Wind farm operators attack claims that the turbines make people sick

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  1. It takes a very courageous person to “open up” their lives in public like we see in this video to explain their plight. I would suggest for every person who does, there is probably 100 who won’t. The Wind Industry and the Politicians who allow this to keep on taking place probably depend on people being quiet and being afraid to voice themselves in such a public way.

    It “could” be compared to “abuse victims” who feel they will be looked upon with negative appearance by coming out with their stories.

    This is the basis for a Wind Company’s success in their obscene and destructive practices. They should be treated exactly the same as a “bully and an abuser” in the eyes of the public and disciplined accordingly.

    Their day will come!

  2. They the victims must feel they may be targeted as anti green and then being outcasts in society. this is what Wind industry is hoping for,public disgrace for these courageous people that stand up against these rich corporate controllers. I hope the tide changes fast to put the Wind controllers as outcasts after soaking us for all our monetary green paper back.

  3. People have been very vocal and have told their story over and over to govt.officials, the media, friends, family, strangers.

    Wilkinson continues lying and says it’s all good with things like forms to sign, consultation processes and his ‘big stick’to protect us. This is what he uses to buffalo, bafflegab and bulldoze more turbines into existance. The Melancthon Mayor, Bill Hill, is on record as being told that Wilkinson told him he could shut the turbines down but WILL NOT. A resolution Melancthon just put out last week says it wants people protected from turbines. The power in that resolution is that it comes from a township that has lived with turbines for 4 years and it is NOT going well.

    For many, there is no balance in this fight. We, the public, have been asking for help for the many, many people who have been horribly affected by turbines for 4 years now. Every frigging week someone else comes forward. Their lives will never be the same and neither will ours, those of us who listen to them, take them to heart and fight for them and for our own families.

    I want you to make time to go to and download that WindVOiCe survey. Take the time to read each comment because those are the transcribed handwritten comments exactly as they came to me from people I don’t even know, from people who tried over and over to tell their story to govt. officials and were not believed. Some who phoned sobbed for 5 minutes when told, simply, “We believe you.” As you read their comments, spelling and grammar errors and all, you will start to see the violation going on.

    We have brought evidence to all ministries and their bureaucrats, the ombudsman and any venue offered and to some venues we made up! The majority Liberal govt decided to look good by going ‘green’ and continues try to make this decision look good. They deniy that there is a problem and do not even acknowledge people who have lived in their homes for decades who had to leave in order not to die (no, I’m not exaggerating) from the horrible effects of sleep deprivation, depression and high blood pressure, to name a few problems, after turbines went in. I wonder if there is a personality defect in someone like Wilkinson who can dismiss the information I KNOW he has received and then be flippant about turbines.

    Lordy, if there is anyone with some spunk in his riding who would like to organize a march onto his office, I put my hand up to help you! Contact me at

  4. The answer is for the rich corporate controllers of wind farms is for them to live in a wind farm for six months. This may make them realize there is a serious problem.

  5. Interesting to see the news video directly below this:

    Dementia epidemic – Scientists are calling for a quadrupling of research funding to tackle dementia, described as the chronic disease of the 21st century.

    VAD = infrasound kills brain cells.

  6. Why are wind companies not held responsible for implying something that is not true at these presentations? The argument that implies there have been no complaints or that Europe has had no health problems with IWTs is a lie even back in 2009. Is it supposed to count that they are not looking or listening to complaints or concerns? Look how adamant the wind representatives are that there are no problems. This continues today with the same arguments. They will continue to maintain there have been no complaints, because they perceive the peoples comments to be problems not complaints. Buying out people and putting on gag orders removes that complaint from their books. If there were no complaints then why the need for a gag order? Someone in authority should ask them to define “complaint”.

  7. Yes, I agree why have a gag order when the company buys out someone, just have a gag order on the price.
    In our county in the USA we have found that even trying to provide information to people about health effects is cause for concern by leaseholders, wind developer and county board officials. If a person speaks up at a public hearing or county or village board meeting about health, noise or anything else factual, but not pro-wind turbine there are consequences. One who sells farm related equipment was told told by some leaseholders they wouldn’t buy from them anymore because his wife spoke out. One lost a catering job because a relative of a leaseholder said the leaseholder threatened her so she cancelled the job. Some county board members suggested to different people who have spoken out at different times that they shouldn’t be speaking out against this (providing info.). A village board was told false rumors about a person who spoke out at a meeting (luckily they knew that the rumor was false), one had their job threatened if they spoke out. It just goes on and on. And, this is only a small group I know about and in a very small area!
    For people to speak out takes a great deal of courage. For victims to speak out takes courage… The more people speak out the better it is for all — it will make it easier for all.

    • The new OSHA safety regulations set to take effect Jan.,2012 will cool down some of the supporters of IWTs when they find out who is going to be held responsible for injuries and deaths at IWT sites.

      A $400,000 fine changes the way people see things.

  8. Would anyone know if any of the big “WIND BAGS” actually live within 2kms of IWTs permanently ???

  9. 1 Greenian said:

    Would anyone know if any of the big “WIND BAGS” actually live within 2kms of IWTs permanently ???

    Maybe we should offer a reward if one can be found.

  10. Coming soon…

    To a hilltop or shoreline near you…

    With reference to Vestas Wind Systems A/S’ company announcement No. 10/2011 of 30 March 2011, Vestas has earlier today at a press conference in London revealed the details of its next generation dedicated offshore turbine. To ensure the lowest possible cost of energy, this new machine, the V164-7.0 MW, boasts an entire 7.0 MW – and a rotor diameter of 164 metres.

    All that we asked for…

  11. We have 300 people alone within an hour drive from the GreyBruce , Shelburne area. that are suffering adverse affects.
    Lies , misleading facts , misquotes ……
    We have to get these Liberals out ….for a long long time.

  12. I am not advocating it but the real effective answer is American style politics.
    Not may who will stand with smart smirk on their faces facing that.

  13. If wind companies feel so confident, from Europeon experience, that no one should complain about IWTs why waste money on gag orders? How many wind related gag orders exist in Ontario? Most likely anyone in a relationship with the wind company has such a gag order. Each gag order represents a company perceived complainant or future risk. The existence of gag orders implies there are problems with IWTs worth complaining about.

    Wind companies knew legal rights in Ontario would stop them and made sure the GEA reduced those legal rights.

    If wind was truly good as promised why would we need gag orders or the GEA?

  14. It is not true that no-one is complaining about wind farms and health problems in Europe.
    Here is a link to a video showing an italian man talking about his health problems caused by a wind farm in italy.
    Here is the link to the video (please jump at min. 9 min 35 sec):

  15. …There were no complaints until the extreme groups got involved….

    Why did our ministry of the environment employee tell my husband and I that we were the only complaint in the entire wind project and we just had to get used to it?

    Why did they repeatedly say the wind project was running in compliance when there was documented proof showing otherwise?

    Why were Amaranth council and residents told that reports in exceedence were going down to the Toronto office and being returned stamped as OK by Toronto?
    Why do ministry employees say they can’t do anything because the Toronto office says everything is OK? Seriously, think about that…I’m sorry Mr. Smith, I can’t help you because although I have been to your house personally, my head office says you don’t have a problem so…well, you don’t have a problem.

    Why after repeatedly being told that we were the only complaint did I go to a meeting just a few months later to hear the MOE representatives telling council there had been over 300 complaints already into the district office from that one wind project and that was way back in August 2009.

    Why is Minister Wilkinson claiming there are very few complaints when he and his office have reams of complaints that have been happening for years? 300 alone in just that one project back in August 2009. What about all of the other families we know about in other wind projects who have been struggling for help for years? It is now April 2011 and I know of more and more families who have left their homes and have made formal complaints. No one ever helps them. Nothing ever happens. Where do these complaints get filed?? Why hasn’t Minister Wilkinson seen any of them?

    Why did a Minister of Environment employee tell me that 60 decibels was an allowable level, only because I told him those were the readings that had been quoted to me that were measured at my house? Why would he tell me that? It was not an innocent mistake because when I questioned it again a day later he told me the same thing again. Was he hoping I would just accept that because my government, who I should be able to trust, was telling me it was so and were they counting on the fact that most people wouldn’t understand all of the complicated guidelines and wouldn’t know the difference?

    Were they all trying to take advantage of innocent people because they know most people didn’t understand the technology or the engineering involved?

    Why are people leaving their homes empty? Why are people abandoning their homes even after having lived in them for decades and even generations?

    Why are engineering firms and MOE employees telling affected families to “save it for their lawyer” when residents are trying to explain how they are being hurt and what is happening to them?

    So many questions and never, ever any answers except to defend the developers, defend renewable energy and forge ahead at the risk of harming more and more families.

    What a pitiful absence of ethics, decency and truth from our politicians. Were it their own families being affected, this would not be happening.

    • The rapid deployment of IWTs in Ontario cannot be accomplished if this process is in anyway slowed down by any kind of health or safety complaints or anyother reasons.

      So any and all government agencies involved in the process of installing IWTs have to be on board to accomplish this. No government agencies will be allowed to stop or slow this process.

      People in already affected areas should keep notes or a running log of the issues they encounter with IWTs in their area.

  16. What are health issues with close proximity to hydro transformers ?
    Leukemia is one ,
    Then there is other issues with flicker and low frequency noise ..behaviour disorders , learning disabilities in children.
    The noise issue is easy to argue with parents…how long can you listen to “music” that drives you up the wall before you begin to get testy? Imagine not getting away from it? And shadow flicker…it can make you dizzy like a going around and around…the movement of light can also , over time cause personality change.
    Still , most people don’t care , and only care about what happens to them.
    My passion often gets in the way so bear with me.
    We need a different strategy.
    One that puts mainstream concerns at the forefront.
    Point by point go down a checklist of failed promises , healthcare surcharges , tax increases , added fees , the loss of disposable income , etc. And what the future looks with this gov’t in power.
    Then have an alternative plan and direction.
    I stand with those wjho have health issues from turbines..but the majority of people don’t understand and can be easily manipulated to think they are fringe nutbars.
    What can we do as a group to take the seats of any Liberal that will not listen and work with us? We have to begin doing this now.

  17. There are many people on Youtube all over the world that have turned to Youtube because of their health issues because of windturbines.
    The farmer in Germany was where I started questioning Ontario’s energy plan.
    Wilkinson , Duguid , McGuinty are misleading Ontarians.
    King may very well go down as the next Charles Smith in the future….she is totally misleading people. No who knows , it could be from select info she is given by staff or simply not listening when she should. But…I think she is intentionally misleading Ontarians and one day will be where Charles Smith sat.

  18. Barbara asks the questions that have haunted us for years now and the answers we have all received in one form or another over the years from these “scoundrels” have made us even more intent on getting to the bottom of what appears to be a Criminal Organization set up to swindle money and land from Ontario Rural Families!

    There is no other explanation for the lies, accusations, and silence in mainstream media other than a very organized and concerted effort by a large number of business people and politicians to pull off an “Enron” created scam that will eventually leave this planet nothing more than a wasteland and garbage dump full of twisted warped and burnt out scraps of metal and fiberglass!

    In other words this looks like a “Conspiracy to De-fraud $$ from innocent people by a really well-oiled Criminal Syndicate”!………………..could this be the answer to all of Barbara’s questions?

  19. the wind industry, is going to milk this for every penny they can, our counrty has let billions of dollars be blown away into a renewable energy that has affected more than just the people that have to live around them now, the wildlife has changed in these areas as well, the enviroment has been changed, we have school cut’s we have medicare cut’s we have hungry children in the united states without care, most of these communities could have used the money to revamp the hydrogen systems that they already have and been making more power at a 1/4 of the price that wind has cost this country, the really sad thing is that unions have jumped on this to further themselves without any concern to the people, the land, our country. through the extreme amount of funded money politicans and town boards have been most likely been bought with dirty money that tax payers will be paying back for years,!/pages/Say-no-to-wind-farms/126258087449612

  20. Could it be that the rapid deployment of IWTs in Ontario can only be done if some corners are cut with regard to safety issues?

    It was one thing to get the Green Energy Act enacted and another thing to implement the actual placement of the IWTs.

    The implementation part requires the approval of the various government agencies involved in the IWT installation process. Some of whom are controlled or under the influence of the same government that enactd the Green Energy Act to begin with.

  21. This will not stop until there are national/international processes and we hammer on these politicians the facts. Though, Money talks and I’m not sure how much the actual facts matter. A group met with our state legislators in US recently. The representatives they spoke to couldn’t understand why they didn’t like these “windmills”. They presented the facts and affects on neighbors — the reps never thought about that. And, there right behind this person was a wind lobbyist filling a different rep with lies. Do I believe those representatives knew nothing — at one time yes, now, I’m just not sure. Or, is it easier to listen to the lobbyist in the 3 piece suit that takes them to lunch, sees them in the halls. Maybe you don’t have that problem, but we do!

    When the governments “free” money dries up, when we stop this “so much renewable energy” by a certain date i.e. wind in most cases, when we all get together in mass then we might have a chance to change things.
    The governments have jumped on this big time and really don’t have a clue what’s going on “they’re pretty (as one representative said)”, Our state’s broke — so what we’ve got plenty of money to hand over to the wind company in the form of grants and no sales taxes, tax abatements, etc.
    We tried in our local area to get an inclusion of the ordinance that the wind company during construction had to hire a certain number of local people (I think 10 or 15%), but the county didn’t want to include that.
    Continue the fight to present the facts!

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