Liberal Candidate blasts McGuinty’s undemocratic GEA

Letter from Bob Speller, Liberal Candidate for Haldimand-Norfolk

Basic local democracy is being pushed aside in the rush to put up wind power generation. How can we fight for democracy in other countries and not stand up for democracy here at home in our backyard?

I am against provisions in the Green Energy Act that do not allow local communities and neighbours to have a say when wind and solar projects are proposed. In some cases, neighbours are not even being properly informed.  That is wrong.

I am against wind turbines being erected in our community under the Green Energy Act.

The risks to the environment and the health of our families are not yet fully understood, so I will fight for a moratorium on the construction of any more wind turbines until appropriate health studies have been properly conducted.

The best approach is to keep the Nanticoke Generating Station open by converting it to clean coal, natural gas, or biomass generation. This will more than meet our energy requirements and allow us to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our present MP’s approach is to ignore the entire issue. She has been completely silent on the issue.

I will never be silent on issues that affect our community in such a profound way.

Bob Speller, Liberal Candidate for Haldimand-Norfolk • Bob Speller’s Campaign Headquarters, 262 Hwy 3 E, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K4 • 519-426-4707

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  1. Ignatieff supports cap and trade….
    Therefore Ignatieff supports wind and solar.
    You have to vote for the party platform and leader.
    At this point like it or not Conservatives have the most realistic Environment platform

  2. Oh please…

    Ernest has it right.

    Canadian Clean Energy Partnership

    Energy is the point of convergence of some of the biggest challenges shaping Canada’s future: economic competitiveness, environmental responsibility, the fight against climate change, the cost of living for consumers at home, and our contribution on the international stage.

    Different provinces have different energy mixes, and both exports and imports of various energy products play major roles in provincial economies. At the same time, there are also common issues, shared challenges, and tremendous opportunities. A pan-Canadian process for collaboration on those shared challenges is essential for the long-term transition to the clean, energy-efficient economy of the future.

    A Liberal government will launch the Canadian Clean Energy Partnership, inviting provincial and territorial governments, the private sector and stakeholders to work together on five Canada-wide objectives:

    Managing a long-term transition to the low-carbon economy of the future;
    Helping families advance energy efficiency and conservation;
    Encouraging Canadian businesses to become more competitive through energy efficiency;
    Securing clean technology jobs in Canada;
    Doing our part in the global fight against climate change.

  3. It does not matter what the guy says… Here is what the party whip will enforce.

    Renewable Energy

    Liberals are committed to quadruple Canada’s low-impact renewable energy production from 2009 levels by 2017, to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and create clean energy jobs.

    To help meet this goal, we will bring back the Renewable Power Production Incentive (RPPI), a highly successful program cancelled by the Harper Conservatives. It will provide an incentive to renewable power entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of near market-ready renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, tidal and biomass. In combination with existing provincial initiatives, and a Canadian plan to tackle climate change, outlined later in this chapter, an investment of $1 billion in RPPI over the coming years will increase Canada’s renewable energy mix to 10 percent of our total electricity output by 2017.

    Renewable energy should have a growing position in Canada’s energy mix, and a Liberal government will help achieve it. Canada must move forward on all fronts – advancing renewables, while also lowering the carbon and environmental footprints of continued fossil fuel development and consumption.

    just quoting…

  4. Trick? What do you mean?
    I love Ignatieff! He will kick Dalton to the curb.

  5. Nice to have you back David.
    I’m not a detail person , I read it get the general point and move on, you have the detail down..and that’s important.
    I enjoyed reading your global warming blog…

    May fear is Ignatieff came back from the US to either privatize healthcare or push Cap and Trdae for Gore’s carbon exchange business…no proof just a worry

  6. I can spell..really , my eyes are not what they used to be

  7. Don Jones has a terrific post about Ontario’s long term energy future on Steve Aplin’s blog Canadian Energy Issues:

    ” Distributed generation based on many small wind and gas installations, and their necessary expensive transmission connections and “smart” grid, does not have a long term future. With a future grid powered by nuclear and hydro, wind has no place. It makes little environmental, economic, or technical sense to maneuver multi-billion dollar nuclear power plants and hydro facilities, with attendant wear and tear, to accommodate the vagaries of wind generation.”

  8. Luckily, I had a chance to ask our former Minister of Agriculture and Liberal candidate in Haldimand-Norfolk at the all candidates mtg in Caledonia on Monday of this week [April 19] what his position was on seeing so much of our prime agricultural land being paved over with IWT’s and he did say he would ask for a halt to their erection until rigorous scientific studies are completed into the adverse health effects of IWT’s on humans and the destruction of the insectivorous birds and bats which are crucial to agriculture.

  9. Environmental Defence 2009-2010 Annual Report or go to Environmental Defence website.

    You can Google this and use Quick View

    P.2 has photos of Bob Davies,left and Rick Smith on the right.

    P.5. has three photos:
    The middle photo includes :
    Tesporah Berman, PowerUp Canada and now with GreenPeace International
    Janice Ashworth, Ecology Action Centre
    Dr. Rick Smith, Environemental Defence
    John Gerretsen, Ontario MOE
    Gerald Butts, WWF-Canada
    Sidney Ribaux, Equiterre
    Photo on the right, taken by Mike Layton ,Copenhagen Dec.2009 at the Blue Green Event:
    Includes Dr. Rick Smith, Environmental Defence & Congressman Ed Markey,D. Mass. who was co-sponsor of the Waxman-Markey U.S. House Leglislation Cap & Trade bill which passed the U.S. House but failed to pass the U.S. Senate in 2010.

  10. And Ernest, don’t worry, the Chicago Cap and Trade Exchange went UNDER – MONTHS ago.

  11. Yes I know , the founder was the head of Tides ?, the 5th largest owner was Al Gore along with several Goldman Sachs exes. Start up in part by the Joyce foundation which Obama sat on until 2003.
    Once again this whole concept was lobbied for by non other than wait for it….


    Chicago exchange closed..but they have not gone away.
    My largest fear is tha Ignatieff came to Canada to either implement C@T or privatize healthcare………….no proof , just a worry.

  12. Let us not forget that ALL of the Federal parties subsidized or have subsidized wind and solar, or plan to in some form or another. At least Bob Speller had the courage to say HOW it is being done in Haldimand-Norfolk is wrong and supports a moratorium until studies are conducted. At the All Candidates’ event in Caledonia on Monday he was the ONLY one to say so. Check out his website – he has his position posted there as well.

    My question to ALL parties is this: if IWT’s are so great, why does this type of energy need to be subsidized? And not only up front, for hard costs such as the actual construction, but also continued at 13.5 cents/kWh. I am sure the Suncor’s of the world (billion $$$$ companies) are laughing all the way to the bank – at our expense.

  13. johana,

    Remember this old saying, “Come in said the spider to the fly”?

  14. Cap and Trade is not dead. Like a tick, it will never let go until it’s squashed by the host. It will always try to be pushed through in some form or another. Think of turbines as poker chips. Everybody’s playing for the high stack because they all think that the high stack has the advantage once C&P is on the books. It’s all a game. We are merely just the pawns and spectators.

    Never forget that.

    Ernest is bang on, and summed it up quite simply.

  15. One thing I can say, the man had the guts to put his views in writing and hand them out to every person who showed up at the information meeting in Cayuga. He showed up.

  16. CBC Sept.9,2010, “Pelosi hears oilsands concerns”

    “Several environmental and First Nations leaders met Thursday in Ottawa with Pelosi and Ed Markey,”

    “They were very interested in what we had to say about the environmental impacts and the very damaging social impacts of the tar sands in northern Alberta,” said Rick Smith,executive director of Environmental Defence.

  17. Rick Smith is a goddammed shill earning a paycheck to play his part in shutting off the lights in Ontario.

    I’ll give you the opportunity to respond Rick. Please prove me wrong.

  18. Cyber Press,, Actualities section Sept.11,2010

    Just Gogle this article. It’s easier

    “Ignatieff a du temps pour Pelosi, pas Harper” by Hugo De Grampre

    Also has photo of Nancy Pelosi with Peter Milliken

  19. Ya, I have to agree with David (more comebacks than George Armstrong) Robinson.

    While Bob Speller may be true to his words, I have no doubt that the Federal Liberals, aided and abetted by David McGuinty et al, will be pushing for the entire Green Energy package, including IWTs.

  20. WWEC, St.Lawrence College, Kingston,ON, late June 2008

    “Thank you to all WWEC 2008 Supporters and Participants”

    “Togther with 5 Ontario Ministers and the President of the Canadian Parliment/Spaeker of the House of Commons Peter Milliken who all whole heartidly joined the strong commitment to a better sustainable future”

    Five MPPS including Georger Smitherman were in attendance at the WWEC.

    The push for the Ontario Green Energy Act began in earnest after this June 2008 WWEC meeting.

    Read Volker Thomsen’s article

  21. so how do we channel this wealth of knowledge into telling the public , getting them angry and stopping this nonsense without any violence?

  22. Take the safe road folks. Don’t vote the Fed Liberals in and if we’re lucky, Obama will be voted out in 2012.

  23. Dalton wants the Feds to fund his Green Schemes. He has loads of ads out stating Ontario has to invest in Wind and Solar and make us pay.
    Bob needs to be in Queens Park and stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

  24. wb,

    The main focal point for IWTs and Carbon Trading is associated with both the Ontario Liberal Party and the Federal Liberal Party. This is where the “wheeling & dealing” has taken place and continues to take place. At least since 2004 on the provincial level.

    Isn’t Mike Layton of Environmental Defence Jack Layton’s son?


    Environmental Defence 2009-2010 Annual Report, page 6.
    Copenhagen, Dec.,2009

    “As a partner with the United Steelworkers Union in Blue Green Canada, we organized a celebration of climate change action taken by the United States,attended by the Speaker of The U.S. House of representatives,Nancy Pelosi, and prominent congressmen,”, use Search for the Annual Report

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