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I feel compelled to write concerning a statement made by our MPP John Wilkinson in the March 25 Wellington Advertiser.

At a Mapleton council meeting held last year, Mr. Wilkinson was quoted as saying “that an application submitted to the ministry needed the signature of the council in order for it to be deemed complete.” He said that “if the application is not complete, the project will not proceed.”

He gave us (those of us from the community who were at that meeting), the impression the township had the right not to sign if it felt the company failed to address concerns raised by the municipality. He gave us the impression the municipality had some input in the approval process.

Apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case, since the Renewable Energy Application submitted by NextEra has been deemed complete by the Ministry of Environment and will soon be available for public comment, without the township’s approval.

Now Mr. Wilkinson is denying words spoken at that May 11 meeting by saying a municipality merely “has to be consulted.”

The community deserves an explanation why Mr. Wilkinson has altered his original statement to reduce the role of the municipality in wind turbine projects.

Also at a recent Mapleton tele-town hall meeting, Mr. Wilkinson indicated his Ministry of Environment has not received any complaints from people living amongst wind turbines. He also said the very same thing on a radio talk show a few weeks ago. However, based on networking with others, the ministry has, in fact, heard many complaints, so again I wonder why Mr. Wilkinson needs to alter the facts.

It leaves one to wonder at the integrity of the whole wind industry if Mr. Wilkinson feels the need to alter statements and deny what’s occurring in projects that are complete.

I also feel frustrated questions I have emailed to Mr. Wilkinson and other ministers in the government remain unanswered. Questions such as where is the science behind the 550metre setback from a non- participating receptor?

Could it be that there is no answer to that question, other than Ontario is too densely populated for a greater setback?

Do we, as Mr. Wilkinson’s constituents, have a voice representing us at Queen’s Park or are we merely being tossed into the wind?


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  1. “Do we, as Mr. Wilkinson’s constituents, have a voice representing us at Queen’s Park?”

    “or are we merely being tossed into the wind? ”

  2. MaRS,

    “Green Energy Act Finance Forum: Taking Cleantech to Bay Street”, by Tom Rand, Feb.8,2010

    Who’s Who of Renewable Project Finance”
    Jerome Guillet, DEXIA
    Ben Warren, Ernst & Young, UK
    John Burges, Knight Capital Markets
    Paul Gipe, Alliance For Renewable Energy
    Nils Mellquist, Deutsche Asset Management
    Jim Woolsey, Ex. Head of the CIA

    “Even Premier McGuinty dropped by.”

    Does this look like your local council?

  3. “Green Energy Act Finance Forum: Taking Cleantech to Bay Street”, By Tom Rand, Feb.8,2010.

    See MaRS Website above. This was a finance forum.

    The author Tom Rand and speaker Paul Gipe are both OSEA

  4. MaRS,

    About Us Section, Leadership.

    Board of Directors:

    John R. Evans, Chair Emeritus
    Gordon M.Nixon, Chair
    Hon.John P. Manley
    Lawrence S. Bloomberg
    Richard W. Ivey
    Geoffrey Matus
    Tim McTiernan
    Michael H. McCain
    Sheila O’Brien
    Jack Rabinovitch
    Calvin R. Stiller
    Ilse Treurnicht, CEO MaRS Discovery District, Toronto
    William White

  5. Ivey Foundation,

    Ivey foundation Board of Directors:
    Rosamond Ivey, Chair
    Richard W.Ivey
    Suzanne Ivey Cook
    Jennifer Ivey Bannock
    David Fillier
    Bruce Lourie, President

    Grants for 2008 & 2009,
    Grants Section,
    Grants for 2008 include:
    Pembina Foundation
    Ducks Unlimited
    Ecojustice Canada,Toronto
    Environmental Defence Canada
    Tides Canada Foundation, Vancouver

    Grants for 2009 include:
    David Suzuki Foundation
    Ducks Unlimited
    Environmental Defence Canada,Toronto
    Sustainability Network, Toronto
    WWF-Canada, Toronto
    Tides Canada, Vancouver
    Nature Canada

    Richard W. Ivey is also a member of the Board of Directors, MaRS

  6. From Wikipedia:

    John Paul Manley served as Liberal Member of Parliment for Ottwa South from 1988-2004 and Cabinet Minister from 1993-2003.

    John P.Manley is also a member of the Board of Directors of MaRS.

  7. More shills for Big Wind:

    “Ontario’s family physicians and nurses are launching an advertising campaign to defend wind and solar power.

    The ads, to run in western Ontario and Niagara newspapers, will be sponsored by the Ontario College of Family Physicians and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, and by the Asthma Society of Canada and Ontario Lung Association.”–doctors-and-nurses-back-wind-and-solar-power

    We need to write letters to counter this misinformed campaign. Ross McKitrick’s paper on coal makes it clear that closing the coal plants in this province will make little difference in the air quality.

  8. MaRs is the centre piece of the “Gang Green Club” and if anyone is naive enough to think any of these players gives one ounce of care about the Citizens of Ontario then they should join the “Club”…………….just the word “Cleantech” should raise a red flag!…………it is the code word that covers all things that I call the “Green Scam”!

  9. From the above Star article:

    Tom Rand, “the automotive industry took off in the United States because the government invested massively in an interstate highway system”

    The US. Interstate highway system was built for National Defence purposes during the Cold War. Was built to move military troops and equipment around the U.S. and to evacuate cities if needed. Always had military priority.

    The Auto industry took off in the U..S. after WW2 because of the huge economic boom which provided the financial means for people to buy motor vehicles and the money to travel across the U.S.

    Mr. Rand should get his facts straight before he speaks.

  10. Green Energy Act Alliance,

    About Us Section:

    Ontario Green energy Act Alliance includes:
    Community Power Fund
    Environmental Defence
    Ivey Foundation
    Pembina Institute
    David Suzuki Foundation

  11. Yes, Folks, it’s ALL ABOUT the MONEY.

    We, the lab rats, guinea pigs, collateral damage, road kill who have existed in homes surrounded by 18 + 38 IWT’s, the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s all jammed in within a 3 km radius of ~ 140 homes are considered by the MONEY FOLK to be expendable, our lives of no value.

    So, my plea to all the accountants in Ontario who may care about ordinary people is that you make a concerted effort to get the Auditor General of Ontario to investigate the flagrant way our tax monies are being wasted by being thrown at the IWT developers.

    Unfortunately, as I try to compose this message, my head is being pressured beyond my ability to withstand the effects. My plea is that those who can, help those of us who are being tortured by these monsters.

  12. johana,

    A great many Ontarians are trying to help those affected by IWTs. The people responsible for the damage done to rural people must be held accountable.

    But they also must be identified and not allowed to hide from their responsibility for the harm they have caused.

    It’s unlikely that the present government will do anything to assist the victims of IWTs.

  13. johana,

    When the present government did not yield to the enormus amout of political pressure put on it then something else had to be going on out of public view.

    This has turned out to be the case. Now the goings on that went on out of public view will also need to be considered in the overall context of this situation.

  14. It`s hard to believe that even our doctors and nurses (some at least) have been conned by the likes of that dickweed Gideon Foreman into blindly backing the

  15. It`s hard to believe that even our doctors and nurses (some at least) have been conned by the likes of that non-doctor Gideon Foreman, into blindly backing the wind and solar industries,without doing the slightest research, due diligence, I beleive should be the least expected of someone in the business of looking out for the health and well being of others.
    They obviously didn`t research the topic or they wouldn`t be supportive of the useless, sickness inducing,environmentally catastrophic,obscenely expensive, Industrial monstrosities.
    I`m from a family of many/mostly doctors, and I most certainly intend to raise the issue with them,as well as all other health care workers I encounter. They must learn the truth, simple as that!
    Maybe if I threaten to come live with them, when the turbines have driven my wife,children & I from our home,they might listen. Ya think?

  16. Douglas , people don’t care if a few people get ill from windturbines.
    They want and need energy.
    They care about the cost.
    Ontario has known full well that windturbines cause health issues globally.
    You have paid for commissioned studies to determine the best way to counter health issue complaints..and they are following it to to letter.
    Ignore , triviallize and make them look like fringe groups just whining.
    Study after study since the early 2000’s have an action plan like this.
    I think our best plan of attack is to show how the public is being lied to.
    Show the relationships , follow the money and the amount , and show people how little value they are getting for their millions.
    There has been 10 years of media hype over “global warming scares” and people believ in renewables… so we need a plan to show how the public is being scammed by paying too much and have a plan to show them other ways renewables can be adopted to save them money and move away from for profit energy developers.
    Health issues are NOT going to win Ontarians over.
    People don’t care

  17. Ernest,

    Show the public how they have been lied to. We have 1 REA approval under the GEA, and from my understanding Chatham Kent has received their towers. (correct me if I’m wrong)

    It took 2 days to unload the turbines that shipped into the Harbour last week.

    Does anyone know where they are heading? You would think a company would want an REA inhand before shipping the product, unless….of course….the whole process is fixed…..

  18. They are still putting up IWT under the old rules, if they had all their approvals they could still go ahead. They were grandfathered. The gov’t is bragging we have the “strictest rules with 550 M setbacks” but Kent Breeze is the only one following them

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