Medical Officer of Health sees little advantage in province’s energy act

By Don Crosby, Markdale Standard

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn said what she heard at Saturday’s symposium put on by Meaford Wind Concerns confirms for her that she still has doubts about the province’s energy policy.

“We know it disrupts people and communities. If it was a huge benefit to us environmentally and energywise I’d say well OK. I didn’t see it before and this has kind of confirmed it really there is no advantage energy wise for us either. So why are we doing it, said Lynn who came to hear about the technological and legal aspects of wind energy in Ontario.

Unfortunately Eric Gillespie who was supposed to provide the legal input was unable to attend to do a family crisis.

“I was kind of disappointed that the lawyer wasn’t here,” she said.

Lynn said the symposium pro-v

ided some valuable information about the wind energy program in the province.

“Basical ly this is not a hugely valuable piece of energy portfolio. It’s really expensive and probably isn’t saving our environment either,” she said.

She explained that her request for further health studies on the effects of wind turbines late last year came out of an investigation of a perceived hazard that she reported back to the Grey Bruce Health unit board of directors with a suggestion for further detailed studies.

“The place to do that is in an institution that does that. You don’t want the wind turbine people doing it nor do you want the people invested on the other side doing it. You need a university and that’s what’s happened,” Lynn said.

The University of Waterloo has been given a $5-million grant to study the health effects of wind turbines in Ontario.

“I’ve talked to the epidemioldoubts ogist who is a very well respected epidemiologist so hopefully it will be getting underway shortly,” Lynn said.

Lynn said she knew the province was contemplating such a study but didn’t hear any more about it until recently when she was suddenly contacted by the researchers and has been given a list of research projects involved in the study.

“I think they are going to have to compare apples to apples. So if you take a wind turbine with a capacity of two megawatts and one with one megawatt tower, they are going to be different. We know that from research in Europe, the bigger the tower and the higher it is, the more people are disrupted,” Lynn said.

11 thoughts on “Medical Officer of Health sees little advantage in province’s energy act

  1. Seriously Dr. Lynn…a research chair, chosen by our government that is going to take 5 years. Easy for you to think this is wonderful when your not living in he middle of the turbines. 5 years Dr. Lynn. All of the turbines will be up by then,more families sick, abandoned homes and our communities destroyed. Not good enough from any doctor anywhere.

  2. Do no harm Dr. Lynn, and stop sounding like a career bureaucrat striving to save her job, while ignoring the evidence that is already out there for you to see – when you choose to remove your blinders. This isn’t brain sugery!

  3. Ontariowoe, Bluenoser and Dr. Lynn

    The “researcher” in question is an Electrical Engineer whose main interest is in Renewable Energy Technologies; the “Health” part was tacked on as an afterthought and has been outsourced to an epidemiologist.

    More than a year ago, I suggested to Dr. Sivoththaman that the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore Industrial Wind Turbine ZONE consisting of 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s all jammed in within a 3 km radius of the ~ 140 homes in this community would be a worthwhile research project. > 70 residents signed a petition in the summer of 2009 saying they were affected by these IWT’s which started operating in November of 2008.

    Now, 2 and a half years later, ~ 9 abandoned homes, ~ 8 vacant/for sale, ~ 10 occupied/for sale and 8 seasonal homes stand witness to the neglect from the developer – AIM PowerGen/IPC, from all levels of government, isolated and alone, individual householders cope by finding sleeping accommodations elsewhere and staying away as long as financially bearable.

    I really fear for the health and sanity of this rural dead zone. There has already been one unsuccessful as well as a successful suicide.

  4. All this misery is the result of concept that collateral damge to humans and animals is an acceptable practice.

    A necessary and accceptable price to be paid for IWT installation in Ontario.

  5. johana, I was saddened to read your comment, and am finding it more difficult every passing day to understand why our progressive media hacks aren’t focusing on the lives being so terribly affected by these IWT projects.

    My sympathy goes out to the homeowners in Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore ZONE who have had to abandon their homes, all for the sake of a fraction of a percentage of your provinces energy.

    As for Dr. Lynn, if she spent a month in one of those vacated homes, she would no doubt soon change her tune, and if one of her famiily members was affected, we know the problem turbines would be shut down ASAP.

    Shame on all the bureaucratic parasites for allowing this to happen on their watch.

  6. Bluenoser,

    Some of the people who have promoted Ontario IWTs are not “small fries” and can wield considerable influence over other people.

    The backing of public opinion is needed here. Makes it safe for people to express their ideas and opinions.

  7. It sounds like Dr. Lynn is blowing the whistle on the Ontario government! I realize that we–the “mere mortal”, taxpaying citizens– have no faith in this government to be fair and open-minded about the health effects of IWTs. But it is very ALARMING when a government official says that the government can’t be trusted to conduct an unbiased, scientific study, because they are “invested” in IWTs. I hope the Ombudsperson, the Attorney General, the OPP, the RCMP, and the Prime Minister are paying attention. It sounds like Dr. Lynn is trying to expose the conspiracy!

  8. Call for the moratorium on further building of Industrial Wind Turbines! Ontario citizens are not the guinea pigs to test for ill health affects!!!!!!!
    The government gets a study to be completed after Turbine construction?!!!! Negligent.

  9. Industrial wind turbines are a financial drain and do not truely work anywhere they have been built. They are a fine symbol of idiocy and greed.

  10. Thanks to all for your support.

    It was quite heartening to read your comments before leaving the house for an appt with a neurologist who will hopefully explain the mechanism through which the buzzing sensation manifests itself in such a way that a judge will have the tools to bring compensation for those who are so affected they can not live in the homes for which they have worked so hard all their lives.

  11. Barbara, I agree. The notion that industrial wind turbines are being built for some “higher good” is complete insanity. This is the kind of thinking that drives war.

    If the suffering of animals – including humans – does not stop this, what will?

    It seems one of the ultimate entitlements is getting to decide who is “collateral.”

    This is peacetime and there is no such thing as”collateral damage.” It is called harm.

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