McGuinty Liberals must be replaced

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Congratulations on your recent editorial!  At last a member of the mainstream media has had the courage to expose the Great Swindle and place the blame squarely where it belongs.

Our hydro costs are projected to double on top of the 75 per cent increase we’ve suffered in just the last seven years. We are being told when to do our laundry, wash our dishes and vacuum our floors. And we are really looking forward to this coming summer when turning on the air conditioning during the heat of midday will derange our budget?

The McGuinty-quarterbacked government’s wooden-headed Green Energy Act is stampeding Ontarians into a deep gully of economic misery. We lived in a wealthy province before that gang seized control of our government institutions.

What kind of government denies its citizens affordable access to the power they need to do business, produce products and just turn on the lights and stay warm? By their foolish pursuit of landscape-polluting windmill and solar farms, the McGuinty-quarterbacked Liberals have become a serious threat to the interests of all the citizens of Ontario.

Not one single windmill or solar farm would ever have been built, or ever will be built, anywhere, without massive taxpayer subsidies. They are way too expensive to build and run otherwise.

Countries like Denmark, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland and others who have had much longer experience with so-called “green” power generation are cancelling subsidies for existing wind and solar power generating facilities and have stopped dead the building of any new ones. They all have had to build more coal and/or gas powered generating stations to compensate for their unreliable and grossly expensive “green” power systems.

Countries like China and India which are energetically trying catch up to western standards of living are building coal fired plants to power their industrialization. China is building them at the rate of one a week. The McGuinty-quarterbacked Liberals are blowing ours up or shutting them down!

Meanwhile, foreign companies are pouring into Ontario to sell windmill and solar farm components because the McGuinty-quarterbacked government either can’t or won’t read about the experiences in other countries and are giving away billions of our tax dollars to subsidize them. They must be laughing all the way to their banks about the suckers in Ontario.

The McGuinty-quarterbacked Liberals have raised government folly to new heights. They need to be replaced, and their evil Green Energy Act wiped off the books, ASAP.

Charles W. Conn, Hastings

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  1. Can’t believe that the other parties are not all over this Liberal mess! Not only in Ontario but all of Canada needs to read and hear this. Way to go Charles for the great report. Hope that many people follow through and do something about it real soon.

  2. I have a test for people…
    Choose one of the following Five tests… and report back to this thread…

    Take this “Vote Compass” Test… See where your political loyalties lie if you do the following…

    Choose the leftmost box as an answer to all questions.
    Others try the middle, or the rightmost or one of the other two — whatever you do — make that your only choice for all questions.

    Ignore the questions about the leaders. Go on to get the answers to your questions…

    Let me know which political party you support.

    Then answer two questions.

    1) Were you surprised?

    2) Does the media distort or misinform?

  3. heres a question, do you think dalton has used any of this technology on his cabinet???? Lmao, listen to the entire series I believe there is 4 clips, one mentions head of states feeling they ve been controlled

    Maybe David could tell us if this is a possibility? I was out for a drive last night threw melachton, and I dont know how anyone in their right mind could possibly think that IWTs are a positive.

  4. I was so insulted when I did the ‘Vote Compass”. Do you think they are telling everyone to not think and vote Liberal??? Nah, the CBC wouldn’t do that….

    They should be sued.

  5. I too agree; awesome article Charles, thanks for sharing.
    Sure hope everyone sees through the Liberals and votes accordingly come election time. Hopefully it won’t be too late for a lot of us suffering from this IWT intrusion. Keep up the fight everyone, all of us together are getting stronger and stronger every day.

  6. Jim,

    Renewable enery was endorsed by:
    Liberal Party in 2004
    The NDP Party in 2006
    The Green Party in 2006

    This also included the feed-in tariffs. You can’t be all over policy and legislation that your party has already endorsed.

    So the whole business of renewable energy is from start to finish a “put-up” job at
    the expense of all Ontarians.

  7. It is strange. These days I see the Federal Conservatives as the moderates. At least they don’t want to rush into some cockamamie scheme without some sort of proof.

    The Energy Policy of the Liberals and the NDP would have wind turbines everywhere and a solar panel on every roof.

    Then take the BLOC — please! They would have bridges in towns with no rivers — just that tax dollars are shared equitably.

    In the end we will have to decide if we want activist controlled politicians (Guess who they are) or what???? exactly — I dunno…

    Hung, or burned at the stake, hung or burned at the stake….. hmmmmm

  8. I saw this link on Small Dead Animals…

    It is a satirical take-off of the Canadian Wheat Board and the attitude of the bureaucracy.

    However, it reminded me of the McGuinty Liberals, their energy policies and the coat-tail riding rent-seekers that formulate their self serving policies.

    Do we have a budding video artiste that can come up with a campaign video for the fall election? You could even use the same lines for the most part… por supuesto!

  9. Prediction: IF Harper gets his clammy hands on a majority watch his whole Green Agenda take off like a sky rocket!

    Carbon Trading a go…………….Renewable’s up the ying yang…………….”Obama/Pickens style” gas back up for IWT’s full on………and “Global Governance” a reality.

    With a minority again, we will be “almost safe” from these terrible agendas!

    Not one Party in Canada is promoting “anti-green sanity”

  10. Quixote:

    Those are my fears — just let me have my moment of fantasy will you? It is much more soothing than reality…. oooohhhhh ahhhhhh ummmmm – oh yeahhhhh!

  11. Quixote
    If you believe Harper has a hidden agenda,as Lying Liberals suggest,who do you suggest we vote for? Or do you beleive it would do us any good, to not vote period?
    In all due respect,I must point out to all, that Harper has never been given a majority & therefore can`t possibly govern as he`d like and knows is right for Canada.
    You say no party is promoting anti green sanity, but if they did, do you think they`d have a hope in hell of being elected?
    First job, I think,has to be educating the electorate,to open thier eyes to this green foly.
    If Harper ends up with another minority,something we can`t vote for/control,it won`t be “almost safe from this terrible
    agenda”,it will be a treasonous lefty/seperatist coalition.
    The days of a conservative minority are over. Never again
    an option/result. The choice is Con. majority or treasonous
    coalition. One or the other.(unless Libs. can pull off an `all over the map majority.)
    Personally, I don`t believe Cons. have this hidden green agenda, of which you speak,nor do I believe they`ll introduce a carbon tax. They are against it. Period.All the others are for it.Period. Those are the facts presented to us by the partys, and all we have to go on,to decide who gets our vote. Mine is going to that nice,honest, Mr. Harper.
    P.S. I`ve shaken Mr.Harpers hand,on several occasions, and
    it wasn`t “clammy”.He`s a very confidant/confident man.
    Very Prime Ministerial/Statesman-like man. Trustworthy, unlike any of the other candidates.A good man, period.

  12. Douglas I am afraid you are not properly informed like most of us because you have been deceived,Harper is basically controlled like a puppet by a group behind the scenes. He may be a very nice guy but he has other bosses and they are not us and until you wake up you will not know what i am talking about because they hide it very well from us. Sorry Harper,liberal and even New Democrats cannot shake them off. Don’t bother to try and tell me different as I am awake and now know their agenda it is up yo you if you want to research it yourself.

  13. Someone ask Harper what the 803 million dollars is that he has put aside for “Climate Change” policies!

    There isn’t a politician or Party out there today who is acting on behalf of Canadians!

    Iggy is worse, Layton is just plain crazy and don’t even mention Lizzy May. Canada like most other countries are in deep trouble!

  14. Quixote
    I couldn`t agree more.You`re right on the button,from what
    I can see also.
    I know exactly what you are saying,& believe you are basically right in your assessment as far as others pulling the
    strings.I read all newspapers and am a member of no party.
    Perhaps you can guide me to your info sources, that everyone but me are aware of, so I to can learn & become
    properly informed & “awake” just like you.
    Maybe I could even become a nonvoter like you.A real nobody

  15. Douglas keep dreaming. Nobody does care, but there are no choices to pick.i certainly would pick a party that would look out for our best interests and not a puppet.I thought the same way as you until this Wind thing pissed me off enough to realize what really is going on. But I see you have your mind made up, good luck with Harper. Cheers

  16. nonvoter
    For the record, I meant you no disrespect.
    I too, would choose a leader/party who would look out for our best interests.
    So far, I believe that person is Harper, or at least the closest one to it. Like I`ve said, he`s a long way from perfect.
    I keep an open mind, as things can change in a flash.
    Good luck my friend, I think we`re ultimately on the same side.

  17. Non voter,

    You must vote or things could get worse if you don’t. Both the NDP and the Green Party endorsed wind turbines and solar back in 2006. Did not find any Conservative political players endorsing this in Ontario but this dosen’t mean there are some who do support this policy.

    You can verify this by researching this issue.

  18. So you go to the store to pick up groceries but all they have is 4 different types of mud cakes,one is more sandy or has more manure than the other that is what the baker tells the store manager to sell. Sorry but I would try to find another store or do without or make my own cake and eat it. Choice really sucks they suck so much it is not worth it period ,need a total change.We need to fire the baker

  19. I think that this has been stated — but I will do so bluntly.

    We can’t say what the Conservatives will do because they have never had a majority.

    At this point, federally the Tories are the lowest risk bet. The Liberal and NDP POV’s are well know — we know what they will do.

    We can snipe at each other all we want — it won’t change the deal.

    Pay your money, take your choice, kwitcherbellyakin folks!

  20. Nonvoter,

    You are correct but this is a political reality now. There is nothing new about rotten politics and not voting only makes things worse. It’s the honest people who need to get out and vote and make changes happen.

  21. Your right no need to bellyakin but i am grown up now and do not need to be forced fed and can make my own cake and eat it. i may visit the that store once they fired the baker. Good night and cheers.

  22. People need to vote for the party least likely to bring 7,000-10,000 wind turbines to Ontario.

  23. Non Voter,

    The only way to fire the “baker” is to vote the “baker” out.

  24. One more good video:

    I beg the indulgence of “Those Who Delete”. This is probably the best and clearest video I have ever seen on the root cause of all the Green Energy Controversy — the AGW scare and you name it.. Short, sweet, clear and to the point…

    Suggested by Joanne Nova who says:

    I enjoyed watching Courtillot — he’s possibly the clearest, fastest, crispest speaker I’ve ever heard, and it’s all the more amazing because he speaks with an accent. Don’t misunderstand — there are no jokes, no satire, and no punch lines here, just an honest summary of the state of the current scientific play, especially with his synopsis of the cosmic ray theory. (He is a colleague of Nir Shaviv).

    Watch it and enjoy.

  25. David, Thank you for this video. I enjoyed it tremendously. Courtillot made sense and gives calm and reason in such a turbulent discussion. Very refreshing.

  26. David: Thanks for that link. Courtillot is covering what should be obvious to the IPCC. What is amazing is that the IPPC continues to support the conclusions of a model known to be limiting and worse. governments continue to committ a lot of money in an attempt to address something created by that model.

    It is great Courtillot’s message can be communicated without the need to go through politically influenced scientific journals.

    Some questions from Courtillot’s talk: If the earth’s rotation is changed by solar energy changing wind patterns how do thousands of IWT’s, which change wind patterns, change the earth’s rotation? Could IWT’s not create an energy transfer into the earth’s plates and influence a plate’s movement?

  27. Zen said:

    Could IWT’s not create an energy transfer into the earth’s plates and influence a plate’s movement?

    I assume that this is a rhetorical question. But, see Newtons laws. Yes. The question would be one of significance (I don’t see any.) and whether you could even measure it. (Does the earth push back when you stand on it? Force diagrams say yes.) I think there would be more concern for altering wind patterns and local weather. I know I have seen some research on this — I have read a few papers on the subject. I don’t recall having any sense of impending doom if that’s the concern.

    If anyone wants to argue the points on physics — Channel Dr. Newton or consult a textbook and look up force diagrams and physical mechanics. It would be faster than a discussion here.

  28. A federal Libreal Party victory will indeed strenghten the Ontario Liberal Party’s support of installing 7,000-10,000 wind turbines in Ontario.

  29. nv:

    Since you don’t vote why do you concern yourself at all.

    Besides those particular complaints should be aired elsewhere.

    You don’t have to vote. Don’t tell me how to vote if you believe the process is not worthwhile.

  30. David did i tell you how to vote? NO.Just something of concern that all of us should be aware of. I am concerned about how people are teated,don’t you? Love ,Peace Man. I would vote if there are intelligent choices out there,period. Sorry for annoying you.

  31. nv:

    In the past many intelligent men and women chose exile rather than live with a government that made choices they could not condone. That option is open to you if you cannot see your way to do what you can that is within your power to achieve.

    I believe in world peace, the brotherhood of mankind, love and freedom. I do not delude myself that I can impose my philosophy on the world. Nor do I spend my time moaning about that which I cannot achieve.

    You can help with one small step in the right direction or you can say that is better to do nothing. Nothing is as strong a choice as action. By doing nothing you choose the path of our country. Other people can make their choices and live with them. Use your time as you will.

    Spending time encouraging other people to do nothing to solve our own problems simply creates a greater problem. If that is the best you can offer, you have my sympathy.

    If you have solutions that will solve all problems with a stroke of the pen I assure you that we will all listen. Till then, short of fomenting a revolution, we must work within the system we have.

    If revolution is your goal, then stand up and lead — see who follows. Maybe you are the Messiah we have been waiting for.

    Make a decision, follow the path you choose. If people want to follow you they will, however the issues you are introducing are far removed from the purpose of the people here.

  32. Ii do agree you have a good valid point I will abstain to my going to far out of this frame work of Turbines and health. I can honestly say this is the first time I have a hard time to choose a party that wins my heart and I have always voted in the past elections. And for that well you know. If we had a Ron Paul in our line of choices I would be delighted and furthermore we do need a better choices here in Canada,simple as that, but it does not look that way for now.Cheers

  33. David

    Excellent video. That’s the most concise and convincing opposing position to the predominate view on climate change I have watched.

    Thank You

  34. Soon — real soon now we could be rid of Dizzy Dalton and the Goofy Green Gang — the gang that includes the Rick Smiths and The Dr. Colbys of the world.

    In the meantime when you do have to publish a picture of them just label it:

    Toxic Green Content: Destroy at end of Life Cycle, Do Not Recycle Under Any Circumstances!

    And if you go to a Federal Political Rally — for any party — ask the prospective Member of Parliament where they stand on getting rid of the Green Energy Craze that is sucking our life blood!

  35. Civil disobedience..hmmmm?
    A person asks you to give them the job of serving you in politics. Majority vote gives them the job. They are hired and they take an oath.
    One can call opposing an elected government civil disobedience if one has conceded power to those who asked to be hired to serve you.
    When government no longer serves the people that gave them the job, we need to remind them who they represent.
    I think it’s time we took the smirks off the faces of wind developers at their meetings thinking the GEA is giving them the power to walk all over you.

  36. I am The one man Liberal ouster . I don’t make jokes with health care and seniors lives. The Liberals are guilty on all counts in every political area
    they even waste money on the domain name mcguinty Dot com paid with tax payers money. I am the originator of the GOOBYE McGuinty Button and the Goodbye McGuinty Campaign. I am donating a handicap Electric Scooter and lift in a draw on October 06 any handicaped Ontarians name can be submited. I will provide the tsunami voting energy with
    and and
    I am ontarios care on twitter and facebook and in the search results
    I am also goodbye mcguinty
    FERN Dumas byemcguinty@ontarioscare

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