Anti-turbine group’s signs being defaced, burned by vandals

by David Meyer, Wellington Advertiser

BELWOOD -The wind turbine proposal for this community has pitted neighbour against neighbour – and it is starting to get uglier.

Oppose Belwood Wind Farms has been against the proposal for nearly two years now, and spokesman Janet Vallery said in an interview last week the campaign is being undermined by those in favour of the turbines.

“The [protest] signs that have been put up have been systematically defaced,” Vallery said. “It started with spray painting. Now [someone] is resorting to arson.”

The sign was near County Road 16.

But more than the signs, Vallery is concerned about the sudden animosity between neighbours.

“It’s a very sad time for the community,” she said. “It’s pitted people in the community against people in the community. Your neighbours are pitted against neighbours.”

The group has opposed wind turbines that could be located within 550 metres of people’s homes according to the provincial rules.

With the animosity boiling over before the project is even built, she wonders, “What’s the future going to be like when we’re forced to live with massive industrial turbines and our neighbours did it to us.”

She places the blame squarely in the court of the provincial government. Over two years ago, the province told Wellington County to prepare land use guidelines for accepting wind turbines. After over six months of work, county council approved a policy.

Then the Liberal government passed the Green Energy Act, and removed all local control over the turbines.

Vallery said the province presents the Green Energy Act as something that provides sustainable energy, but “It’s been a green light for developers at the expense of society.”

She noted, too, that Premier Dalton McGuinty is facing yet another scandal that came about when the province forced municipalities to list those paid more than $100,000 last year.

She said one of them was the man who was fired after the e-health fiasco that wasted billions of dollars and did not come close to providing the health system it was supposed to be developing. She said that man was paid $750,000 last year by Hamilton Health Sciences.

“We paid this fired man three-quarters of a million dollars,” said Vallery, who watched on TV and said McGuinty’s eyes kept shifting as reporters questioned him about it.

“I’ve lost all my faith in government,” said Vallery. “It’s all back room stuff. It’s not about the people.”

3 thoughts on “Anti-turbine group’s signs being defaced, burned by vandals

  1. This has become all about money.No more common sense of community values. This government has ruined the rural atmosphere.The land owners that are hosting this are being lured into by this scam of a gold rush with there blinders on. They justify what they have sign up for only listening to the false flags and leaving there neighbours to pay for their losses and there health. Welcome to Rural Ontario infected by the green scum energy act . Thanks dictator Dalton for driving up the cost of electricity and giving it away to our American neighbours at our expense and dotting our landscape with this scam. You have done us in and hope soon enough I never have to hear your speeches as a Premier.

  2. The Liberals are fascist and traitors to the citizens of Ontario….They will never see another vote from my family and my friends…

    I’ve sent this link to all the news outlets in Ontario and all of the MPP’s in Ontario…

    A site dedicated to accomplishments of Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Government….

  3. Well done, Randy.

    Can you do anything else to stop at least 21 Liberal candidates from winning seats in the coming election?

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