Ministry of the Environment says communities don’t need details

By Esther Wrightman

Did you know that when a wind developer holds its final mandatory Public Meeting, they do NOT have to have a hard copy of the final draft available for the public to view?

They can have a meeting with no information available. Apparently that makes sense to the MOE- us rural folk don’t need all them big documents to look over – we’re supposed to just believe the windy baloney from the sales reps and not ask questions or read.

That’s what happened in Alvinston for the GreenBreeze project (lots of lame posters and no hard copy documents), and the MOE said that no, they don’t need to have the document available for the public to view. In most of rural Ontario, there are quite a few people who cannot access highspeed internet from their home, so when a windy in front of a poster says ‘look it up online’, that isn’t easy done. (Try downloading a 44 MB pdf document on dial-up!)

I’m REALLY stumped as to why they have a meeting at all. We have a special unit police force patrolling these meetings to make sure nobody gets in a tiff, and I don’t even know why we are there in the first place. It’s like we are being set up.

4 thoughts on “Ministry of the Environment says communities don’t need details

  1. And how does the owner of this wind project in Alvinston explain the absence of any project documents? Well, it’s quite simple, he said, “we were trying to save trees.” I’m not joking. Those were his words – his only explanation. And that’s good enough for the MOE.

  2. Trying to save money, not only with not publishing material but to hide information so no one has anything to comment on. There is no reason they could not provide DVDs/CDs of the report. Saving trees is the last thing on their minds. They would cut down the last tree if it meant making money.

  3. We have been aware of their tactics for quite some time but this one takes the cake. Dalton McGuilty and his cronies must be made accountable for the blatant misuse of the democratic process in Ontario. The huge urban centres need to be told over and over again during the months leading up to the election.what is the best way to reach them with this message?

  4. A bit of history,

    The Breeze, Jan.2006

    Scroll down to:
    “Developments in Ontario” by James Murphy

    OSEA issued “Ontario Landowners Guide to Wind energy” by James Murphy & Paul Gipe

    James Murphy was OSEA Project manager and Paul Gipe was on contract with OSEA

    Is this the same James Murphy, development manager for Invenergy?

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