Consider the community, not just financial gain

Goderich Signal Star

I’d just like to comment on the letter to the editor from the group called S.A.C. They used the puzzling logic that since there were for example 7000 snowmobiling accidents reported last year in Ontario and none reported for industrial wind turbines… therefore turbines can’t have negative health effects.

As one writer in the Signal Star correctly pointed out to them last week, you’d have to have a bunch of people being hit on the head by turbine blades annually to show up in those statistics. Nobody is suggesting that.

What does seem to be apparent is that about 10% of the population are being affected with things like sleeplessness, tinnitus, nausea and a general sense of unease to name a few. Anyone wanting to find out for themselves can investigate on the web for things like infrasound, low frequency noise or wind turbine noise.

The S.A.C. group also made mention of Gideon Foreman. This gentleman was sent to a local council meeting on behalf of the lobby group Canadian Assoc. for Physicians for the Environment to tell Huron County we should be happy to be home to 400 plus industrial turbines.

Curiously Mr. Foreman’s doctorate was in Philosophy so some were surprised at his willingness to present himself as an authority. And C.A.P.E does not in fact represent 5000 doctors, as Mr. Forman carefully described the group as consisting of doctors and others. Who the “others” were was unclear as was the proportion of doctors to “others”.

What was clear to those attending other than those anticipating wind turbine income was that Mr. Foreman knew less about the subject than the council he was addressing. And that air quality would have been better served if he had not driven all the way from Toronto with inaccurate and unhelpful information.

I hope that the S.A.C. group is legitimately concerned with the public good and not turbine lease options. If they are concerned with air quality let’s do what is the most effective in improving that. First let’s look at Ontario’s coal fired electricity. As I write this coal is providing .06% of our electricity…about as close as you can get to nothing. Hmmm…could that be what is killing all those people Mr. Foreman spoke of?

If they did a little more research they would see the only time the Ontario’s coal use plays any part in air quality is when we need it on hot sultry summer days to run our air conditioners and refrigeration. Summer is also when wind turbines are producing almost nothing useful. No amount of turbines will improve summer air quality and the money they consume would be better spent on efficiency and improved transportation.

Let’s check with the Ministry of the Environment and ask them where Ontario’s smog actually comes from. Geez they even have a map on their site showing arrows coming from the mid western US. And they say that air quality has improved steadily in Ontario since 1988 and we have good air quality 90% of the time. But it also states that it’s best to stay away from major roadways and areas with lots of industry.

It’s just a wild guess from somebody totally unqualified but could it be that people in places like Toronto are actually suffering from bad air quality from the near gridlock of cars, trucks and inefficient local industry?

Perhaps if the people from CAPE were clever and honest they would stay at home more often and address those issues instead of telling rural Ontario we should plaster our landscape with turbines to give them a feel good moment. And S.A.C. should consider their community and not just the financial gain received if the corporate wind developers get the go ahead here.


R. Budd, Goderich

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  1. Good letter! I have to ask, if CAPE represents all these medical professionals concerned about coal usage in Ontario, why are they not listed prominently? Why is it always Gideon Forman speaking and writing letters? Surely it would be more effective to have one of accredited doctors speak on this topic.

  2. Is Gideon trying to be a Doctor, again???

    Check that academic record “one more time” – although he studied philosophy I believe you will find NO doctorate!!

  3. I have a choice. Get on a snowmobile or don’t. I don’t have any say on wind turbines.

  4. Why is it so difficult to get this right?


    Mr. Forman holds a Master’s degree in philosophy from McGill University. He interned at The Nation – America’s oldest weekly journal – and studied creative writing at the Banff Centre for the Arts. From 1997-2004, he was Vice President of Strategic Communications Inc., a firm that provides political consulting and fundraising advice to the non-profit sector. In 1999, Strategic Communications was named to The Profit 100 as one of Canada’s fastest growing firms.

    MASTERS Degree! Somebody send them a letter. I am too far away and too strange an address for my letters to get through…

    They will think it is an ex-planetary troll — as opposed to a normal one!

    We are talking about a regular grade journalist wonk trained in creative writing.,..

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