Cancel these crazy wind turbine projects now!

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Our government keeps telling us that “we’ve got to work together”.

Does this mean that only the government, the wind turbine companies and the landowners have their say in regards to the placement of the turbines and let the surrounding neighbours mind their own business.

If the turbines affect me, it is my business and everybody else who lives at la kilometer and a half away from the turbines. We are not going to be just another one of your experiments.

According to the draft site map in the St. Columban wind project for the 15 turbines, there is going to be five or six kilometres by three kilometres wide, in total of access roads covering valuable farmland, which affects all of our Ontario neighbours.

Don’t you think it’s time we all stepped up to the plate?

Before my neighbour died a few years ago, he used to say, “You can get along without your relatives, but you can’t get along without your neighbours.”

And now our provincial government and the wind companies are creating an atmosphere right across Ontario to do the opposite.

It’s called Divide and Conquer.

First our government took away the powers of each municipality so the government and wind turbine companies would have full control, just like the communists.

Secondly, the wind turbine companies names change often so there don’t leave a Teflon Trail.

Thirdly, gag the landowners and finally, invite the neighbours to the open house when they are at their busiest planting time as they probably won’t show up. Yes, I was there and the first question I asked was “Who is here representing the government?” they said no one.

So the government had the fox minding the chicken coop.

I have four questions I would like answered by the government.

1. The government just spent millions of dollars in the last four or five years on high speed internet. Where I am situated, I have to go through five turbines to get the signal – will it even work?

2. What about cell phones – will they work at 100 per cent.

3. 3. Will I lose my digital dish signal?

4. 4. Cana person live within the turbines if they have a pacemaker?

Please cancel these crazy wind turbine projects now! Remember if you want respect, you’ve got to give respect.

Jim Shea, RR 1 Dublin

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  1. Quite the for profit scam on Ontarians…first good picture of the reality of windturbines however.

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