Perth County turbine flip-flop stuns

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Members of an anti-turbine group were blown away when Perth County council rejected their request for a moratorium on wind farm development.

West & East Perth Against Turbines asked the county to forward a resolution to the provincial government seeking a moratorium on wind turbine projects until a third-party health study has been completed.

Initially, the councillors, sitting in committee, voted in favour of the request in a show of hands. But about 45 minutes later they turned down the idea of a moratorium in a recorded vote.

Only three members of WEPAT delegation were still around at that point. They were dumbfounded by the flip-flop.

“I can’t believe that the county is not willing to protect the health of its people, that it’s flopped in favour of bad rulings from the government,” said spokesperson Tom Melady outside the council chambers.

“So who does protect the health of the Ontario people,” he added.

It was the second time in two months that the county turned down a request for a moratorium. Council rejected a North Perth initiative in February.

The issue has divided the local council, which even had Environment Minister and Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson speak at a meeting earlier this year.

In his presentation, Melady outlined the impacts of the large turbines on human health, land use and economic development.

In particular, the turbine opponents are worried about the health consequences from low-frequency noise generated by the turbines and stray voltage from the miles of hydro lines. Another of WEPAT’s seven requests to council was for the county to ask the Ontario Ministry of Environment to identify a “precautionary limit” for low-frequency noise and include that limit in the regulations of the Green Energy Act.

Melady, a farmer, lives in the Dublin area near the Perth-Huron border where a 20-turbine wind farm is proposed. Seven turbines would be within one kilometre of his place, he said.

Two hundred people would live within 800 metres of the turbines and 320 within 1,200 meters, including everyone in St. Columban, half of whom are in Perth County, he said.

Across Ontario, there are about 20-25 homes near turbines that owners can no longer live in and about 130 people under medical care for being made sick by the turbines, Melady said.

“And here they’re walking away from it. If it was right next to them there’d be more interest. If there was a turbine on the edge of a town there’s be a lot more interest,” Melady said.

A turbine lease has been signed by a landowner on the edge of Sebringville, he said.

Councillors Jim Aitcheson and Ian Forrest were the most vocal against a moratorium.

Aitcheson said a health study should have parameters.

“I didn’t support it when it was put through because I think to ask for a just a moratorium in general with a third-party health study is too open ended,” he said.

Forrest said the third-party stipulation implies that Ontario’s medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, is biased in favour of the provincial government.

“I feel it’s insulting to that particular person to imply that they are a political hack, that they are just saying what the party of the day wants to hear,” he said.

Coun. Bill French spoke in favour of a moratorium.

“I think we need to be on the side of caution for the residents of the area,” he said.

“After it’s up, if there’s a problem it’s too late.”

Voting against the moratorium were councillors Bob Wilhelm, Bob McMillan, Forrest, Aitcheson and Warden Julie Behrns.

Voting in favour were councillors Walter McKenzie, Vince Judge, Mert Schneider and French.

Coun. Rhonda Ehgoetz was absent.

The 33-megawatt St. Columban Energy LP wind project is in the Renewable Energy Approval process. Fifteen 2.5-mW turbines are proposed for north of Hwy. 8 near St. Columban.

The project is on an Ontario Power Authority waiting list because the transmission capacity is not currently available.

19 thoughts on “Perth County turbine flip-flop stuns

  1. Join my world, when our group met with different council members in our are they were very supportive of (in our case better setbacks). The president of the council is very “pro” wind and also the party leader of majority of the council who are of the same party. When it actually came to a vote for a better setback… NO One spoke up. We did get l.5 times the height from the property line of vacant land. Big deal. My point is (I don’t know about Ontario), but here “politics” and the support of your party for future elections speaks louder than protecting the ordinary citizen.

  2. “Forrest said the third-party stipulation implies that Ontario’s medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, is biased in favour of the provincial government.”


  3. What a bunch of gutless politicians. All that was ask was “lets just hold on until this issue gets straighten out”. It is shame when people we elect to REPRESENT US, all of a sudden believe that their beliefs have greater weight over what the people want. Big mistake as you may get what you want now, but we the people will get what we want at election time. Your heads will roll.

    Of course you then have to wonder if someone is getting their purse filled.

  4. Hey david I’m going to Timmies for a coffee, can I get you and the squad anything??

  5. Bette,

    You can always hope the Tea Party will remove more of the Congressional “dead wood” in the 2012 election.

    The whole issue of IWT installation is a Master Plan hatched by environmental NGOs and includes all of North America. Ontario with the passage of the Ontario Green Energy Act is just the FIRST victim of this Master Plan.

    Variations of this Green Energy Act to be passed in all North American jurisdictions as soon as possible. Laws must be changed so that IWTs can be forced upon the people.

  6. Politicians arent the only gutless/corrupt entity out there, what about the local law enforcement??anyone found a pea shooter lately?? how about a RFID?? What about global mapping and a bad tooth?? how about people tracking software?? what about satelite survelliance?? How much of it is legal??? and who s pockets are getting filled???
    David can you answer any of these questions?? It all sounds incredibly fishy to me?? I d like an educated opinion!!! I wonder how people sleep at nite once they ve sold their souls!! I guess they just pray to their Green/Greed Gods, a IWT for every follower, good luck with your Idols

  7. Not only is ms. Arlene King bias, in favour of the corrupt Liberal regime, she`s an absolute discrace, to the medical proffession, in Canada, if not the entire world.
    She belongs in a jail cell, for aggrevated assault causing bodily harm.

  8. Roy:

    Not sure who you want an opinion from — but all your questions are unanswerable. As for a soul and a conscience…??? Mine are hardly used… in case you need one or know someone who does. Too much dealing with politicians I guess — found I never needed either.

    I’ll check back in a day or so and see if you have managed to set the world to rights. 😉

    I’m sorry that I am going to miss the federal election — so make a little extra noise for me would you?

  9. What you miss the elections?? I thought for sure you be voting, you ve been very outspoken here. Set the world to rights, thats the funniest thing Ive heard, you might set one issue straight but theres a thousand more corrupt issues!! All you can do is make some noise!! might piss some off but so be it, if more good people made noise maybe the country wouldnt be in such a corrupt state!!

  10. The politicians and the NGO’s and the power brokers of the world are in one big corrupt “club” that basically surrounds themselves with “bobble heads” that just repeat over and over that THEY are the winners and WE, the workers are the LOSERS here!

    Never in my life have I seen such a divide between the “haves and have not’s”

    95% of the world’s $$$ is in the hands of only 5% of the population. And these 5% intend to hang on to it regardless of Laws, Honour, Humanity or any other excuse that will get in their way.

    In the end these “elitists” or as I call them, “morally bankrupt non humans” must venture outside their gilded cages and go for the big “dirt nap!”……………wait until they see what’s waiting for them on the downside of that trip!……….are ya reading this Brad?

  11. maybe they all head South!! and leave the good people to their have not lifes!!

  12. and maybe while there hanging out in Florida they can make an educated Gus at when I ll get back to work

  13. And maybe while they re Bawling the escorts with their Johnsons they can figure out how to explain their crimes against the environment at the trial, they will be called to eventually. didnt someone make statements to Magnum???

  14. and to quote Greg from another posting “one ruling leads to bigger rulings”

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