Letters’ facts disputed

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The first letter writer claimed that coal in Ontario causes $3 billion annually in health costs. This is highly suspect, as coal continues to be phased out in the province (and replaced by natural gas-fired generation, not renewables). We shouldn’t hold our breath expecting some magical $3 billion reduction in health care costs. Also, a betting person would not take even long odds on the low prices for renewable power predicted for 2020.

The second writer made a few claims, including that fossil fuel generators cannot respond quickly to changes in demand. These generators can in fact do so, and quickly. In fact, the ability to respond as required is one of the key things being thrown out the window as coal is phased out in Ontario.

The writer also claims incorrectly that solar and wind power can be started and stopped quickly. These resources run when the sun shines and the wind blows, so controlling them is like herding cats.

These resources often contribute to over-supply situations, causing big operating challenges for nuclear operators and hugely subsidized exports from the Ontario grid (paid for by Ontario consumers). Blaming these dynamics on nuclear and, in particular fossil fuel generators is ridiculous.

Bruce Sharp, Senior Consultant, Aegent Energy Advisors Inc., Toronto

4 thoughts on “Letters’ facts disputed

  1. The thinking we have from the greens as reflected by the writer of the subject letter reminds me that for any years, hundreds of years, indulgences were bought and sold.

  2. At least selling indulgences didn’t make 10-15% of the population sick in the areas where they were sold!

    Ontarians must understand who the parties are that are behind the IWT scam and what their objectives are. Unknown forces can never be fought.

  3. My first time here , since these turbines in our area have started up I have experienced a ringing in my ears and vertigo, I have never had this before, My Doctor cannot explain it. Other than an ugly blight on our once senic landscape I had never given the turbines much thought.
    Now it seems that they only benifit rich off shore companies , not to mention our electric bills are soaring out of control, with over priced power we don’t need. I could maybe justify turbines if they had a job creation effect , they do but so limited that they there is little benifit to our communities. After further investigation it seems 4 acres of prime farm land is needed for teach turbine , if you include access roads , These and the all the assciated costs and health risks from stray voltage , noise and what about the migartion routes of wild birds as well as Electromagnetic fields would suggest the liberals are going down the wrong road, These projects should be stopped

  4. Welcome Marcel,

    Thanks for your posting! Be sure to keep us posted on what’s going on in your area with the IWT issues.

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