Company asks Wainfleet about moratorium on turbine installation

By Dave Johnson, Dunnville Chronicle

WAINFLEET — A company that received approval for a 230-megawatt, wind-power project in West Lincoln plans to install turbines in the northwest area of Wainfleet.

But before those turbines are ever installed, the company will meet with local municipalities and community groups across the area, said Niagara Region Wind Corp. spokesman Randi Rahamim.

Both West Lincoln and Wainfleet have called for moratoriums on wind turbine installation until more information on possible health effects, property value impact and other issues is made available or more studies are carried out.

Rahamim said Niagara Region Wind Corp., which received a feed-in-tariff contract from the Ontario Power Authority in February, plans to conduct a public-awareness campaign to let people know what the project is about and what wind power means.

With approximately 80 turbines for West Lincoln and parts of Wainfleet and Haldimand County, the company recognizes there will be an impact on the community and municipalities, Rahamim said.

“We’re looking at a revenue-sharing approach where we reinvest in the community. A percentage of the revenue from the project will be given back to the community and it will decide how the money should be spent.”

Rahamim said in the short-term alone, there will be many benefits from the project, including at least 300 local jobs for the anticipated two-year construction phase. When construction is complete, there will be 40 full-time jobs to keep the turbines operational.

The $600-million project will see materials, such as concrete and steel, sourced locally and inject $36 million in land-lease payments over its 20-year span.

Those payments, Rahamim said, will help supplement the income of landowners who have the turbines on their properties.

As for concerns over the impact turbines will have on property values of surrounding homes in the Wellandport area of Wainfleet, she said information the company has does not show a causal relationship between the two.

“We’ll commission a study that will review the property value impact in Haldimand. It’s the nearest community we can measure through tax assessment.”

Public open houses will be held, though no dates have been set as yet. The company has already met with Wainfleet Mayor April Jeffs to inform her of the projects.

Jeffs said that meeting took place recently and the township’s planner, Grant Munday, was in attendance.

“We knew the project was going into West Lincoln, but didn’t know it would touch Wainfleet until the company approached us.”

Jeffs said the company didn’t give specifics as to where the turbines would be installed in the township other than in the Wellandport area

17 thoughts on “Company asks Wainfleet about moratorium on turbine installation

  1. In other words they are trying to buy the municipalities and communities for all the
    concrete and steel they plan to violate the area with. With all that lease money for
    the landowners and all those jobs being created, I have only one thought, ‘If it sounds
    too good to be true, it probably is.’ Wake up people! These are only empty and misleading promises.

  2. You’re right, northgowerwindturbines!

    The combined 38 G.E. 1.5 MW IWT’s of the Erie Shores Wind Zone and the 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s of the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE are serviced by ~ 6 technicians who are stationed in Port Rowan! that’s a ratio of 1 job:9 IWT’s.

    So, rather than 40 jobs, it’s more like NINE.

  3. Mr Rahamim’s assertion that the company’s information does not show a causal relationship between wind turbines and real estate values is such a whopper that it fits the bill for Dr Goebbel’s advice for use of the Big Lie technique: make it a big one, no matter how absurd, and repeat it ad nauseam. After a while everyone believes it.
    His assertion contradicts a basic principle of economics ( reducing the number of potential buyers by even a few will reduce the average price of any property ). There is by now a ton of evidence from around the world, as well as from Ontario, and you can find most of it at the bottom of the W C O website under Categories: Land Values.
    That ” information” which the IWT companies flog at every “information meeting” consists of two studies. The one done in Ontario is so weak that you will not find any linkage between the source data and the conclusion. Plus lots of cautions and disclaimers, such as declaring it invalid outside the immediate area where it was done { Chatham Kent ). The one from the U.S.A. is better, but not much. They too don’t have enough data from house sales in close proximity to wind turbines. At least, they admit that.
    So, whenever you see or hear this non-sense about there being no link between real estate values and wind turbine developments, shout it to the heavens that it just ain’t so.

  4. They should not be allowed to be erected anywhere near homes
    Done..end of story.
    It is soon coming to a head.
    People have had enough of these companies and their spokes people and their attitude.
    And the Liberals .
    The misrepresenting of facts , the disregard for people …

  5. Study schmudy. Anything undertaken by the developer will simply support what they want to do. Anyone who thinks industrial wind turbines do not harm human health is in denial. Anyone who thinks that land values will not decrease significantly is an idiot. It is the equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and saying “Lalalalalalalala…”
    “fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim”

  6. If it sounds too good to be true it likely is.

    Unfortunately just last month some 33 farmers in upper New York State near Herkimer learned that lesson a liitle too late as they all received a certified letter in the mail stating they all have had a lien placed on their farm properties. This was due to non payment by the wind developer to the Saunders Concrete Company for concrete for constructtion of the turbine bases.

    Will it happen here? Who knows as we haven’t yet found any past project experience to judge the Niagara Region Wind Corporation on.

  7. It just seems to be getting worse every time you turn around. You can not believe any thing these company’s say because it is just about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and not about the people and there health or there homes. Every meeting I go to more questions and for every question there is another question and no real true answers. These company’s need to put the turbines up so they can get paid at our expense we the tax paying citizens and we need to put a stop to this whole dog and pony show.

  8. Do people really believe that a wind company study on wind farm effect on real estate values has ANY VALIDITY? WAKE UP PEOPLE! They have millions of dollars at stake and will tell you whatever lie is required to make you back off. WAKE UP, WAKE UP! Fight them with all the energy required to stop this wind farm in your area. This “We will pay the commuity” tactic is something new. Just another frantic grasping at straws to secure their mega dollar income from your taxes for the next 20 years. Get their hands out of your pockets. JUST SAY NO!

  9. Same old rubbish being passed along by these wind turbine companies. No impact on housing, that is nothing but BS. And all those jobs that will be generated to maintain the turbines once built, well that is absolutely ridiculous.

    Having lived in the area I know that these wind turbines could be a major disruption to raptors that migrate across the peninsula and pass over Beamer Conservation Area at the top of the escarpment at Grimsby. People near and far come to see the migration of these majestic birds. This route must be protected at all cost.

    This entire Green Energy Plan and the idiot who took away our rights as citizens of Canada, makes me sick. McGunity you are toast come election time. You are, by leaps and bounds, the worst Premier this Province has had in modern times. You must be brain dead. I can’t think of any other excuse for the stupid decisions you make almost daily.

    Hey people of Wainfleet and West Lincoln, fight this as hard as you can as you will be hurt financially and potentially your health.

  10. This is dirty and despicable.
    Any group/person/professional/corporation/government authority/bureaucrat/doctor/nurse/media spokesperson that supports wind energy with everything that has been exposed is amoral.
    This green agenda is a joke. Real people wanted to help, they really wanted to think they could contribute to helping their fellow man until these GD greedy corporate pigs and our GD greedy corrupt government decided to bastardize the whole effort.
    Green should stand for what people believe it stands for. The general public doesn’t have a clue to how they have been screwed over by big money once again. They have no idea….

  11. Those e-mails to Wainfleet are just another “rent a mob” tactic.

    The “green” eco-nut groups know they have a lot to lose in this situatuion but they brought this on themselves. Now they don’t want to experience the consequences of their actions.

  12. David Watson,

    It’s not just one person who got us into this mess with IWTs.

  13. johana,

    Thanks for the ~1/9 ratio as this is close to the 1/10 that we already have for IWT post construction jobs.

  14. Any money put out there as a carrot is money taken out of the back pockets of Ontario people. Supporting industrial wind is supporting higher energy prices, higher consumer goods, higher organic foods, higher cost of living,… Is this what those who support industrial wind want? Industrial wind provides no energy future and is nothing but a black hole sucking up our money. Energy will soon be unavailable to many people because they cannot afford the bills if projects like that in Wainfleet continue to be pushed forward. IWTs are designed to suck money out of economies. Those countries first affected are desperately trying to save themselves by selling the IWT junk to others.

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