Four of the Ripley-Five homes bought out by wind developers

Christina Ellerbeck, Manager for Suncor, bought the properties under a numbered company

Suncor and Acciona executives quietly bought out residents experiencing health problems.

Documentation:  Ripley Property Transfers

“If there are no health effects from Industrial Wind Turbines as their proponents claim, then why would wind plant operators buy the homes of wind victims?”.

This is the question being asked by HALT (Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines) President Mac Serra. The group recently discovered the sale of four of the five properties previously owned by the families that have been fighting Suncor and Acciona over their inability to lead normal lives in their own homes caused by the Ripley Wind Power Project.

The homes were purchased by 2270573 Ontario Inc. One director for this company listed on the transfer is a manager for Suncor and the other a manager for Acciona.

The victims themselves cannot speak, silenced by a process which leaves the public in the dark over the true extent of the impact caused by industrial wind. “There are over 100 families across Ontario who claim their health is negatively affected by wind development. Many more cannot speak due to confidentiality agreements signed with the wind companies or simply won’t speak up, not wanting to upset their neighbours” said Mac.

“MPP Carol Mitchel continues to ignore the health concerns of her constituents and the concerns raised by Dr. Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Health for the Grey Bruce Health Unit, preferring to quote Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s literature review.” Dr. Hazel Lynn estimates that between 10% and 15% of people living near turbines in her area say their health has been affected.

The group is calling for a full moratorium on all industrial wind development until an independent epidemiological study has been completed.

12 thoughts on “Four of the Ripley-Five homes bought out by wind developers

  1. What happened to the pages showing the transactions from the registry office ??????

  2. Any government involvement will be denied as usual. They will say suncor. Bla bla bla. There choice was to do what THEY want. All politicians are liars. If the or I should say WHEN the mid county turbines are put up here in Essex I will do whatever I can but I only hope I will not have any effects from the noise. If so I guess it will be a hell of a legal battle.

  3. Let’s imagine these managers are feeling badly on the hurt they have put on these families and found a way to help out by buying them out. A bit far-fetched, but let’s say they are human. If that was the case those managers should find a new job and expose the wind scam on their way out to help the other families not being helped and to stop impacting even more families. More likely we will get world peace first but one can hope a few within the wind industry hate what they see and want out.

  4. The employees may have signed a gag order just to get a job with the wind companies.

  5. while I understand that you would want to protect the privacy of the individuals who were bought out and therefore blacked out their names, what is the reason for the blacking out of the purchase price? I understand that often the wind developers pay market value for the properties they purchase (absurdly claiming no loss in property values due to turbines) then turn around and sell the properties at fire sale prices, sometimes to an adjacent landowner who has turbines on their property already.

  6. What burns me up is that the victims have to sign a gag order…and what is the price value of that? zilch, apparently. To me, that speaks to the desperation of the people and their need to get away from this horrible experience, just so that they can move away and reclaim their life. They will take nothing for the price of their freedom of speech. This is so sad. This doesn’t seem legal. They are definitley between a rock and a hard place.

    It’s like a person stealing $250 000, and their penalty when found guilty in court is to pay the $250 000 back to the owner, and the victim isn’t allowed to speak about it (why are there restrictions on the victim?). Actually, it’s a lot worse then that, because there is no compensation for the loss of health.

  7. Using gag orders in business transactions is common practice and also in court settlements.

    It’s common for the media to report that something was settled for an undisclosed amount of money. This is nothing unusual in these property deals.

    Then once the property changes hands the new owner can sell the same way and for less if it’s their property.

  8. Everyone needs to do some research on the effects of infrasound. You can not hear it but it will affect you. These modern industrial wind turbines produce these sound waves. Infrasound travels for great distances and goes through about anything. The military know this and that is why they have developed Sonic Weapons. The sound waves used for these weapons are of the infrasound wavelength. Infrasound can create noise-induced neurologic disturbances in humans exposed to continuous low frequency tones for durations longer than 15 minutes has involved in some cases the development of immediate and long term problems affecting brain tissue. These sound waves are also what blew up the inner ear canals of whale and dolphins killed by the US Navy.

  9. One other point. When it comes to the cover-up of detrimental impacts to human health, I do not see how any industry extorted gag order would be enforceable when put before an honest judge.

  10. In the places I’ve lived (presently Ohio, groan) all real estate transactions are in the public domain. The selling prices are known because of the transfer taxes, and it is risky to misrepresent them to the revenuers. The real parties to the transaction can hide behind separate companies etc (like they tried to here), but both the nominal (and 90+% of the time, the real) buyer and seller are published.

    I thought in Ontario equivalent records were kept by the county, and accessible to anyone, if they wanted to take the trouble to find them. The items on display above certainly look like those types of records.

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