Green Party candidate critical of wind development contract

Treat Hull, Green Party of Ontario candidate for Prince Edward-Hastings in October’s provincial election and the party’s provincial Energy Critic, today expressed his opposition to the Ontario Power Authority’s decision to grant a contract to the White Pines industrial wind development proposed for South Marysburgh.

“The McGuinty government claims that it wants to consult with local communities on the issue of industrial wind development, but granting this contract to White Pines at this time makes a mockery of that claim,” Hull said. “The OPA granted this contract less than a month after the newly elected Prince Edward County council passed a resolution favouring a moratorium on wind development in the County until the province restores the zoning authority for industrial development that was taken away under the Green Energy Act. This is a direct slap in the face to the County’s elected representatives and to the citizens who elected them.”

Ontario Nature and other groups have raised serious concerns about the Ostrander Point industrial wind project and its potential impact on migratory birds, but the Ontario Power Authority has approved the White Pines project anyway, even though it is closer to the Long Point bird observatory than the Ostrander project.

“This arrogant decision by the Ontario Power Authority shows once again the importance of returning control over industrial development to local governments,” said Hull.

14 thoughts on “Green Party candidate critical of wind development contract

  1. Lizzy won’t like this one!……………..our Green Rep was asked to leave the Party after he stood up against the Wind Scam two elections ago!

  2. Condolences to you and Prince Edward – Hastings. I understand the same thing has happened in Centre Wellington Township and Wellington County. You can certainly depend on the Provincial Government for only one thing – LIES!

  3. The Green Party is also responsible for this Ontario wind turbine scam as they supported wind turbines as well.

  4. Good for Treat Hull,standing up for our environment and doing the right thing. It will be interesting to see Lizzys`response in the coming days.Speaking of Lizzy,they`d better not try to allow the dizzy so&so into the debates again.
    They`ve no seat & no right being there.Blockheads also don`t
    belong there,but that`s a story for another time.

  5. Good for Mr. Hull. There seems to be a growing realization even with the Greens that IWT are a big problem. This appears to be from their 2010 policy convention.

    They still link themselves to CanWEA and think there is a “Vast Potential” with wind, but at least they are on board for Health Studies. I also like the part where they state “Provincial Governments have have compromised their objectivity with respect to wind energy development”

    It’s a step better than the Liberals anyway.


  6. My own discussion with the local Green Party candidate, they are so desperate for votes that being all things to most people trumps party ideology.

    First Law for Candidates: Recover your Deposit.

  7. Last time I asked our local NDP candidate for her opinion on Anthropogenic Global Warming, she replied “What are you talking about?”

    Second Law for Candidates: Big Words, Big Headaches.

  8. The Green Party evolved from Greenpeace. Greenpeace was one of the principal parties that got the Ontario Green Energy Act in place.

  9. I thought I would catch the comments about the Ontario deficit at the start of this video.

    But what I got was CTV’s rip on Tom Hudak. Think that Media Liberal Bias is a joke? Watch what happens at 1:27.

    Of course, they ended with Dwight’s pitbull. Right.

  10. In this video we also get to see Horwath and Tabuns together crying foul which may go unnoticed by an uninformed public but these two “bags of Wind” are instrumental in voting for the GEA and should never ever be let off the hook for their involvement in this “thuggery!”,,,,,,,,,, hypocritics both of them!

  11. So, folks, why should the leader of a party which has NO CANDIDATES outside of his province have a place in the debates?

  12. John ! That is the most shocking thing I have ever seen! They actually pulled out what Tim Hudak was going to say. Just wiped it out! Shameful!

  13. That one is totally unexplicable johana! Only in good old Canada, could a seperatist party like the Blocheads, be allowed in a federal debate. It must be that the ruling Liberals allowed it, knowing it would harm the Cons more than themselves.
    Now we can`t change it, without being labelled anti Quebec.
    Another reason we need a strong Cons. majority,to fix things like that, to numerous to mention.

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