A cry for help

Windsor Star

As a stepmother to two children with cerebral palsy, Dianne Serran started applying for provincial funding six years ago and has yet to receive funding for any kind of post-secondary program.

Her gut churns as she watches the blades of wind turbines slowly turn behind the family’s rural Amherstburg home.

She says the government has seen fit to heavily subsidize wind and solar power, but extend little help to families like hers.

“I can watch those windmills go by and I can’t send my children to a day program where I know they’re going to be taken care of all day. I just don’t see the justification that human life is not as valuable as a turbine or as a solar panel.”  Read entire article here

1 thought on “A cry for help

  1. The Liberal government puts greed before the health and care of our citizens.
    The way they run a government is to ignore, deny and B.S. their way through.

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