Protest at Maria VanBommel’s Office

6 thoughts on “Protest at Maria VanBommel’s Office

  1. Thanks to everyone who came out! I think Maria may have an idea what a failure her government has been to her constituents. Cruel and heartless, she stands by developers before the health of those she represents, even her friends no less!!!!

  2. I can not comprehend how someone can condone the forcing of someone to live next to these turbines..

    How do these people sleep at nite..

  3. I could not do it.. I could not sleep knowing I was forcing others to live a life like this.. Forced away from their homes… the homes they probably have been saving for all their lives..

    The party line is sacred I guess to people like this Maria. What I do not understand is why.. Why when he or she knows what harm they are doing to their fellows.

  4. Yes, “mille gracie”, to all those who came, not caring whether there were going to be 10 protesters or 100.

    Already there are plans for other 550 m RALLIES in every Liberal riding. With 71 Liberals, there will have to be THREE rallies every Saturday until the election in October.

    Please help those of us who want to be at all 24 Saturday events to put YOUR rally on our calendars.

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