Reviewing the green wave

Send a Message: Stop funding professional subsidy parasites

by Sue-Anne Levy, Toronto Sun

…“There are no sacred cows,” he said. “Ultimately a decision has to be made by council as to how high a priority these expenditures are compared to other needs.”

Del Grande added $130-million has been spent from a reserve fund on green initiatives during the past three years and he hasn’t seen much evidence of where the money has gone.  “I can’t say we can point to something and say it’s spectacular…look all the money we’ve saved,” he said.

Councillor Doug Ford agreed the environmental programs really need to be reviewed.  “There’s millions of dollars being put into an area that as far as I’m concerned is a front for the unions and special interest groups,” he said. “They are not core programs.” Read the entire article here

9 thoughts on “Reviewing the green wave

  1. David is right. The Liberal plan for cap and trade will lead to fraud and corruption, as it has in Europe. We have two opportunities to stop it on May 2 and October 6, so let your voice be heard.

  2. Isn’t it grand when people can get tax relief for installing new windows in their 6000 square foot homes and call themselves green.

  3. Green is not about science or reality. Green is all about human guilt. Pay a dispensation and be free from sin! The Catholic Church knew how profitable this ideology could be. Martin Luther understood how corrupt the Roman Church had become.

    We are just repeating history at a secular level.

  4. I think I will not vote on May 2 because I cannot find a candidate from any party who is prepared to call a halt to IWTs pending health studies.

  5. claire,

    Health studies are not the only issues with IWTs. The prospects of energy poverty for all Ontarians,cap-and-trade,damage to bird & bat populations are also very important issues in this situation.

    The whole picture of what IWTs will means for Ontarians must be considered.

    Perhaps the question now is which party will do the least damage in this situation.

  6. Barbara, as far as I am concerned, IWTs are harmful and useless and ought not to exist. I mention the issue of health studies because this seems to have the most political charge. I am not hearing fom any politicians that they care about birds, bats and butterflies.

    Which party do you feel will do the least damage? (federally, I mean)

  7. claire,

    IWTs have the most political charge as you say but this dosen’t resonate with people who will not be affected by the health issues.

    All you local riding candidates must be questioned on all IWT issues. Since people do not have a direct vote for Prime Minister this must be done on the local level. This way the “news” will get back to federal party leaders PDQ that their local candidates are “on the hot seat” over IWTs.

  8. claire,

    As you already know, the money men/changers and the eco-nuts have already been to Ottawa the same as they have already been to Washington.

    Something for other people think about as well as they ponder the future of Ontario as well as the future of Canada.

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