite your ugly formatting I agree with your assessment… 😉 If they can beat them down to a minority again — look for an unholy alliance — a coalition.

    And windmill fields forever….

  12. Federal Election: Go to the polls and at the bottom of the ballot write in capital letters “NOTA”……………………..”NO To All Above”.

    Of course that would be a soiled ballot and thrown out but what you have successfully done is to eliminate a payment to any of the candidates party for your vote!

    If everyone in Canada wrote NOTA on their ballots there wouldn’t be a final election and every party expecting huge cheques from Election Canada for their party coffers would be nil!…………………and don’t dump on me for having a stupid idea as I am not that naive to expect this would happen………………but wouldn’t it be nice if it did!!!!!!!!


    WWF-Canada 2009 Annual Report, Oct.14,2009, Pages,1, 16,17 & 18, and use Search for PDF 2009 Annual Report.

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    Section On Climate Change, page 16

    Other Wins, page 17

    “Our most significant win in 2008/09 was the passing of Ontario’s Green energy Act, a highly progressive piece of legislation that will serve as a model for other jurisdictions across the Continent”

    “Finally, we promoted public policies that address climate change, including a submission to the Ontario government on greenhouse gas cap-and-trade systems that draw on lessons learned from the European experience.”

    Page 18, “WWF-Canada was a core part of The Green Energy Act Alliance, which brought togther environmental groups,farmers,unions and industry groups to push for this landmark piece of legislation.”

    You can also Google:” WWF-Canada 2009 Annual Report” and use Quick View

    This information is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and therefore open for public viewing.

  14. World Wildlife Canada Annual Reports for 2007,2008,2009,, Use search or a Google search.

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  15. David,
    Thanks, but for now my next post should tie this togther between WWF-Canada and the Green Energy Act Alliance.

  16. GREEN ENERY ACT ALLIANCE,, About Us Section

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  17. Barb, this is terrific information and will come in handy after October.

    Douglas, you might find this information regarding a coalition enlightening:

    ” It is also not true, as Liberals and New Democrats allege, that the idea of a coalition government hasn’t entered their minds if the next election result is unclear.

    There are, actually, two conversations currently underway about the possibility of a coalition government in Canada after the votes are counted in early May.

    The adults involved in those talks include some of Canada’s leading thinkers on constitutional law and the formation of government, and they started their conversation early in February, at the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, at the University of Toronto.”–ignore-what-canadians-politicians-say-about-a-coalition-government

  18. Two quotes…
    1) Michael Ignatieff in the last couple of days said,”And it must say that a government that breaks the rules and conceals facts from the Canadian people does not deserve to remain in office.” Was he referring to the Ontario Liberals?
    2) “Tyranny is rule by a single authoritative entity, be it an individual or a group, for the good of itself rather than the good of those ruled.” Nancy O’Toole’s one-time boss in a State of Maine Department office. Does this description remind you of Ontario Liberals by any chance?

  19. Donations made to Non -Profit Funds is in the Public Domain. Required by law if over a certain amount of money.

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  20. Governments world-wide are corrupt………..that includes our Federal and Provincial Governments….all Parties are guilty of it and there is not one country right now in the World that isn’t being run by a tyrannical group of thugs!

    Too much?……………..prove me wrong!

  21. And, we should light up the sky, not cower in the dark…
    ““We will not be in the dark,” journalist and conservative commentator David Menzies said Thursday.

    Instead, what you will find is a giant beacon in the sky emanating from his Richmond Hill street between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m.

    “While everybody else has their lights off I will have every light in my house on,” said Menzies, as he prepared for his second installment in mocking the “phony” Earth Hour movement.

    He’s also gone a step further.

    “I have rented four rotating Hollywood movie lights which will light up the sky for miles,” he said.

    “I don’t need to give you my address because all you need to do is look to the sky.”

    Last year the lights attracted people down to the darkened street, sans that one home. ”

    And we did the same… (minus the search lights)

  22. World Wildlife Fund – Canada 2009 Annual Report,, use search

    Page 18:
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    Page 59:
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  25. Barbara, there is only so many ways you will get the Liberals or any government to listen.
    Methods the natives use which I personally think should be the last resort.
    Taking their jobs away and sending the party into obscurity.
    Most people want and accept renewable energy.
    They have been sold on the fact it’s a cool idea.
    Their kids are being sold it’s a cool idea.
    The cities which are the recipients of these developments energy are quite happy to have them in your backyard, because they don’t want them..just the power from them.
    Urban people don’t care if your area is devasted or if your property values drop or if you get sick.
    Which is why these snakes set up the GEA the way they did.
    If you expose the deception , the masterplan so to speak , who will run it?
    CBC will not , nor will Global , many newspapers won’t either.
    The question I pose to all of us here is what do you feel are the key issues to city people that will get them on side and to stand with our cause?
    We all want to stop the way these developments are heading.
    Who do we target?
    What issues matter to them?
    Are there other ways to deal with providing energy that benefits consumers?
    Why are those ways better for the urban consumer?
    What can they do to help you help them?
    Because we all have a vested interest in exposing the “big” picture we lose sight of the fact that although we care about this , the majority of people are already so brainwashed that whatever you expose doesn’t matter.
    Carbon emission is realted to wind and solar energy as is any global warming and climate change issue. It doesn’t matter that this has been exposed as a fraud , because people have already been played.
    But there are issues we all have in common .
    Those are what we should be spending time on.
    Beginning with a huge one page ad in the major newspapers like the Financial Post , The Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun.
    Even radio….advertising works. It reaches a huge market.

  26. Ernest

    “The question I pose to all of us here is what do you feel are the key issues to city people that will get them on side and to stand with our cause?”

    My observation is that people only get really concerned when something begins to affect them personally. Consider the reaction to the nuclear situation in Japan. People say “isn’t it too bad” when men are trapped in coal mines or there is a major oil spill or there are other disasters but no-one calls for us to stop using coal or oil because it does not affect them personally. With the nuclear situation in Japan there are all kinds of people saying we should stop using nuclear power because – I believe – they are concerned that the radiation will drift and may be a health issue for them.

    A number of us, if we are honest, will admit that we only really woke up to the issues of wind turbines when we found out that there was an installation planned somewhere that affects us personally. I shamefully include myself, and I apologize to all of those who were trying to sound the alarm years ago when I really wasn’t truly listening.

    I believe the only way we will get the attention of the people in the cities who do not have to live with the turbines personally is to raise the issue that affects them directly. In this case that is the cost of electricity. Any ads or info fed to them should zero in on cost and waste of electricity. It is the only thing that will affect them personally and that is the only way to get them concerned enough to do something about it. Nothing else (health, property values, net loss of jobs, or even the loss of local planning and the threat against democracy) affects them on a day-to-day basis and that is the only time they will come on board.

    I think we do need to get the people in the cities on board. Yes, I would support running such ads. How do we make it happen?

  27. Mattie…you have us pegged.
    I just read an article claiming 75% of Candians earn under $50,000 a year.
    That means most families have both parents working to live the lifestyle that Canada claims we have..apparently we are a wealthy country.
    Now I don’t think we are at all.

    Maybe this group is interested in forefronting this?
    I say this because I respect the effort they are making.
    There has been a lot of work gone into this by this group.
    So not to pass the work on , but rather to show appreciation .
    They deserve whatever success this may have.

    Anyone else with some thoughts?

  28. Huron County has embraced renewables and has even set up an office to push it.
    I wrote in to them agreeing we should all be able to adopt this energy.
    The answer is to provide subsidies so we can cut a share of demand from the grid.
    We can only cut to a point. We still need to use energy. The answer is not large scale developments selling us energy at huge cost. I feel the answer is full subsidies for all that want to adopt solar , ground source and other new technologies to put less demand on our hydro system per household. It is afterall our tax dollars , should they not be used to benefit us….not Samsung as an example?

  29. I agree the group deserves the credit and success. But the work cannot be shouldered by only a few. I would be willing to work with someone to develop this – I doubt I have the skills or ability on my own, or if I should be speaking for the group – if there is someone who would spearhead this as a representative of the group.

    I am not sure how we surmount the cost however.

  30. Ernest Said — a whole bunch of things at:

    By: Ernest Horvath on 03/29/2011 at 04:41
    By: Ernest Horvath on 03/29/2011 at 04:4

    Carbon emission is related to wind and solar energy as is any global warming and climate change issue. It doesn’t matter that this has been exposed as a fraud, because people have already been played.

    And so on and so on…..

    I am in complete agreement woth everything posted here — except the subsidies for small scale generation. If someone wants Wind/Solar or electric cars I suggest they pay for it themselves.

    But everything else. Ernest is right. We have discussed this many times here and we see no other way than hi suggestion.

    Barbara has tracked down all the grant agencies — let’s go seeking some cash handouts. Properly worded and supported with data I think it could work. Seriously. 😉

  31. Ernest:

    I think we can make this happen. Let me think on it an hour or two more. I believe we have the money and the tools that we need. It is a small twist on your idea — but just as effective. It will cost something = but a lot less that the big ads.

    Also, just in case I bet that Barabara could sell us as an environmental organization to some of the funders she has been tracking down. That would ice the cake. The maybe the big ads would fly.

    I need to track down somebody who can help us. He posts here occasionally but I forgot his name…

    We just need a plan…

  32. Gladly put money into it
    I worry that our issues will be overshadowed by the Federal election and more damage will be done by McGuinty in the background.
    Pressure has to increase now.
    McGuinty doesn’t want to engage then we will simply remove all of them..if a windturbine stands in this province in the next few years , it will stand as a monument to the betrayal of Ontarians , and that you can’t trust this party.

  33. I agree with David Robinson that people should pay for their own small scale solar/wind turbines if they want them. Ridiculous subsidies are what continues to bankrupt us. I also agree with Matte that it is the pocketbook that will likely make the difference in cities (i.e. Toronto) – as it did with the mayoral race.
    I am in full support of some large scale ads, however, I think it would be a colossal waste of resources to have these running until the provincial election is much closer. Particularly with the federal election looming, they would just get lost and perhaps even confuse some people. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t continue to hold their feet to the fire. This issue has been getting a fair amount of traction in the media and we should continue to press that forward.

  34. The ad you are talking about costs tens of thousands of dollars.

    It doesn’t seem like much beside tens of billions of dollars piddled away though — does it?

  35. several things..why not have subsidies for us to adopt renewables.?
    You can’t leave out the majority that support renewable energy, We have to provide people an alternative or we lose support.
    Ou taxes subsidize for profit in many ways….why noy have our tax dollars work for us for a change.
    We have tried the letters, there is grea support for our cause with the Sun papers and National Post..there is a column almost everday exposing McGuinty’s energy policy to be devastating to Ontarians.
    So how are things going?
    You still have King , Wilkinson , Duguid , McGuinty pretending all is well and we are just a fringe group.
    The want us to waste money on the court bring our cause to it’s kness financially.
    We are all partners in this issue.
    What I think we need is a way to get this message out to others in a way that means something to them. To have an alternate plan that benefits them more than what the province has.
    I think we can’t ignore the fact that people have been sold on CO2 emissions and the global warming issue..whether Canada has had a huge impact or not is never the discussion, most people have been sold on it through the media onslaught.
    So how can one get a message out to the greatest number of people in an area that affirms their fears of rising energy costs , shows them why Ontario has sold them out and offers them hope for a better way.
    If we don’t push Ontario to provide subsidies to adopt renewables the only option is to buy it from wind developers. That is their direction.
    Most people can’t afford to adopt solar or ground source heat, they range at $40K.
    75% of Canadians made under $50,000 in 2009.
    Leave it with you folks I respect your views.

  36. I am not sure why we wouldn’t want our tax dollars to go to help us adopt renewable enrgy to save us money?
    It can either go to us..or wasted or squandered elsewhere .
    The money is there….lets take it for our needs not just for the few special interest .

  37. First of all, it would appear that plenty of people were prepared to invest the $40K + when they expected to make a huge profit by RIPPING OFF their neighbours and other taxpayers. People in the Cities are not going to install rooftop solar panels or backyard wind turbines. Let’s not even get into the impracticality of all of this. The only possible way of stopping this travesty is a change in government. The message has to be simple. You will not win anyone in the Cities over by proposing that the exorbitant hydro rates they are paying will now go directly to rural landowners rather than foreign multinationals. Half the people think that is happening anyway. Unless you are directly affected by these industrial turbines. i.e. live near the bluffs or own a country property that is or may be affected, City folk could care less. The working class may vote with their pocketbook, just like they voted for Ford because they are tired of getting ripped off by these harebrained schemes. The elite on the other hand use the concept of “green energy” to salve their conscience while they drive their Escalades from their City mansions to their Muskoka mansions. They have swallowed the kool-aid and are unlikely to be persuaded otherwise.

  38. McGuinty and friends are using the “Enron blueprint” to rob the hell out of our tax dollars…………….who controls the Energy Sector, controls the people!

  39. I’ll offer a dissenting view on many points here.
    I think this website has infinitely more pull than an add in either of the publications mentioned. I live in Dumpsite 41 protest territory, and the folks who protested that site for many, many years developed templates on how to do so cheaply – AWARE is one direct result.
    The Globe, and The Star, both appear, to my cynical eye, to pander to current governments because those are the biggest purchasers of ad space. It’s more notable to more people everyday. The Star reported today the latest rankings saw their sales drop over 3%, the Globe about 10% (and they’ve really stepped up the Liberal drooling in the past week) – while the National Post was up 7% and the Sun up 33%. I think that those sales are reflecting the sanity, and facts, on this site and the media outlets that are more interested in covering stories than in getting a big chunk of the OPA’s advertising budget.
    Ernest, I see lots of solar microFITs – with enormous amounts of concrete. They are far less environmentally friendly than the much cheaper solar FIT projects. Both are ridiculous because, as I’ve noted many times before, doing anything expensive isn’t productive. Ontario plans to phase out 4GW of coal generation in the next 5 years, where China’s new ‘green’ plan calls for 260GW. If it doesn’t have the potential of energizing the developing parts of the world, cheaply, it isn’t green and should get subsidized.
    As for who is paying, my last post on my blog drafts a response to the OEB as they’ve hired a consultant who seems to be advising shifting the full cost of wind and solar projects onto 4 hours of ‘on-peak’ hours in the summer – the time wind isn’t expected to be producing much at all.
    What ‘ad’ could communicate the wisdom of buying unreliable generation that requires buying more generation (google the latest INGAA study re: subsidizing gas peaking plants) and charge for that stupid purchase at the exact time it is most obviously stupid?

  40. I agree Scott.
    It’s not enough to say this is a bad idea.
    We have to have an alternate plan that reflects their needs and concerns.
    I can spell but my eyes are bad….LOL!
    I think the push could be to reduce energy demand…that can be easily done.
    Small microfits are part of the answer.
    I see a huge group especially seniors that need help.
    Right now our issues are overshadowed by the Federal election and my worry is that McGuinty will try to push forward quickly under the radar.
    The Star and Globe and Mail are not our friends. Nor is the propaganda machine the CBC.
    The Sun Group seems to stand with our views .
    My thoughts were to show why McGuinty for profit is “Bad”. And have a better direction that serves their interests…we shouldn’t be heading towards for profit energy in the first place.

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