McGuinty Liberal’s Legacy

Pictures of the Brindley’s Abandoned Farm

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  1. From the Guru of Green is this article. Make good weekend reading.

    You think you’re discussing technologies, and you quickly discover that you’re discussing belief systems. The battle among environmentalists over how or whether our future energy is supplied is a cipher for something much bigger: who we are, who we want to be, how we want society to evolve. Beside these concerns, technical matters – parts per million, costs per megawatt hour, cancers per sievert – carry little weight. We choose our technology – or absence of technology – according to a set of deep beliefs: beliefs that in some cases remain unexamined.

    The case against abandoning nuclear power, for example, is a simple one: it will be replaced either by fossil fuels or by renewables that would otherwise have replaced fossil fuels. In either circumstance, greenhouse gases, other forms of destruction and human deaths and injuries all rise.

    The case against reducing electricity supplies is just as clear. For example, the Zero Carbon Britain report published by the Centre for Alternative Technology urges a 55% cut in overall energy demand by 2030 – a goal I strongly support. It also envisages a near-doubling of electricity production. The reason is that the most viable means of decarbonising both transport and heating is to replace the fuels they use with low-carbon electricity. Cut the electricity supply and we’re stuck with oil and gas. If we close down nuclear plants, we must accept an even greater expansion of renewables than currently proposed. Given the tremendous public resistance to even a modest increase in windfarms and new power lines, that’s going to be tough.

  2. The huge elephant in the room about which neither George Monbiot nor any other “environmentalist” except perhaps, Mike Nickerson, is willing to talk about is OVERPOPULATION.

    Is there anyone willing to RATIONALLY discuss the limits to human expansion on this planet and figure out ways to reduce the human footprint?

  3. Dr. John Holdren (USA Science Czar) has published some excellent material on how to reduce overpopulation.

    Check it out. It even has some scanned pages of his book if you want to validate the quotes…

    President Obama’s top science and technology advisor John P. Holdren co-authored a 1977 book in which he advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children.

    The concepts outlined in Holdren’s 1977 book Ecoscience, which he co-authored with close colleagues Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich, were so shocking that a February 2009 Front Page Magazine story on the subject was largely dismissed as being outlandish because people couldn’t bring themselves to believe that it could be true.

    It was only when another Internet blog obtained the book and posted screenshots that the awful truth about what Holdren had actually committed to paper actually began to sink in.

    This issue is more prescient than ever because Holdren and his colleagues are now at the forefront of efforts to combat “climate change” through similarly insane programs focused around geoengineering the planet. … ad nauseum…

    Dr. J. Ehrlich has similar ideas. Fascinating reading. not to mention Dr. J. Hansen of NASA.

    But there are lots of other sites where these ideas can be debated — Greenpeace maybe…

    If that link is too racy check out “Holdren Eugenics” via Google or Bing — lots of references. It is elite company to travel in…

  4. All it takes is one big pandemic to eliminate at least some of the human population and this has happened before. Like the Bubonic Plague and the 1918 Flu epidemic. Don’t think this can’t happen again.

    Also natural disasters as in Haiti with the quake.

    But this kind of scare writing sells well and makes money for the authors.

  5. It’s difficult to tell from the pictures but I wonder if the turbine immediately over the sign wording “This Kingsbridge” is on their own property.
    Did they host these turbines?

    • Sandra,

      Good question! More details about this situation would be useful.

  6. And the people eliminated in the 19th & 20th century wars should also be included.

    No need to make up stuff as there are already enough things that can happen to keep the world’s population in check.

  7. Of course if anyone gets electrocuted then it becomes a public health issue.

    PUBLIC SAFETY is a different issue under the law than public health. These are different legal issues.

    So far people have been mostly concerened about public health issues and ignored the public safety issues.

  8. McGuinty will say that this is his legacy…–illness-prevention-will-save-taxpayers-money-mcguinty?bn=1

    …and that people suffered so that the many could benefit.

    GUELPH, ONT.—The Liberals will campaign in part on illness prevention as a way of saving taxpayers money in the Oct. 6 election, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Monday.

    “That’s opportunity number one,” he told reporters after touring Guelph General Hospital with local Liberal MPP Liz Sandals.

    ..and that is why we need wind turbines — all those people dying of lung diseases… just ask Dr. Ross McKitrick for proof. /sarc off

    • If you make 10-15% of the rural population sick with wind turbines won’t health care costs rise instead of decline?

  9. Barbara:

    Remember that if more people die from lung disease caused by coal fired power plants than actually died at all — that can be very expensive — JUST THINK OF THE PAPERWORK!

    The link is For those who have never seen the Mckitrick analysis of the very bad studies on coal generated electric power and lung disease and air pollution foisted upon the unsuspecting by none other than the CAPE group of DOCTOR (HAHAHAHA) Gideon Foreman… of creative writing fame. Now two academic groups have examined the methodology and statistical validity of the “medical studies” claiming deaths due to air pollution caused by coal fired plants and found — in layman’s terms that the conclusions are hogwash. Any significance is lost in the noise….

    Remember that IWT’s are being erected to reduce air pollution and hence prevent deaths — but they don’t produce power on demand, they don’t produce significant power and they produce as the will o’ the wisp does. And if deaths do occur due to air pollution the numbers are low enough that they are not statistically valid to prove anything. On the other hand the problems due to IWT’s — economic, health and soc ail are easy to prove.

    Now I have to get back to some real work….

    • Thanks David,

      If more money has to be diverted to rural areas to cover rural rising health care costs due to wind turbine related illnesses then this will leave less money for urban health care costs. So in the end urban Ontarians will have to do with less health care. So the installation of wind turbines in Ontario does affect urban Ontarians.

    • Not only will urban Ontarians be gouged thru their hydro bills but they will also lose some of their health care inorder to pay for IWTs!

  10. Ah, IF ONLY more money were to be diverted to rural areas, BUT that won’t happen because the Liberals are being elected by urban voters.

    Erecting IWT’s in rural areas may, in fact, kill off those pesky rural residents who can’t sleep because they are surrounded by IWT’s AND, as in the case of the NVoIWT’s, live on the north shore of Lake Erie and have to breathe the smog from the coal generated plants of the Ohio valley.

    • People made ill by IWTs will have to be given medical care. So the money for this will have to be diverted from some other source or sources of money available for government spending.

      The health care budget is the most likely source.

  11. Barbara,

    The Brindley farm received its Hydro One feed from the last transformer on their side road. The line stopped at their farm. Once the turbines started so did the electrical pollution and stay voltage problems. Darlene and Ross watched as healthy animals became sick, healthy live calves died with in 24 to 48 hours, and each of the family members became ill.

    Hydro One extended the line past their home down the side road and placed grounding lines ( and warning signs)on many more of the poles in their area. Hydro One in Clinton is well aware of the many ongoing problems.

    Darlene, to this day, wishes she had uttered the words ” My husband is unconscious, not breathing on the ground due to ” Stray Voltage” .” as she was franticly calling 911 for help. This statement would have caused a cascade of electrical testing. When your loved one is in serious medical distress, one does not think along those lines.

    Darlene and Ross, you and your family endured extreme harm and were left on your own by Carol Mitchell. Oct. 6th 2011 can not come some enough. We wish you well in Sask.

    • Daryl, thanks for the information. And still the industry, abetted by the government, continues to deny everything. I can only wonder how history will judge all of this.

    • This is just like everything else in this whole IWT saga. Citizens will have to investigate these matters themselves.

      It’s no longer possible to rely on the government either for help or information.

    • Daryl,

      Did anyone take photos of the poles with signs on them? Also make dated signed notes as to when and where/location the photos were taken?

  12. Thanks Daryl,

    You would think the attending physician would have said something about this situation? Did they have a vet. look at their animals?

    Sounds like there are improper grounding issues here. Just a grounding wire into the ground may not work with high volatage situations.

    People should start thinking of IWTs /wind farms as electric power “plants” with multi-generators instead of just one or two generators inside of a building. These “plants” produce very high voltage.

    Wind turbines can’t be just placed on a cement pad and left that way. They have to be properly grounded. It’s my understanding that copper coils have to be placed in the ground around them to prevent stray voltage from getting into the ground water. Now copper is very expensive.

    The transmission lines coming out of these “plants” are high voltage lines. They are not like the ordinary electric lines that run down roads and streets in front or in back of homes that we are used to dealing with.

    Looks like lots of questions need to be asked about this situation.

    Anyone have more information on the six homes that got “fried” with stray voltage about three weeks ago?

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