Sock it to Ignatieff and McGuinty

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Re: Federal election and the province

I have a question for the federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. How can he stand up in front of Canadians, especially Ontarians, and claim he will bring back democracy?  His own provincial Liberal leader, Premier Dalton McGuinty, has taken our democracy away by forcing the Green Energy Act on Ontario, which forces wind turbines and solar farms on good farmland and on people who do not want them because of the as-yet unknown problems they may create.

McGuinty has taken away the power of our municipal governments to oppose this act and, therefore, has taken democracy out of the picture. The Green Energy Act is flawed and the only thing green is the flow of money to foreign countries. We will be paying for the debt until we are six feet under!

I will not be voting for any Liberal candidate and I am probably not alone. The voters of Ontario who pay hydro bills will not forget come election time.

Maybe I will vote for Ed the Sock and his new party, the Fed-Up Party of Canada. Go Ed!

Marlene Link, Cayuga

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  1. I Love Ed the Sock! How can we get him and “THE FED UP PARTY OF CANADA on the ballot. I am sure he would win hands down!

    Thanks Marlene..send your letter and this picture to the editor of your local newspaper.

  2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Liberal or a Conservative anymore, the voice may change but the message is clear: All Governments of Canada at any level have trashed our DEMOCRACY and we are now in the hands of “madmen”!……..don’t believe me?…….take a few minutes to view their very words and then reflect on who will you vote for now?????

    Stephen Harper telling the world Canada has to give up it’s “Sovereignty”!

    Paul Martin telling the world Canada has to give up it’s “Sovereignty”!

  3. Ummm, I hate to point it out, but Mr. Ignatieff has absolutely no control over any provincial premiers including McGuinty. I think you’re tarnishing him with an unfair brush. Ignatieff is the only federal politician who has stated publicly that he feels the Ontario Liberal Party is acting undemocratically by taking powers away from the municipalities. I sincerely doubt Mr. Harper has a clue about the situation.

    So yes, I agree, let’s ditch Ontario Liberals, but the Federal Liberals deserve a better hearing than this. Who knows, they might even be of some help in the future.

  4. Lest we forget that David McGuinty (you know… another DM know as Dalton’s brother) is on the Federal Liberal party and would put wind turbines all over Canada. ;o)

    No liberals… period.

  5. dm
    In all due respect, I beleive the Liberals had thier chance and blew it ,ie The sponsorship scandal etc.etc.
    Your right though,that federal partys can`t be blamed for provincial partys affairs. Fair enough. However like TwoLittleWitches said, David McGuinty, as well as Iggy,have stated that they will quadruple wind & solar, all across Canada. This will cost many billions$$$.
    Don`t you think we should use that $$ for research & development,to find new ways of producing clean electricity?
    Otherwise we`re just wasting our hard earned tax dollars.
    Mr. Harper has done a good job so far, & is our best bet for the next few years ,in my personal opinion.Unless Ed the Sock,can be convinced to run that is.
    P.S. Isn`t electricity a provincial responsibility anyway??

  6. Ya whatever for politics. Dalton (aKa. Total idiot including the others anchored to him) are done so Iggy will use him as a sacrificial lamb. I only hop a Lib rep pulls in my driveway. They will have to run me over to leave unless they understand my thoughts. FYI. I give respect to my grandson. He has an awesome business teacher. I showed him where the IWT will be behind my property aNd first thing said was ” they make people sick. I have respect for some teachers now. Hope it can help. My grandson isn’t happy knowing he wiLl pay for DaLtons arrogance. I hope he will become a politician now. Maybe he could get some real smarts now

  7. @Nonvoter
    Will you or someone that understands all that you have posted in that link, tell all of us if Canada too is controlled by this Federal Reserve/World Bank.
    If yes, then why are we worried about the budget, we could just walk away from the Trillion Dollar Fake Debt like the USA is doing.
    Do we have anyone up here trying to get us away from this Global Economy Gang?
    Please let us know!

  8. It makes perfect sense to charge for wind when the wind is not blowing. If you understand that wind only blows 25% of the time(TOW), then paying for this premium across the remaining 75% (TOnoW) is a great averaging tool.


    Now what did the consultant say, 2.7?

    On a related topic, never forget how important rural Ontario is to Liberals.–cohn-obscure-program-in-budget-could-keep-liberals-in-power?bn=1

    The question not asked of course is the ratio of rural voters directly affected by wind projects, urban voters with high energy bills, and those farmers advantaged by both.

  9. Missy, It is up to you do find the truth and believe what you want to believe. For me our politicians have been lying to us. Our US neighbours are indeed in big trouble and they need to bring back honesty. This is why the Wind Industry gets away with all this because of the corrupt system we have.

  10. John: The wind is not blowing right now (1MW/hr production reported) and we still pay for all the MW capacity doing nothing. Imagine a few more thousand IWTs with no different results. For those that know how IWTs produce power and how the grid manages power, the 1MW is most likely not in the mix of power we are using. IWT power production could be 0 MW right now as the reports are not an instantaneous measure of power produced.

  11. We are in luck..Labour is gunning for McGuinty!…is it possible to align with them?

  12. I strongly feel we need to push Ontario to provide the dollars..our own dollars to subsidize renewables for Ontarians…The idea , we use less power , save us money.
    We pay for it all anyway ..why should this go to a company making a profit.
    McGuinty’s energy plan is Flawed!

  13. It is a mistake for people to take political positions on wind turbines. Renewable energy has such a favorable position with the public that all politicians have or will jump on the bandwagon, especially when many dollars are involved. (see Tories open to clean energy projects across Canada: Harper –
    Taking a position that one political party or another has a better position on wind turbines is a huge mistake. Wind turbines are the poster child of green, renewable energy. This is now an issue in which political consensus has been achieved and for any politician that has doubts, silence is their only option.

    The issue of trying to bring rational rules to wind turbines is no longer a political issue – wind turbines have won. The remaining avenues to achieve rationality are the courts and constant incremental changes in procedures and regulations based on science. The proponents of wind energy understand this very well. Many of their studies have been funded by government grants.

    Those who have concerns about wind energy should establish advocacy groups that rationally support all forms of renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on minimizing negative impacts and encourage the most effective means of achieving the goal. Why is there so little emphasis on production and capture of methane from feedlots and swine operations in Ontario? There needs to be a much better approach rather that just the most visible sign of political success – the ever popular but flawed wind turbine.

  14. IT:

    Those who have concerns about wind energy should establish advocacy groups that rationally support all forms of renewable energy,…

    As far as I am concerned that is yer proverbial load of cr@p. That is the nicest way I can say it.

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