Van Bommel ignores constituen​ts concerns about wind turbines

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With a premonition of her own doom, Maria VanBommel said to a reporter, “There are many things that are going to be election issues in rural Ontario. I’m sure the Green Energy Act (wind turbines) will be uppermost in many people’s minds.”

And so, last Saturday, April 2, 2011, ever ready to please the Green Energy Mafia that runs the provincial Liberals, MPP Maria VanBommel refused to sign and present a petition to the Legislature from her own residents of Middlesex and Lambton, haughtily saying, “You know I don’t sign anything I haven’t read. You know that.” All the petition calls for is a moratorium on wind turbine projects until a rigorous health study is performed to determine safe setbacks.

To defend her act of defiance, in legislature the following Monday, Ms. Van Bommel inaccurately cited a study done in Lambton County by the former Federal Minister of Agriculture, the Honourable Ralph Ferguson, stating that it “clearly demonstrated the impact of dirty air on the high incidences of respiratory disorders and cancer rates in that area.” – Small problem – that study was about something completely different. It was about the effects of radioactive fall-out from nuclear bomb testing conducted by the Americans and the Russians in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Weather conditions caused heavy rain to deposit large amounts of radio-isotopes on the fields of SW Ontario and so get into food produced here. I remember the news reports of the day telling where the “clouds” were tracking, and the fear engendered. No action was taken by any government to stop the “thermonuclear testing” until much later. It seems ludicrous now in the face of the Japanese reactor disaster that such “testing” would be considered to be acceptable.

Later, in the 1990’s, Mr. Ferguson studied the data available and found a striking correlation between cancer cases in Lambton and where the radioactivity fell. The study was done on his own with little official interest in it. Ralph cared more for the health of his constituents than for the policy set by party headquarters. He was not afraid to have his own opinions.

By contrast, Ms. VanBommel has chosen to ignore and dismiss the serious health issues that industrial wind turbines present, and the problem will only grow as more projects come on-line (500+ wind turbines in her riding). 81 year old Stephana Johnston walked the entire 550m march to the MPP’s office and patiently worked her way through the crowd to confront Ms. VanBommel – all to no avail. Stephana, who has essentially abandoned her house in Clear Creek, returns there only in the daytime for 1 hour maximum. She is like everyone’s grandmother. It speaks volumes about this government that they do nothing for her, or the dozens of other people who are affected and have no voice – no representative for them – no advocate.

As Ms. VanBommel said, this “…will be uppermost in people’s minds.” – she took the words right out of my mouth.

Harvey Wrightman

3 thoughts on “Van Bommel ignores constituen​ts concerns about wind turbines

  1. “clearly demonstrated the impact of dirty air on the high incidences of respiratory disorders and cancer rates in that area.”
    You can also ad that CLEAN HABOURS (which is a spin name for chemical waste harbour} are emitting and burying tons of cancer causing elements in the air with no scrubbers and allowing us to fill our lungs up with this soup.This stuff is sent here from all over to be dealt with but we have it and we breath the air. But Van Bommel and their Liberals do not shut this down which is way worse than any coal fired plant in this area. CLEAN HARBOURS pays the local farmers with hush money and compensates home owners the difference when they sell their home because of the situation this is causing. She should be looking into this to if they are so worried about dirty air also make it responsible enough that it protects the locals that live here But I am sure it all about cash and spin offs.

  2. These issues are all symptoms arising from a central illness… wind power doesn’t make sense, but what does ‘logic’ have to do it? We can debate these symptoms endlessly, however, what is fashionable will dominate the agenda until our landscapes are sufficiently ruined, enough people get sick and the money dries up. That’s politics!

  3. An interesting portrait of a (sort of) politician…
    I’m from Italy. In Italy wind power is the right business at the moment (ad during the last years) for mafia. There are many investigations going on and it is clear that mafia has found a great way to make money and wash dirty money with the wind power business in Italy.
    In Italy mafia has good connections with some politicians.
    Probably not only in Italy…

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