Wind Turbines Big Issue At All Candidate Debate

By Ashley Degroote, CD 98.9 FM

With wind-turbines being a hot topic at the debate in Haldimand last-night NDP candidate Ian Nichols made it quite clear — if people don’t want them — they won’t have them.

Now many questions were handed to the candidates about wind-turbines in the area.  Nichols says all he cares about is what the people in Haldimand-Norfolk want.

Conservative candidate Diane Finley says if people in Haldimand-Norfolk want to rid the County of wind-turbines they’ll have to make sure they don’t vote for Dalton McGuinty come this October.

Liberal candidate Bob Speller says if he’s elected as MP in May he will take these issues to Ottawa.

Our local Green Candidate is asking Residents of Haldimand-Norfolk to compare wind power to other means of power generation before jumping to any conclusions.

Anne Faulkner says we can look at the issues, but we need a comparison to see if health risks are involved.

3 thoughts on “Wind Turbines Big Issue At All Candidate Debate

  1. This is too much for my stomach to bear! Tim Hudak’s staff answer my letters and he will stop the GEA and subsidies. Investors in wind are dwindling. Federally, NDP might spin on a dime because they don’t want their very recent success to be short lived. Just my opinion.

    • I heard about stopping the subsidies, but I didn’t know Hudak was going to stop the GEA. Can he do that?

      Let’s hope!!!

  2. You can’t stop the GEA. This law has to be repealed by a new Legislative Assembly.

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