Two Acousticians experience health problems from IWT

Robert Rand, Acoustician

From:  Robert W. Rand, Rand Acoustics
To:  Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD
I just got back from a several-day wind turbine noise survey with my long-time colleague, Steve Ambrose—like me, a Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

I’m writing to let you know that we both experienced adverse medical effects in the vicinity of the turbine under survey (one industrial wind turbine) under strong wind conditions aloft. Nausea, loss of appetite, vertigo, dizziness, inability to concentrate, an overwhelming desire to get outside, and anxiety.

The distance was approximately 1700 feet.

We obtained relief, repeatedly, by going several miles away.

I will be looking very carefully at the data and recordings acquired at this site to correlate with the experience. Short story is—and I reserve the right to revise any comments here as I learn more—it matches the Pedersen Waye 2004 curve, where the annoyance ramps up quickly above 32 dBA.

That curve hides the real story, however. The A-weighted level doesn’t track the experience at all. I know! Steve and I sat for hours on Monday, comparing what we were feeling and what our meters were displaying. The dBA doesn’t work at all. So we have a complete disconnect between medical impact and regulatory framework.

Don’t count on dBC either.

I think that this impact could be related to how the ear is pumped by the repetitive pressure in a quiet rural background, or indoors. In Hull, Massachusetts, the background is high (Ldn60) and the two industrial turbines there don’t raise appeals to stop the noise, or even any complaints to speak of, at the same or closer distances than I was at this last week.

I hypothesize that if the ear is working at a low background level, different things happen in the auditory and vestibular system than when the ear is working at higher sound levels. (Wish I had more training in neurobiology!)

Many have been affected by wind turbine noise here in Maine and elsewhere, and we have listened to a number tell of their symptoms and problems with wind turbines. We have determined the potential for community noise impact of wind turbines in rural areas and published our findings.

However, the symptoms we experienced on this trip were unexpected for us. We have been surveying other wind turbine sites over the last 15 months and have not experienced these effects. (We each have over thirty years of experience in general and industrial acoustics, and have evaluated just about every kind of noise source—and noise level—imaginable.) I repeat, this is the first time I have experienced these symptoms simply by being near a noise source.

However, I see this as a gift. We are experienced acousticians who work from the neighbor’s perspective. Now we know personally, viscerally, what people have been telling us! We must now include ourselves in the percentage of the population that can experience significant and debilitating adverse health effects from the acoustic energy emitted by wind turbines.

Large industrial wind turbines must be considered seriously as capable of creating an adverse health effect within a certain distance with a dose-response or threshold relationship that varies with the individual.

21 thoughts on “Two Acousticians experience health problems from IWT

  1. Provides more information on the harm IWTs do! But of course the politicians responsible for this will only deny this. What else can they do at this stage of the game thay are playing with Ontarians?

  2. I doubt the liberals will ever listen to anything that doesn’t suit their agenda. Better to send it to the opposition, Tim Hudak. Kris Barnier is the contact at the that office.

  3. Get rid of the Liberal Government, for they are destroying the people of rural Ont

  4. Barbara..for us the next “bad” thing would be a Federal Liberal win.
    They support cap and trade..thus wind energy

    It’s trees , overpopulation and consumerism , and biofuels
    Tackle those and you have climate change on the run

    And also , what energy crisis? mean the one coming 25 years from now?
    I had to turn the CBC off …earth one gets its

  5. Jack Layton’s NDP platform contains the promise (read threat) of Cap and Trade also – he stated the feds would receive $3.6 billion from it in the first year – what could possibly go wrong – pfft.
    Strange how they tend to ignore the fact that EU countries lost hundreds of billions through VAT and Carousel carbon trading frauds, and their CO2 emissions weren’t reduced one iota, even with many of their major industries movng off-shore – go figure.
    Stop the insanity.

  6. There is empirical evidence of the harmful health effects from inefficient IWTs, but governments are loathe to backtrack and admit they were WRONG.
    This recent electricity sector news is promising, and there isn’t an IWT in sight.

    See: bloom box 60 minutes part 1

  7. Every day a step forward in the battle. Enough steps and the war will be won. Keep up the fight.

  8. They have always known there are health issues.
    McGuinty knew since 2002 .they don’t care ..cost of doing business.
    The only way you are going to stop this without violence is to go after the people show the corruption and what it will cost people..get them to rise up and toss these crooks and liars out.

  9. If and when politicians admit they have made mistakes, then they know they have to step down from office or lose the next election.

  10. Bluenoser,

    Your area is already too late. Gipe has been active in your area for quite some time.

    Could he be the pitch man who goes out to sell the feed-in tariffis first with the others following later?

  11. Barbara, It makes sense that he’s paved the way for the big guns to enter the picture now doesn’t it – good thinking.

  12. This is great Robert I just want to share this with you. The first time I went to Clear Creek, not having ever been near a IWT project. I had no idea what to expect, went there on a fact finding mission.I was there maybe twenty minutes in a home, the pressure that developed in my ears was unbearable. The fact that the first batch of IWT in West Lincoln will be in my back yard scares me we so need to stop this Liberal madness.

  13. Some people think they can just harm other people and nothing will be said or done.

  14. Jerry Agar Newstalk 1010 am interviewed Robert on his radio show this a.m. (I only caught the tail end) Robert said that it is now 1 week later and he is still experiencing symptoms. Symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo and the inability to work on his computer for very long stretches at a time. Jerry asked what the people who live/own the house are going to do. Robert replied that they are about to abandon their 11 year old dream home. How sad is that!?

    Money talks folks, and that is what this whole turbine phenomenon is built on. And coming up to election time in Oct. you can bet that turbine companies will be backing Liberal candidates with lots of $$$$$. Advertising, etc. Even the weeklies here in Haldimand County have been running pro turbine ads., I believe funded by CanWEA. Enough to make me want to hurl.

  15. wb
    again it is a sad day when money matters over people there health and there homes. The greed of these company’s and the bull everyone is being fed is NUTS.

  16. wb The hurling response is familiar and consistent with knowledge of the wind scam. With that knowledge comes consumer confidence loss in any other product using industrial wind turbines to background their ad. For example Duracell batteries have used industrial wind turbines in an ad which to me means they are not much on reliability. I no longer buy Duracell batteries. Most likely will not spend the big bucks on the Volt. The image of industrial wind turbines is fast becoming an image of anti-green, lies, waste and ruin.

  17. We live within 1500 feet to 2000 feet by six in the back of our house and over 4o across from our home of 28 years. We put everything we had in our beautiful home…mostly time and love. Our youngest daughter was born there. I had gotten sick the first day of them starting Dec. 6, 2007.

    All those that didn’t sign up for these metal monsters were not notified…only those on board were. they said we were not on the tax lot…We lived there over 25 years and our neighbor lived there 40…so, that is how Horizon got millions. They paid our County Planner, Hanley Jenkins 35, 000 to read a report. that was his job.

    Lack of sleep ill health…the first night, when I woke up, both eyes were shut closed by gook, and my throat, face were also swollen, making it hard to breathe. Allergies were what the doc said in Dec.and many others also had these allergies, I hadn’t had another one in the almost four years after they started…..the blades gave off tiny white particles…we had them on our porch and in our hot tub.

    The dizzy spells, I couldn’t walk for almost two months , and the heart palpations, bleeding from my ears, eyes, throat, and the migraines and panic attacks with a feeling of hopelessness , I was a different person, this was what I had experienced.

    Rod had the lack of sleep, panic attacks, depression, migraines, and ear problems. When Hanley Jenkins told me, when I asked about the Oregon State Law requirements, that he made sure Horizon didn’t have to meet state noise laws, I felt like punching him in the mouth…we abandon our home, artesian water, our friends and wiped our feet of the corruption of Union County Oregon to live in a place with undrinkable water, a home that is funky and small, no foundation, no friends , and working as a sub in the three school districts to struggle by.

    At 62, I have left my friends and place I had lived at for about 40 years so I could be able to sleep and get better….I am doing that, but still am sad and distraught over our lost of our once pristine and beautiful home and the bat and bird kills.

  18. Fay, I’m so sorry about what you are going through – it seems unimaginable that this can be allowed to happen and it continues even though many people are suffering.

    zen2then, I know what you mean about turbines in ads, it makes me angry to see them too (particularly when they are government sponsored).

  19. Fay, There are so, so many with similar stories. It is criminal what is going on, absolutely criminal. I am very sorry your life is in upheaval. I do not understand why their isn’t absolute outrage by those who hears about this.
    Eventually the collusion and suppression with be revealed and even our Ombudsman office will be taken to task for their apathy in the face of systemic failure to protect the health of Ontarians. This will reverberate worldwide. Investors are fleeing fast! The repeated crys of foul coal from a handful of eco groups and unions speaks to the investments they must have made that they don’t want to go south. People are getting sick and forced to leave their homes but the they care more about their investments. It’s a sick world.

  20. Get your message out to every municipality and councillors you can , Grey Highlands would benefit from hearing from you and would Meaford.
    The more people like you speak up and let people know in municipal government the more support you will have.
    Try Lorrie Goldstein of the Sun…

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