Battling Wind Noise in Shelburne

by Travis Pedwell, Bayshore Broadcasting

A member of Huron East Against Turbines is pointing out a case he says reinforces his group’s stand in the turbine noise issue.

Robert Tetu tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the story concerns a resident who lives 350 metres from a wind turbine transporter station near Shelburne.  Tetu says resident Paul Thompson bought a sound meter and was able to prove the sound coming from the station was above the legalized level of 40 decibels.   Read the entire article here

14 thoughts on “Battling Wind Noise in Shelburne

  1. Correction. The wind developer did not purchase Mr. Thompsons home but it is correct he has had to leave it.

  2. Thank you Snowball. I was interviewed by Bayshore after reporting to our Huron East council about Mr. Thompson’s presentation at the Inter-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group meeting in Chesley, which was extremely compelling. However I had been referring to another home, the Ashbee-Lormand home in Amaranth township, which had been bought out. The reporter evidently confused the two homes in question. With apologies to Mr. Thompson.

    Robert Tetu

  3. Robert,
    Correct me if I am wrong but the regulation for transformer noise is 35 dbA not 40. Transformer noise is tonal therefore “In order to account for the tonal characteristics of Transformer Substation noise, a 5 dB adjustment must be added to the acoustic emissions in accordance with Publication NPC-104”

    Too bad MOE won’t admit that wind turbine noise is also tonal …especially at night during wind shear where a lot of thump, thump, thump occurs. Rand, Rick James plus many at the world turbine noise conference in Rome admit to that fact causing annoyance leading to stress related illness.

  4. Am I to understand that a private citizen has equipment to measure sound levels from a wind turbine and the government of Ontario does not!

  5. Mr. Knapper, MOE Hamilton, assured Norfolk County in council chambers last week, MOE has much “sophisticated equipment” they are using to measure sound levels. Previously I had been told by MOE they did not have the equipment. Typical BS passed off by the government; no substance or truth whatsoever. In the meantime families as mine have been driven from our homes.

  6. Don’t spend much time on the noise and health issue.
    Of course the province knows there are health issues..they have know since early 2000’s.
    The entire industry knows.

    You cannot allow the Liberals , NDP , or Green Party to be elected Federally..they have the same cap and trade agenda McGuinty has adopted.
    They are all in it together pushing carbon pricing and wind is part and parcel of the agenda.
    They really believe that they are creating jobs , new jobs and that this energy is cleaner.
    They know it isn’t as efficient , they know there will be opposition.

    The jobs are in the environmental sector…that’s all. Money and jobs in the groups , foundations and nonprofts that push the green message.
    The jobs are in the World Bank , the UN and the organizatyions that feed off of carbon pricing and of course the commodity markets.

    We must show people that the costs will rise , who is connected in this and how they are being misled and of course if in fact this will green the planet.
    IT does NOT.
    In fact it creates more carbon footprint

  7. It was correctly quoted that the MOE, Mr. Wilkinson won’t take complaints about wind turbines. His representative attending several locations in Grey County every two weeks was “unable” to discuss turbine complaints. Discussed or not he heard them.
    More recently I phoned the office of Mr. Wilkinson to state my case against turbines and was referred to another number. No, I’m not in his constituency. I am a citizen of Canada and a resident of Ontario and have no way of knowing whether the message would have been forwarded to Mr. Wilkinson.
    So a pox on him and all others of his ilk.

  8. But you don’t belong to the small group of people that will make millions while you stand in line at a foodbank…………..these guys sold us out to a global commodity scam.
    Wind being part of it……….there is no energy crisis.
    I will say it again , we must stop any liberal , NDP or Green party member from getting a seat this all you can.

  9. H Allan;

    Sorry, I don’t know the regs on transformer noise. I was reporting to my council about Mr. Thompson’s presentation and was misquoted.


  10. Put a very high fee on windturbine installtion..$200,000 per unit plus put landowners at the forefront holding them accountable for adverse effects and future costs for clean up

  11. Oh no , the health issues DO resonate with me.
    We are on the same side completely.
    If you begin researching wind and solar energy way back to the early 2000’s , there had been studies done on how to proceed with wind and solar in Ontario.
    These studies discuss the health issues and who will fight these developments and what is the best way to deal with opposition.
    And they are doing it now. They downplay , ignore , twist , make it seem that people are just trouble makers…..or NIMBYer’s.
    This is a set plan on how to deal with us.
    They want you to sue them on these issues. they want you to keep talking amonst ourselves. Because while we do this they just keep building them.
    Your councils should pass bylaws that chrge massive devlopment fees for wind and solar and put the responsibility on landowners that sell or lease. Like clean up , if people have adverse health effects , make the landowner subject to some huge fine…thinking very very high. Because if these jerks didn’t sell or lease the land, you wouldn’t be in this position. Personally i think these people have flown under the radar far too long.
    There are responsible in a huge way for the trouble we are facing and in my opnion are public enemy …
    McGuinty Liberals and the Federal Liberals or any party that supports cap and trade is Public Enemy #1
    Eco Groups , foundations , nonprofits which are really advertising agencies are public enemy #2 because they dangerous and are part of a larger design globally.
    Landowners that betray their neighbors are public enemy #3..and in my opinion are scum of the earth that should be treated as such in the community
    Wind and Solar Industry have their place , but without these crooks cannot proceed without peoples input.

  12. Sorry , I can spell..really , I can , but my eyes are not what they once were.

  13. I like Ernest’s approach to make the landowners with leases responsible for what happens on their property. They have been getting respect when in fact they are giving none in return. Great idea Ernest.

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