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The following message was sent directly to all Ontario MPP’s in February of this year. The Brindley family did not receive one phone call, letter or message from anyone in our government asking them what was happening to them. Not one.

The Brindley’s lost their home to a fire shortly after the message was sent. That went unoticed as well. This Liberal provincial government continues to neglect rural Ontario families suffering the devastating consequences of their wind energy policy. Just days ago the Brindley’s left the province of Ontario, permanently.

Full disclosure:   

Goderich based Kingsbridge 1 wind project in conjunction with MPP Carol Mitchell, the Ministry of the Environment, Ministers Wilkinson, Duguid and Dalton McGuinty by virtue of systemic apathy have left the Brindley’s powerless.

Ross and Darlene Brindley have been hanging on for dear life since their home and barn became a receptor of stray voltage after the Kingsbridge 1 industrial wind project started turning. For 5 years they have been pleading with the government to help them. They just can’t hang on any longer.

Ross and Darlene had to sell off all of their livestock, irreversibly changing their lives when stray voltage rendered the farm buildings uninhabitable for cattle. No one in authority has helped them. It seems that no one really gives a care about the destruction of their livelihood or health.

After years of trying everything in their power, fighting off their own illness due to the dirty electricity in their home, they have listed the farm for sale. Right in the listing it says the buildings are located close to large wind farm transmission lines and are subject to stray voltage.

They’re not going to try pulling the wool over any potential buyer’s eyes. They can’t. Ross and Darlene like most honest and hardworking Ontarians would never do that to anyone. Less can be said about our politicians, bureaucrats and wind companies. Power and money have the ultimate advantage here. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I am sorry I couldn’t help them. I am sorry for what they have been put through and what they continue to endure. I am sorry that the only thing they can do to protect their own health now is to sell the farm that has been in Ross’ family for decades. It’s the last thing that was on their life list 5 years ago. Their children completed post-secondary education in agriculture in order to be able to take over the family farm when Ross and Darlene were ready to retire. Sadly the children had to get out of the house to protect their own health. They have all moved far away to try to get on with their lives and Ross and Darlene hope to be able to join them to restart their lives someday.

There are details to this story that I won’t go into here. A horrifying and upsetting chain of events. I’m sorry this government has failed you Brindley family. Like others in this Liberal wind policy mess, you have been crushed by our almighty leaders, classified as collateral damage and sacrificed for the “good” of our government’s green energy agenda.

Description:   96.5 acre farm with 85 acres workable. Approx 40 acre is systematically tiled. 2 closed in munic tile run through the property. There is approx 5 acre of bush. T shaped steel machine shed is 30×60& 40×30. There is a 77×77 bank barn with 4 pens set up for beef with large barnyard with concrete block wall. The home is a 12×72 mobile home with small addition. The buildings are located close to large wind farm transmission lines & are subject to stray voltage.

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7 thoughts on “For Sale – Ontario Family Heritage Farm

  1. The Brindley’s should not have been abondoned like this, it’s inconceivable that this could happen in Canada. This makes me so angry, how can our government ignore this family (and the others that are affected)?

    Shame on everyone that had a hand in this family losing their home.

  2. This is such a shocking story. Was there no response from any elected MPP, or just Liberals?

    I am not seeing who wrote this. I see that there is an “I” but cannot tell who it is – perhaps I missed this?

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  4. This is such a sad story. First of all, to receive Heritage Farm status, a farm must have been owned by the same family for at least 100 years. What this family must have endured is unfathomable.

    Stray voltage on livestock is not a pretty thing. Because of their size, cattle are much more succeptible to feeling stray voltage than humans are. Stray voltage can cause abortions in the females and bulls to be sterile. If they are milking cows, production will go down, and if bad enough production will stop. They will eat less, as their need for water to help in digestion is compromised. Therefore they will lose weight. The animals will avoid drinking water from the water bowl or trough at all cost, as the water actually makes the shocks worse. HOWEVER overwhelming thirst will force the animal to get a drink, thereby shocking the animal. I could not think of a torture more horrendous than this.

    Don’t misunderstand me, the health of humans is very important too. I just wanted to relate to you what consequences there are for animals – and not just wildlife.

  5. Stray voltage problems like this should not occur if there is proper grounding. If the grounding is not proper then stray voltage can enter the ground water and travel quite a distance depending on the circumstances.

    The IWT stray voltage situation needs a full investigation.

  6. Hell no I won’t go !!!!! Tim H better pull thru for us on oct 7 or there will be a cue

  7. I have trouble with this too, I am sorry. In a Democratic system at that. The concept is simple, you don’t get representation of peoples concerns, kick their asses out. Albeit it has to be the masses that do this, but if they did…look-out! It seems any changes that need to be made, have to be done, as in other countries, by violent revolt. That seems to be the only way to get anyone’s attention from Government and Media alike.

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