What’s in a “newsletter”?

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Well, with our weekly junk mail came a new way for pro-wind turbine people to spread their word.

There was a piece of paper they call a newsletter that goes on to explain how they are going to keep us updated on a menagerie of items. One of their many items to be updated on is what they claim is misinformation floating around and the many myths about wind power being repeated and appear to be truths. I wonder how their spin doctors will now handle all these new official reports.

Myth or truth: we are told wind turbines are here to reduce green house gases.

In the over 20 years of the wind turbines’ existence, the reports I am reading, which have just been released by governments from many different countries including ours, say that the world’s green house gases, which we’re told is a cause of global warming, are now at their highest recorded levels ever.

Myth or truth: we are told that wind turbines are here to help stop global warming caused by green house gases.

Official government reports now being released state the world is now colder than before this so-called global warming epidemic started. So if these bad gases that cause global warming are at an all time high, but the world is now getting colder instead of hotter, then what is the wind turbine really doing?

Myth or truth: wind turbines can replace coal or nuclear power generation plants.

Official government reports just released state that countries such as Canada and England are positioned too far north on the planet and will inherently always have winds when we really don’t need them and no winds or much less winds when we require them, making wind turbines here all but useless for our mass electrical requirements. So no matter how many wind turbines they put up, wind power will, for the foreseeable future, with its inherent abominable costs and unreliability, be just another way of generating very expensive power and not a viable option to have for the electricity needs we require.

Myth or truth: an expanded version of this newsletter, featured in Bruce County Marketplace, claims no one was scrutinizing anti-wind arguments.

The many thousands of reports I personally have read lead me to believe everyone has been more than scrutinizing everyone else’s arguments. What appears to be happening now, with over 20 years of statistics, facts and information (not myths) about wind turbines being released by official reports, ordinary people -in fact everyone that can read -are being shown that wind turbines are turning out not to be the saviour as promised, but rather just another big money maker for business at our expense. In fact, it seems more and more people are now starting to see the word green is beginning to exclude wind turbines instead of including them.

Myth or truth: the word NIMBY, used by pro-wind developers, is used to describe people that were challenging wind turbines.

Words often have double hidden meanings. Are wind developers serving notice to all people, both pro and anti-wind? NIMBY might be explained as “not in my back yard,” but NIMBY can also mean “next it might be you.”

I can almost hardly not wait for their next newsletter.

Charley Urbanek, Port Elgin

6 thoughts on “What’s in a “newsletter”?

  1. We need our own newsletter. There is also a propeganda ad on our local radio station in Haldimand MOOSE FM. It features some guy that says he lives near a wind farm. Has watched it from the beginning, and he spouts his views on how good it has been for his community. We need to fight fire with fire. I’ll be writing to the MOOSE and telling them how damaging this ad is in light of the fact that our own council has requested a moratorium. As well, checkout the ad from Physicians and nurses. Very misleading.

    • Pat,

      Manvers Wind Concerns have already created our own News letter and have distributed it all over our community. We urge all groups to do the same. People are reading it and we are getting a positive response. Spreading the truth regarding “Wind” will help fight the propaganda.

  2. Can I see your newsletter on line? I would like to start one here in Haldimand.

    • Pat,

      Go to our web site and request a copy of the news letter. Ask for a working copy, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use our Newsletter and simply change certain parts for your personal needs in your area. Our web site is posted on the right hand side bar of the site, Manvers Wind concerns- Kawartha. Tell them Andrew sent you.

  3. You might just want to other than a News Letter set up a Word Press web site/page like this site. It’s free and it’s easily accessible for rural people , a web site/page will afford you to be more diverse with the information that is available that you would like people to know about.

    As a suggestion in your fight against the government is to use legislation that already exists and why the purpose for the legislation in the first place.

    We need to start pushing these environmental groups. Wind turbines be they big or small is an activity that will from commencement of construction to the day a project facility is decommissioned will have infinite adverse effects upon flying wildlife at each wind turbine location. We have laws in place that are being ignored.

    There is an inherent need to fight this government with what is available on hand, not that human health issues are a concern, they are, however governments will never admit that they are wrong and further they will never allow something to take place to prove that they were wrong. States side, more progress had been made fighting this wind power industry through wildlife protection laws than making issue with health concerns. If governments admit wrong they are open to litigation from the the human species, the human species is the only species that can sue the ass off the government and as you all are aware, there is not a wildlife specie on the face of the earth that can take action against humans. However governments that are challenged through the courts to have to abide by their very purpose of the legislation.

    The one thing this Ontario government can’t ignore is fact, our wildlife laws are very simplistic in nature, do not kill and or destroy wildlife habitat. Everything els is smoke and mirrors. Time would be better spent taking an avenue that is not before the courts. Fighting to put something in place is a good concept but why argue over something that is not, when there is something place that is.

    • Completely agree.
      Minister responsible can change legislation or be removed from post in order to do so.
      Contact the Ontario Ombudsman (I have), and file a complaint that your comments were not heard during the consultation period, prior to the GEA becoming law.
      Write letters. Its easy. Send the letters to your MPP and ALL of their colleagues.
      ALL of them. Just cut and paste. Very simple. Very easily done. And keep sending them daily. Its not harrasment unless they ask YOU specifically, to stop.

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