Ezra Levant and Lorrie Goldstein talk about carbon taxes and wind turbines

13 thoughts on “Ezra Levant and Lorrie Goldstein talk about carbon taxes and wind turbines

  1. Thanks for sharing that clip. I agree with Lorrie’s final comment about being stewards of the environment. If someone truly cared about the environment they would be interested enough to investigate and understand the limitations of industrial wind turbines. The video‚Äôs discussions are at a level most would understand though the details, not discussed, are a lot more unsettling. Getting industrial wind on the grid costs a lot more than selling it at a loss. Industrial wind cannot provide a consistent power source and changes minute to minute. A grid with IWTs requires additional peaking capacity. A reliable power source is needed to shadow and this creates a very inefficient conversion of fuel to power when compared to a steady output. IWT provides an unreliable and intermittent source of power, one of the worst types to put onto the grid. IWTs mainly increases cost with no environmental benefits including no reduction in carbon. Increased costs with no environmental gains.

  2. Loved Ezra’s interview with both Mr. Goldstein and Tim Ball yesterday, and it’s great those who can’t access SNN get to see a few of their daily videos online – hallelujah. Now to see some true investigative journalism with SNN’s boots on the ground.

    Keep up the good fight folks – here’s to a healthy and happy future for all rural Canadians.

  3. First , you should know that this has nothing to do with the environment.
    You want to clean up greenhouse gasse?
    You don’t need eco fees and taxes pr fees on fossil fuel consumption.

    Trees must be protected
    Population growth must be addressed
    Consumerism changed.

    It’s about you paying ..and paying.

  4. Bluenoser,

    Have you looked into Nova Scotia Sustainable Energy Association/NOVA SEA?

    Also Environmental Defence & USW’s Atlantic Region?

    Paul Gipe may have visited your area as well.

    Try following the connections.

  5. Bluenoseer,

    Almost the same bunch operating in your area as here. It’s a good bet that their counter parts are operating in the U.S. as well.

  6. Sorry, in my delete, delete frenzy, I missed that I called him Pike – my bad…

  7. I like the name “Pike”. A predatory fish. Suits him.

  8. zen2then, Good one. It must have been a Freudian slip on my part. ~;p

  9. What a tangled web NSEN have woven – the good, the bad, and the ugly rolled up into one, but I see their annual income for 09/10 was $92,438.44.

    One member society of NSEN was simply a group of residents trying to protect Digby Neck and Islands ecosystem from a rock quarry, and what did they recently get in return for all of their work – 20 IWTs.

    I doubt if the Ecology Action Centre or many of the other NSEN groups assisted the Digby Neck folks fighting their good fight against that IWT project. Information is difficult to find, and as N.S. Power is private, their info is safe from prying eyes.

    I’m taking space from your good fight in Ontario – time to curb my anger for the day.

  10. there are no such thing as clean energy sources..period.
    you want to save the planet?
    Protect trees for all you are worth , look at population growth and curb consumerism , rethink Biofuels

    There you have it.

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