Compensation for Industrial Wind Turbines

By Wayne Elliott, Goderich Signal Star

I once was categorized as a Canadian, an Ontarian, and a resident of Central Huron. Since the passage of the Green Energy Act (GEA) by the Ontario Liberals (with support of the NDP) and the development of the Twenty Two Degrees industrial wind turbine zone, I have now been relegated to the lowly status of “non-participating receptor”.

I had no say in being stuck in the heart of this zone. It was forced on me. The choice was made for me by the Ontario Liberals, an industrial wind zone developer and a handful of landowners. I have absolutely no desire to live in the middle of an industrial wind turbine zone.

To bring some semblance of fairness to this situation, I would respectfully request that Dalton McGuinty, Carol Mitchell and their Liberal comrades amend the GEA to stipulate that under the Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) process, developers of industrial wind turbine projects must offer non-participating receptors a compensation package that provides a fair price for the purchase of their house and property, payment of legal and other fees and a relocation allowance.

This would not be precedent setting as wind developers have already purchased over 10 properties in the Amaranth and Ripley project areas that were made un-liveable by industrial wind turbines. These sales can be found in a search of the Ontario Land Registry.

This would be a winning situation for all involved. The Ontario Liberals would see reduced opposition from non-participating receptors, allowing them to continue with their pursuit to industrialize and desecrate rural Ontario.

The wind developers would win. They would assume no financial risk for providing compensation for these properties as both they and the Ontario Liberals profess that there are legions of families that embrace industrial wind turbines, so they will be lined up to purchase these properties, likely at premium prices, so they can live within the shadow (flicker) of their 50 storey high idols. The other option would be for the wind developers to knock down these newly acquired homes and erect additional wind turbines. Over the life of a 20 year FIT contract, this would be more economical than making lease payments to private landowners, and it is simpler to just eliminate the receptors.

The compensated non-participating receptors would win. Even though they would be leaving family and friends behind, they would now be able to, with their hard earned equity intact, emigrate to another Province, or even Country, where democracy and basic rights are still respected, and electricity rates are not inflated because of unreliable and uneconomical forms of renewable energy forced upon them, driving people into energy poverty.

10 thoughts on “Compensation for Industrial Wind Turbines

  1. Destructive Green Energy Act…..

    Need a reminder of some of the Bad Government that Dalton and the Liberals have imposed on the citizens of Ontario —->

  2. The fact remains, where does one move to in Ontario to find an area that will not have wind turbines?

  3. Re-electing a Liberal Government in October will ensure that you cannot find an area that will not have wind turbines….

  4. Well said Wayne , unfortunately I couldn’t agree more. Democracy in Ontario is dead.

  5. This type of compensation is a great idea, if you can accept that you don’t have the right to live peacefully in your home.

    Industrial wind turbine developers are not — nor should they be — entitled to expropriate.

    Nor will the operators get away much longer with saying, “Get out, or we’ll kill you!”

  6. I’m shocked and disgusted today too.

    I read the Hansard for Question Period occasionally, and I try to weed out the nonsense by narrowing it down to what is the question, and what is the answer.

    I could swear that yesterdaythe answers were that enforcing the law was tantamount to burning coal, and, worse, opposing the GEGEA weakened the efforts of private companies to protect the health of the citizenry.

    Question Period is at
    My abbreviation on Wilkinson’s involvement is at

    • Scott:

      The current registered output of all the wind turbines is “666” — does that mean something?

      I went to your links… I guess the Liberals are reciting mantras — as they appear to have no answers. It is a really sad situation.

      How many days to go until “Wipe-Out”????

  7. Wipe-Out day, can`t come soon enough David!!!
    Well hopefully it will be soon enough to arrest/stop any further destruction of our beautiful province.I`m hoping Harpers and Canadas, big win on May2/11, will serve notice on McGuilty & gang(sters), their turn is next, so they had better start to listen to the concerns of all voters. They no longer own TO.or the GTA.
    (Thank you Rob Ford).
    Scott; Checked out your links. That`s incredible. To think we actually pay these fools is a sad thing indeed!!
    Wayne Elliots`ideas about compensation for non-participating receptors is right on. Although eliminating useless IWTs, is the best solution in reality.

  8. Sorry, Douglas Moran, the best solution for those who are being killed slowly is to give them the money for their homes so they can live the tranquil, peaceful lives they had BEFORE IWT’s!

  9. Yes Johana, I agree 100%.
    Give them the money for their homes, say market value plus 20%, the cost of packers & movers,& all expenses incurred in the process from property hunting to purchase & move in.
    That`s closer to what the when buying out people for road purposes. It`s only fair, you`re right.

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