Source of Windsor and Essex County ‘rumblings’ remains a mystery

by Dave Battagello, Windsor Star

….One Amherstburg resident who lives less than a kilometre from a wind turbine on Sixth Concession Road South was convinced Friday that is the source of her woes. “I’ve been calling and complaining since February,” said Danai Shinas, a married mother of six.  She described the noise as similar to the bass of a loud car stereo.

“That what’s you feel,” she said. “You get a low key sound in your ear and also a constant low buzz.”  Boralex, which operates the turbines close to her home, sent an official to meet with Shinas in April.  “We did meet with them and they talked about stopping one turbine, but that’s yet to be seen,” she said.  She also complained to the ministry.  “I’d like the ministry officials to live in my house for six months — and then we can talk. It’s not something you can experience just by visiting here for half-hour.”   Read entire article here

4 thoughts on “Source of Windsor and Essex County ‘rumblings’ remains a mystery

  1. It sounds like it most could be the ground vibration from the turbines, as recently stated in the research done by the group in Italy.
    I am so sick and tired of these wind people forcing these machines on us and not giving a hoot about who gets harmed. We should round them all up and force them to listen to these things for a few days. maybe then they would change their tunes.

  2. Any seismic ativity should have been known by the government as this is monitored all the time all over the world. But this can be checked out by individuals. Try an internet search. Even minor tremors are detectable.

  3. Grew up outside of Amherstburg , lived in west Windsor a couple years , LaSalle for 10 and now outside of Essex. These vibrations never existed as claimed. As I posted , I felt them twice now since the IWT’s been running. Soom as the Mid County whirlly’s go up I expect more. These vibrations will always be inconclusive. If John L. Runs for premier he has my vote and it will be the only way these grotesque towers will be gone.

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