Wiky Elders group does not support wind turbines on Mnidoo Mnising

Manitoulin Expositor

Letter to the Editor from Wikwemikong First Nation Elders, Community, Members and Youth

We, the Elders, community members and youth of Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve, do not support the Industrial Wind Development on our sacred traditional land of Mnidoo Mnising. The ecological and environmental effects on our eagles, birds and animals as well as bees that pollinate all of our plants, fruit trees, berries and the like, putting our traditional practices and medicines at risk would be too great. We have concerns over the traditional food for Aanishnabek such as the deer and fowl relocating elsewhere or not returning.

The loss of our land would not recover for generations. We have been entrusted by the Creator to be carekeepers of this land for the next seven generations. We intend to keep and honour our ancestors, by fulfilling this goal.

We cannot afford the leisure for time spent to find out what the effect is on an infant in the womb by the constant illimitable overflow of vibration from an industrial wind turbine.

The Chief and Council have not done their homework on an issue so grave with an element as powerful as the wind which is “The Breath Of God.”

Our leaders have no right to authorize these turbines without proper consultation with the band membership.

We recommend that we have a moratorium to ascertain if the windmills are appropriate here on Mnidoo Mnising. Shame on you, Chief and council, for authorizing these windmills on this sacred land called “Great Spirit Island.”

Signed by Elders,

Josephine Eshkibok
Georgina Enosse
Ida Embry
Mary Lou Shawana
Rosemary Wakegijig
Dorothy Mishibinijima
Rose Peltier
Bernard Osawamick
Annie Jackson
Maxie Trudeau
Mary Stacey            
Cheryl Peltier

10 thoughts on “Wiky Elders group does not support wind turbines on Mnidoo Mnising

  1. This is so, so powerful. Imagine this letter in all major newspapers – full page.

  2. It would be nice if someone would take this story and have in printed in the Toronto Sun, this is very powerful. Make sure you don’t take it to the Toronto Star as that is a Liberal Newspaper.

    • You have to realize that the majority of First Nations lean to the left.

  3. These words are amazing and similar to other words expressed by elders, community and youth in Northern Ontario. They are not alone. These people know industrial wind turbines would be an insult to the life they appreciate. Industrialization is not something to provide all the people nor will it be there for generations. It will never feed most the people. The impact to wildlife is larger than anyone has measured. The impact to people, still reliant on the land is larger than anyone could imagine.

  4. I knew it! I knew it!

    There was no way the native community could have been sold on these destructive turbines. A greedy chief, maybe, but not the entire community. Those contracts should not be binding without the community’s support.

    Once again, money is more important than people or the environment.

    I’ll be sending this story to my local papers!

  5. I wonder if/ how the elders will vote on May 2nd. I don’t think I can bring myself to vote Conservative. I wonder if the NDP is the way to go. I have heard that several provincial NDP candidates (can’t remember who) say they support a moratorium.

  6. And I have not heard back from the federal NDP candidate in my riding regarding her thoughts about industrial wind development.

  7. There was no way the native community could have been sold on these destructive turbines. A greedy chief, maybe, but not the entire community.

    This chief?

    April 6,2011


    Letters to the editor too long

    To the Expositor:

    I notice that some of the letters to the editor are longer then some of
    the front-page articles. Letters in opposition to the wind farm seem to
    get more than their share of space in The Expositor.

    People have a right to express their opinion, but using the paper as a
    weekly forum to rant against the wind farm is a little too much.

    Chief Joe Endanawas

    He’s apparently a member of the UCCMM and partnered with Northland Power for the
    McLeans Mountain Project.

  8. The Wiki were for Industrial Wind Turbines to begin, but I think they were unaware how invasive and harmful they are. Time can change perspectives. They have a beautiful reserve and are very much into keeping their land protected.

  9. Clearly Joe Endanawas has forfeited his right to be Chief. I hope there is a process in place to impeach him.

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