Note to province: We want to be heard

By Lynda Hillman-Rapley, Lakeshore Advance

Lambton Shores – Another letter of concern letter came to Lambton Shores council regarding large scale industrial wind projects that are being proposed. The authors of the letter says the health issues throughout Ontario surround the installations. A second concern is rural life being jeopardized and the residents do not feel they are getting the proper information from the companies. They are asking for a show of support from Lambton Shores council. Councilor Lorrie Scott asked if this municipality sending anything to this group stating they against the turbines. “Or are we?” she asked. Mayor Bill Weber said the Green Energy Act has taken any municipal say out of their hands. Councilor Ruth Illman said this council can’t suck and blow at the same time. “We have an Official Plan where we have okayed these.”

Counc. John Russell agreed saying they are the land use authority but apparently have no voice to alleviate the concerns of their rate payers. He said they need to use their voice and take a stand to see if the larger numbers of turbines is a larger issue. (The original number of turbines has increased).

“I should have said I support the turbines1000%, it’s about time farmers are making some money. But we need to be the voice for the rate payers,” said Russell. “We need to write to government -they are leaving us out of the process and we are representing at ground level. If we don’t get a voice we are stupid.”

Counc. Martin Underwood asked what were they protesting; wind turbine setbacks or health or rural issues? “Or are we protesting we have residents we can’t help because we have no voice?”

Counc. Dave Maguire said the Green Energy Act was making it difficult for this council to work with the residents. He said he is currently working with a Grand Bend couple who are dealing with their next door neighbour, in a residential area, constructing huge solar panels.

He suggested two letters be sent out; one to MPP Maria Van Bommel and the second letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty and Energy Minister Brad Duguid to discuss wind turbines and solar panels. Council agreed with Maguire’s motion.

6 thoughts on “Note to province: We want to be heard

  1. “I should have said I support the turbines1000%, it’s about time farmers are making some money.
    Gee,this is all about money and screw more soon to be victims, what a ponzy for the green idiots that lack of brains cells that cannot add up the numbers that these things produce. Nothing but higher costs to all the other Ontarians that are not involved with this Wind scammers. Blow and suck you wimps, your first excuse was our hands are tied and now your voices are gone but your nose smells money and that’s what this corporate Lambton Shores is all about. Pit farmers and neighbours against each other, money trumps and the fascist Premier dictates What a bunch of cheesy representatives we have to represent us. Who needs to vote when you don’t have some one who represents you, everything is dictated to you. Why pay any more taxes you have no more rights and representation. only the big rich corporations and the ones who get on board are beneficiaries. The Major of Lambton Shores sure got into it when they wanted Turbines in the Lake that was terrible for tourism in Grand Bend to see those ugly Turbines but we hillbillies are not important enough to protect. I get very upset with these low IQ representatives.

  2. Farmers will get screwed over the longer term. Anything too good to be true usually is.

  3. Wow, this Council needs to get a clue! Are they not paying attention to current events?

  4. Is Lambton Shores council from Gooberville or what?

    Man, these people are out of touch, out of the loop, out to lunch and just plain out
    of it.

    I hope this part of the province gets TV, telephone and internet service soon so they can see what the hell is going on out in the real world.

  5. This council must be delusional if they think they can ‘discuss’ the issue with McGuinty and Duguid. The discussion will go something like ‘thou shalt populate thine entire farmland with monstrous wind turbines and solar panels because we have set out the decree. Health, rights, preservation of farmland and wildlife, and affordable energy be damned. We’ve said you’ll have turbines and solar panels and we know best.’ Duguid and McGuinty are no more capable of a discussion on the topic than a wind developer at an ‘open house’.

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