TV Ad now running on CHEX Peterborough

7 thoughts on “TV Ad now running on CHEX Peterborough

  1. Hey folks in Haldimand, lets do this on CHCH. We could all kick in some money, the coverage would be worth every penny of it. There are still people in our area who have no clue they will be right on top of them. I actually talked to some people last night. We need media and fast.

  2. Every time I drive up 35 and 115 from Toronto I smile at Manvers big sign on the barn heading north in their Township!

    Take no prisoners Manvers!

  3. This project was not that expensive. Any group that wants to get involved locally, Manvers would be more than glad to help out. A province wide campaign involving regional TV such as BNN, Weather Network, TSN, would run into five figures, which is beyond our group but certainly doable spread across multiple groups.

  4. If a tv campaign could make the Ontario Liberals even lose half of their rural seats, we could cut their chances of getting re-elected.

    Our grass roots groups need to put our finances together and show the Libs we do have a voice and we will be heard!

  5. Congratulations Manvers team. I saw lots of signage in Bethany this winter on my way to the ski hill

  6. Wouldn’t it be great to see something like this aired Province Wide? Financially it IS feasible if all concerned groups work together as a united front.

  7. John,

    The Weather Network is heavily pro Industrial Wind Turbines (remember the WN gushing about the one day IWT energy production record set on windy Oct 26 last year?). The Weather Network is connected to CanWEA via advertising revenues and possibly more. They may not be a good choice for an anti-wind video.

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