Reality Check

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  1. As usual the Dilbert Dog gets it righter than the wizards…

    Would it surprise me if the Liberals were in complete agreement? — No!

    The GEA allows almost unlimited power under a cloak of green. Surely that is far more appealing than any footnote in a history book.

    Will the next party repeal the act? What do you think?

  2. Maybe it is time again for ‘Dilbert the Dog’ to don his ‘Dilbert the Evil HR’ hat, and he could ‘roll out’ Dalton, Duguid, Donuts, Wilkinson, Mitchell….

  3. …of course then we would have to call him ‘Dilbert the Great’ and I do think a large proportion of rural Ontario residents would be overjoyed!

  4. Debbie:

    I don’t see how this could work!

    The Dilbert Dog personality is a sham. He just pretends to an progressive. In reality he is nothing but a shyster, a scam artist, a liar and a user of Useful Idiots — he is the Bernbie Madoff of pooches.

    How could the Liberals ever want someone like that in their midst?

    It would never fly — they would never have anyone like that on the team.

    Get real!

  5. Speaking of reality David,I find myself wondering if this could ever become one…..
    Let`s say after the federal election ballots are counted, we end up with another Conservative minority & the visiting prof. Iggy,decides to pack it in & return to his Harvard job & U.S. home.
    The Liberals would install a temp.leader,say for instance Bob, the socialist, Rae.Then having rid themselves of Iggy & his lie about not forming a coalition of lefty idiots/separatists,they`d make Rae the official Liberal leader, no leadership contest required, as we`ve seen with Iggys installation.
    And there we`d be,Bob Rae the prime minister of Canada,with Gilles Deceipt & Jack Layton deputy PMs.
    As scarry as it sounds, I think it could very well happen !!!!

  6. Seen the polls lately, in 4 days the conservatives went from a majority to a minority(by 32 seats if memory is working) sounds like a reality.Harper needs to pull something out of his a$$ SOON!!!!!!

  7. Another thought. How about billboard advertising? How expensive are they?
    I have a property which is an ideal location for a couple billboards.On two very busy hwys.,and directly across the road from one of three proposed (probably approved for all I know) IWT projects.
    I would gladly donate the use of this land, as well as most materials & labor to construct.I`d bet there are others in a similar situation, with available land for advertising.
    The main hurdle, is probably getting the permits to build.
    I`m going to inquire today, to see what the regulations are.I`ll let you know what I find out.Any advice would be appreciated.

  8. You may only need to do 1 full page on the most popular day for a newspaper.
    Some TV stations have great prices..CHCH had some good deals.
    Once you get out there , media will take it further.
    Our poster child could be a retired couple signing up at a food bank or asking the United Way for help because they can no longer pay their energy bills and buy food.
    Certainly honest advertising, it is happeneing right now.
    If 75% of Canadians earn $50,000 or less…we have a huge market for support.
    I think attacking the For profit Direction at the expense of Ontarians may have merit.
    Renewables should be to aid us putting less demand on the grid.
    McGuinty is giving a captured market worth Billions a month to business.
    So under his plan we get soaked paying , not saving.

  9. I believe our (people who think IWT are a waste of money, besides causing people and birds a lot of grief) problem is that we are not marketing the fact that these things are a waste of money, etc. people just seem to turn a blind eye. What we concerned people need is a good PR firm that will market the truth. However, all the good PR firms seem to be working for the wind companies — I guess they like the big bucks.

    I enjoyed the cartoon.

  10. bette,

    You should follow the same NGOs in the States that were looked at here. It’s a good bet the same organizations are at the bottom of the wind turbine scam in the U.S.

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