Pillows against the window to muffle the noise

VanBommel doesn't care

By Stephanie Cattrysse, Watford Guide-Advocate

Laura Wilde who lives on West Ipperwash Road in Kettle Point has been a resident of the area nearly her whole life.  She loves the area is close to her siblings and children, all of whom live within a short distance from her house.

Another area resident “Gerry”, (his name was changed), bought a 72 acre farm just off of Proof Line in Lambton Shores with his wife and son in 2000; a place he and his wife hoped would be their retirement home years down the road.

Unfortunately these perfect strangers who live within the vicinity of the six wind turbines in Ravenswood and four Turbines in Lambton Shores, have one thing in common. They are deeply concerned about health effects caused by wind turbines. Wilde said her skepticism about turbines started before they were even built in her area.

“When the wind developers had that meeting years ago, my brother, my son and myself asked if the turbines had any effects on people or our children,” Wilde said. “They said nothing would happen and everything would be good.”

But it’s not.

Shadow flicker from the turbines in the morning reflects through their windows and into their homes. Wilde said it’s so bad she can’t be in the room when the flickering is happening. Her son who has two-year-old twins, is also concerned about whether or not this will have a negative impact on the twins.

And that is not all. Wilde said some nights she is unable to sleep because of the noise coming from the turbines.

While some nights are worse then others, she has a tall dresser leaning against the south-facing window in her bedroom to help muffle the noise. On worse nights she will throw a few pillows in between. The noise from the turbines is bothersome for Gerry as well. With one turbine less than one-kilometer away from his home and others just over that distance nearby, he said he hasn’t had a good nights sleep since the turbines started turning.

“I used to sleep like a baby, but not anymore,” he said. “At first I didn’t know if it was the turbines, but when I go to Sarnia the humming in my ears goes away.”

Gerry said the humming in his ears keeps him awake most of the night and is so exhausted at times cannot function throughout the day.

Fed up with feeling this way, he has decided to put his house on the market and hopes he can sell his home and forget all this has happened.

But Gerry is concerned about the next person to move into his home. He has written to the Minister of Environment and to the turbine companies. “All my complaints have been filed.”

Gerry believes that as more turbines are constructed and running, more complaints and health issues will arise. He is hoping his interview will open up the eyes of government as well as residents of municipalities of municipalities who are destined for wind turbines in the next couple of years such as other areas in Lambton Shores, Adelaide and Metcalfe Township
and the Township of Brooke Alvinston to name a few.

“I want proper setbacks from homes, if people will be affected. It’s too late for us, but I want to help any person who may be affected by it.”

5 thoughts on “Pillows against the window to muffle the noise

  1. A face to face protest can’t get through to Maria VanBommel. She has an outright contempt for her constituents.

    • She’s not the only politician feeling as she does either.
      Just try to leave a messagr for J. Wilkinson or any of his aids. It’s total frustration meaning he won’t listen to you nor receive complaints whatsoever.

  2. When there are this many people suffering the ill effects of only~ 800 installed wind turbines what will it be like with 10,000 installed?

  3. I have heard of voltage surge, shadow flicker and night time noise issues at Kettle Point F.N. since the 6 turbines started turning in 2008 but the complaints have always been swept under the rug. Now the four turbines are running on Lakeshore and we have more people suffering and again it appears that no one is helping these people. Maria Van Bommel in response to a letter I wrote her in 2009 swore she would never turn a “cold blind heart” to her constiuents health. The facts clearly show she already has.
    On another note the developer of both the four and six wind turbine projects in Lambton Shores is Glen Estill. Glen additionly has 3 wind turbines in Lion’s Head where he lives. As president of CANWEA from 2003-2004, Glen was an early wind promoter and zealot, clearly in it for the money.

  4. What a coincidence!

    Laura and “Gerry’s” stories are a replication of those residents of the IWT ZONE in Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore where ~ 140 houses are surrounded by 18 Vestas 1.65 MW IWT’s ALL within a 3 km radius.

    As far as we’ve been able to estimate, the closest IWT is ~ 400 m from a home which has almost been abandoned because the occupant could not continue working without getting the restorative sleep her very demanding professional career requires.

    Another has resorted to sleeping in a trailer belonging to a family member far, far from the CC/C/F IWT ZONE, returning only to use computer, land line and meal preparation facilities.

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