Get a job, Gideon

Gideon Forman is not a medical doctor yet even the MOE thinks he is  

Gideon likes to infer he is a physician through the media and letters to the editor to various newspapers.  In truth, he only has a degree in Philosophy and also spent some time studying Creative Writing.      Mr. Forman seems to be the only spokesperson for the Canadian Association for Physicians for the Environment (CAPE).  Perhaps he’s the only one benefitting from the overly generous grants  of over $363,500 bestowed upon his organization from Ontario’s Trillium Fund?   More Here

7 thoughts on “Get a job, Gideon

  1. GOOGLE DOCUMENT, Gosfield and Comber Wind energy Projects|Newsletter|december 2010 Issue

    Brookfield Renewable Power
    P.3 “Ontario Health officials support wind farms”

    Uses reference to Dr.Gideon Forman, Ex.Dir. CAPE and an article he wrote to the Hamilton Spectator.

    Does reference use imply that Gideon Forman is a physician and endorses wind turbines? Used in newsletter to promote Brookfield Renewable Power project.

    Gideon Forman, Canadian Peace Alliance

  2. Isn’t it illegal to misrepresent yourself as a physician?

  3. Aren’t they taking a chance that these new “green” cleaning supplies used in hospitals won’t be as efficitve at killing germs?

  4. Seems the Trillium Fund and the OPA are piggy banks for eco-nut groups.

  5. Destructive Green Energy Act…..

    Need a reminder of some of the Bad Government that Dalton and the Liberals have imposed on the citizens of Ontario —->

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