Layton’s fairy-tale energy plan

Mr. Layton said his clean-energy program would offer financial incentives for companies to invest in solar, wind, tidal and geothermal projects.  Two things wrong with that one: First, I’ve heard it before -just recently, in fact -from Ontario’s Liberal government. And I can save Mr. Layton a long read to the end of a very sad book. Those solutions are very expensive and highly impractical for now. At best, each might contribute a tiny share of our energy needs in the medium-to long-term.

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24 thoughts on “Layton’s fairy-tale energy plan

  1. Jack knows squat. Hot Air, the book by Mark Jaccard, Jeffrey Simpson and Nic Rivers, tells the story. Incentives and information (Rick Mercer and his “wonton” challenge) are uneconomic “carrots”. Hate to say it but taxes and laws (efficiency standards, cap-and-trade, etc.) are “sticks” that work and are economic. I say put some tough efficiency standards in place, put a price on carbon and get the hell outa the way.

  2. Put a carbon tax in place and slow down the economy. Makes energy unaffordable for lots of people.

  3. Yes, I heard that Layton wants to re-direct $2 billion from the oil sands and other such projects to renewables like solar and wind. Easy to say when you live in downtown Toronto and you don’t have to live near a solar site or industrial wind turbine site. And I thought Jack was the smart one out of the 5 candidates running….

    Make sure you quiz Ian Nichols (H-N NDP rep) about this when he comes looking for your vote!

    Carbon tax is not the answer. It will kill business in Ontario – and kill jobs along with it. As a small business owner I have already seen my power bill increase significantly from last year. Anyway, why would we do that? We are still paying provinces and states to take power from us.

    Also, OPG Nanticoke can be cleaned up, or retrofitted for natural gas. This still will not do much to curtail the smog situation in southern Ontario. Much of the pollution we get is coming up the Ohio Valley from the USA – carried through the atmosphere on natural air currents.

  4. The whole process of installing wind and solar in Ontario was already determined before the process even began.

    Information regarding the negatives of wind power was not considered or just plain ignored. But the pretense of consideration sure was there.

    Any kind of tax on energy consumption is in effect a carbon tax no matter what it’s called. Makes energy less affordable for people.

  5. Ontario air is cleaner than it was 50 years ago. About 90% cleaned up. This is just another ploy to sell wind and solar energy to Ontarians. Have to keep scaring people all the time.

    And 50 years ago people were not dying on the streets either.It’s modern medicine and not smog reduction that has increased life span.

  6. If anyone will take the time, it is worth the read.

    The purchasing and selling of carbon credits, and the issue of carbon offset were designed to make the whole renewable energy market lucrative. Thank you, it sounds to me like another Enron, or a sub-prime disaster. The Chicago market died last year. The European market is functioning, but with doubt by analysts. The Western market, California, Alberta, BC, and Ontario cannot agree. California is a basket case and is passing legislation to builed more RE projects. They are about bankrupt and hope to get this off the ground.

    Climate change has been happening since the world began. It is humans in their desire to shape events that is the problem. Specifically when the whole warming period during the Viking area, was deleted because it did not fit into the theory of global warming. Of course then global warming had to be renamed since true science could not in the end be totally subverted.

    The universe, the sun, sunspot cycles affect our climate. It is not for lack of trying, but control of the universe is still not within the sphere of accomplishments of our politicians even though they have been trying very hard to convince us that it is so.

    Ontario has carbon tax on certain items. The ECO tax is a disaster.

    I do love the quote from Winston Churchill:

    “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

  7. The whole of Noth America will be in financial trouble if carbon trading is enacted. This scam must be stopped.

  8. Clueless…that describes the NDP.
    I respect the man, but think his idea of sharing what i work hard for will never have my support.
    Carbon pricing is one of the most evil ideas that have ever been dreamed up.
    Anyone supporting this either stands to benefit or is an utter fool.

  9. Carbon Tax?

    You mean a tax on CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) — a tax on a gas that forms less than .04% of the atmosphere. CO2 has been at historical lows in the atmosphere for some time. (Some Hundreds of years) We should be encouraging more people to breathe. We should be encouraging the use of SUV’s — in that way plant life will be encouraged and we can restore the forests and vegetation around the world.

    Nitrogen — 80%
    Oxygen 18%
    Argon 0.934%
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0.039% Approximately
    …and so on…

    Most of the time I hear someone promoting a “carbon tax” they do not realize that it will be measured by CO2 emissions — a colorless odorless non-polluting gas that is essential to plant life.

    Please see the Courtillot Video in the “McGuinty Liberals must be Replaced” thread. It is an excellent introduction on how to do climate statistics and determine whether there is a problem — and if so what it might be.

    Am I skeptical of whether Carbon Taxes will do anything but enrich the already wealthy? Yes.

    Carbon Taxes will cripple the economy for no good reason.

  10. Here is the latest fairy tale.

    I am sure that Jack will be inpressed…

    A dedicated offshore turbine – specifically designed for the roughest North Sea conditions.

    Lowering the cost of energy in relation to offshore wind is essential for the industry. Some of the major stepping stones in achieving this are size and subsequent increased energy capture, which means a need for much bigger turbines that are specifically designed for the challenging offshore environment.

    With the introduction of the V164-7.0 MW Vestas is taking a major step towards meeting these needs.

    …but not the needs of those that want a peaceful rest.

  11. If Toronto becomes the next Province, I hope Mr. Layton runs for mayor. Big city people just don’t get IT on the real natural environment that rural Ontario is blessed with. The green religion lobby is rich and powerfull and supported by the same. Votes and seats may be gained, credability lost!

  12. Thanks David,

    People need to know just how small the percentage of CO2 is that is in the Earth’s atmosphere.

    The CO2 scam is just a manufactured crisis.

  13. Perhaps people can understand the role of CO2 better this way. The amount of plant life on earth is limited by the amount of CO2 available for plant growth. The less the amount of CO2 available the less plant life there is and so the more CO2 that’s available the more plant there is on earth.

    And without plant life animal life can’t exist on earth. So CO2 is a vital substance for all life on earth. Plants are the basic food source on earth.

    It’s folly to tell people that CO2 is a dangerous substance and a pollutant.

  14. If the introduction of wind turbines fails in Ontario along with the cap-and-trade provisions in the Ontario Green Energy Act then wind turbine proponents know this has to be taken to the federal level and have provisions made for these actions provided for in federal law.

  15. Northwester Escarpment posted a good article that explains the cost of including intermitent wind. There is a cost to consumers for other power plants to shut down and come back on. Power has to be available when the demanded and since wind is not a reliable source of power it cannot be depended on for any part of what IESO predicts will be required. The power has to be pre-purchased from reliable sources to the amount predicted so it will be ready to go online when needed. If the wind blows the pre-paid power will have to come off line and so starts the extra payments. Reliable power generating sources make big bucks when unreliable sources like wind are incorporated into the grid.

  16. I will say it again.

    IESO ignores wind power when it schedules generators.

    Rather than take generators offline when it has a “pay or take” arrangement it makes sense to let the generator run and reclaim some of the cost — no matter how small. it’s just a calculation to determine which is the least costly choice — and I am sure that IESO does it competently.

    The situation of paying for power that we do not use is exacerbated by the Wind and Solar FIT payments — that are far beyond the value of the power. Plus, we must take the wind and solar power if it is available — even if we are certain (through forecasts) that the availability will be momentary. SO we have to pay — even if it is the most expensive source available.

    Having said that, however, it is normal to pay for a standby service of something you might need. This is a normal business arrangement — service contracts extended warranties etc. The payments for the FIT program do hurt. We are certainly paying for far more than we receive.

    Send a thank you letter to the Environmental Defense fund — though the only thing it seems to defend is a continuing grant application to keep The director on The Gravy Train. Yum!

    Barbara will tell you who else to thank. It is a long list of fruit fly specialists and the like…

    It’s a mess.

  17. Wind turbine operators PLAN A to install wind turbines in Ontario appears to be sinking like a rock in water . So now it’s time to bring out PLAN B and get their scheme approved on the Federal level. Yep! Gobs of Federal money for renewable energy paid for by all Canadians thru their Federal taxes or Alberta oil money. Maybe from both sources.

    When Plan A fails just move on to Plan B.

  18. So now Ontarians know where the financial incentive money to make wind developers rich can come from.

    Tar Sands oil should produce a lot of renewable money for quite a few years!

    All renewable energy amounts to is a giant scheme to get the Canadain peoples’ money for wind turbines that only work at their best for about 25% of the time.


    Can Pew’s Charity Be Trusted”, Nov.25,2007

    “Groups in Canada that have received money from Pew Charitable Trust via CBI”

    David Suzuku Foundation
    Pembina Institute

    Both of these organizations were involved in the passage of Ontario’s Green Energy Act of 2009.

  20. Barbara , people want to have money to buy food , pay their bills and have some lefy ovet for the kids. And jobs. Seniors , don’t want to eat cat food and want to know there is some measure of hope for them. There is a huge area of people on fixed incomes , ranging from people with a wide variety of disabilities , to people on social assitance.
    To date Harper has fought Carbon pricing..which will doom us. You may as well quit your job and go on welfare and let commodity speculators support you.
    Your information you have been gathering is can this information be put out to the majority of people in a way to get their support?
    We only have 5 months…this election is one of the most important elections in Ontario we have ever had. If we don’t win …we have lost this country to carbon speculators waiting on the wings , and there will be no way to stop windturbines without violence.

  21. Carbon Tax..let me simplify this. ….to spread or equalize wealth globally
    To whom?
    Well that is a good question.
    Is it needed
    Is it really to do good ?
    Is it to make the world Greener?
    Does it benefit you?
    Should you want this tax?
    Who stands to gain?
    .0001 % of the population

  22. Ernest,

    Have you checked the price of cat food lately? Even this is beyond what some poeple can now afford.

    Since we can’t accuse people of doing something we have to wait for them to make a move first then we can react to their moves and we need written published references that are in the Public Domain.

    It appears that there not many big players involved in this situation. So attention needs to be focused on these players. Perhaps most of them are already identified and should already provide the people with sufficient information to make the right decisions.

    Five months is more than enough time. There is plenty of information that can be used right now. Cap-and-trade has been involved in huge criminal problems in Europe which can be pointed out. The same thing will happen in Canada.

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