No more donations to the McGuinty Liberals

Inside Halton

Dear Mr. McGuinty:

Thank you for your recent letter requesting a donation to the Liberal Party of Ontario.

Unfortunately, I can’t send you a donation because over the last four years my wife and I have paid $900 per year for your Ontario Health Premium, which isn’t a tax.

Also, recently I got my heating oil bill and paid more than $70 in HST on an amount that already included $200 in fuel taxes.

Over this past winter, my heating costs were about $3,500, which included $400 in HST and $1,100 in fuel taxes.

I haven’t mentioned my hydro bill that went up by $47 per month in 2010.

So you can see, Mr. McGuinty, since we’re seniors and on CPP and OAS, neither my wife nor I have funds that we can donate to the Liberal Party of Ontario and we feel the more than $4,500 we have paid you recently should be a sufficient contribution.

David Greenfield, Burlington

3 thoughts on “No more donations to the McGuinty Liberals

  1. Excellent letter Mr. Greenfield,
    but are you sure that Mr. McGuinty can actually read ???

    Just wondering @#$%

  2. Great letter! I’ll add the part I can’t stomach is paying $8000 for the wealthy to buy electric cars. Welfare for the rich. Doubt Mr. Greenfield was able to afford one.

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