Turbine proposal missing info: Consultant

By Maryanne Firth  Welland Tribune

WAINFLEET — The answers to Wainfleet’s questions aren’t blowing in the wind.  During Tuesday’s township council meeting, municipal staff brought forward a report that reviewed plans for the Wainfleet Wind Energy Project.

The nine-page report, created by Jones Consulting Group Ltd., and the numerous comments contained within raised several questions from city council.  The consultant’s report revealed there “was a lot of missing information” from the plan for the wind energy farm submitted by IPC Energy Inc. on behalf of the Loeffen family, said deputy mayor Richard Dykstra.

There were 45 deficiencies found within the plan, which raised some concerns in council chambers, he added.

Township planner Grant Munday believes the thorough report and comments found within, all which will be submitted to the province, will help ensure the project is “adequately reviewed.”

The report concluded that additional technical information is required in several areas including location, access, right-of-way use, traffic management, emergency management, construction and natural heritage impacts.

The full consultant’s report can be viewed on the township’s website, www.wainfleet.ca, in the council agenda package from Tuesday, March 22.

“Ultimately approval is in the hands of the province. We’re just a consulting agency,” Munday said of the municipality.

The province does, however, concern itself with the impact such projects have on municipalities, Munday said, certain “those impacts will be addressed.”

Tom Lewis, IPC Energy’s manager of planning and environment, said the company plans to formally respond to the consultant’s report, providing answers to the questions found within to the municipality. The response is expected to be forwarded in the next one to two weeks, he added.

“They’re good questions and they deserve good answers.”

IPC will be hosting a second public open house for the project, though a date has not yet been set.

The company is awaiting a consent letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources. Once the letter has been received, notice of the meeting will be published at least two months in advance, Lewis said.

The open house will feature site specifications on where the wind turbines and other elements of the project will be located, he said. That information can also be found online, at www.wainfleetwindenergy.ca.

Lewis said people will be on hand at the meeting to answer questions and to solicit public comment.

Comments and questions can also be submitted on the above website.

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  1. From the US, there is this

    The Obama administration has set a target of having 80 percent of America’s electricity come from “clean energy sources” by 2035, but ironically one of the biggest obstacles to this goal could come from within the environmental movement itself.

    From coast to coast, efforts to build everything from wind farms to solar plants has run afoul of local environmental groups and the “Not In My Backyard” (NIMBY) phenomenon. Pro-environmental journals, such as the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, as well as business groups, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have each cataloged this trend.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/03/28/are-environmentalists-an-obstacle-to-clean-energy-production/#ixzz1HtjBVnRO

  2. 45 errors in a nine-page report? The problem is, that’s just what the municipality noticed; if citizens had $$$ to hire a proper consultant, there might be more errors found.

  3. These are the same consultants that were used to draft an Official Plan for Essex County for $100,000 just for renewables. When I asked the consultant about the studies (there are none BTW) which indicated that 30 minutes maximum of shadow flicker per day was O.K. and how will this be monitored for people, he responded by indicating that he was the expert on shadow flicker due to his “extensive” research and if I wanted to stop the project, I needed to start up a group and raise money to fight it in the courts. Their draft plan got canned when CanWEA came down on the county and threatened court action. The money spent on this OP went out the window with the GEA and no one from council has sought to get compensation from the province. One more example of wasted taxpayers dollars and how elected officials doesn’t give a hoot about wasteful spending.

  4. Quote of the day:

    Perhaps this quote could be useful next time on of our side has to testify…

    From Master Resource…

    The Economist Debate

    There’s more evidence that the an omnipotent Easter bunny brings children multi-colored eggs than renewable-energy darlings wind and solar can dent in CO2 emissions despite their massively intrusive industrial presence.

    or perhaps this…

    Should we debate whether the 747 would do more than gliders in transporting large quantities of freight? Bryce could have re-framed the discussion to ask whether wind is better than kumquats as a means of emissions reductions. But he didn’t. And the outcome of this debate, according to the vote, was a virtual draw.

    March Hare (to Alice): Have some wine.

    (Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea.)

    Alice: I don’t see any wine.

    March Hare: There isn’t any.

    Alice: Then it wasn’t very civil of you to offer it.

    March Hare: It wasn’t very civil of you to sit down without being invited.

    — From Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

    and the debate goes on…

    It would be funny if it were not tragic…

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