Colby refused to meet with the residents

By Margaret Beattie   Windsor Star  
Re: MD says little evidence turbines harm health

Since “there is little evidence to show that wind turbines pose a health risk to humans,” did Dr. David Colby live 24-7 in a home where and when wind turbine blades were noisy? Where light glints off them? Rotation creates a pulsation?

A multitude of flashing lights are visible all night? Experience insomnia, stress, headaches and high blood pressure?

“Over the past four years, Colby said he’s received just one complaint,” but when “a woman requested a meeting between Colby and residents to discuss possible health problems related to wind turbines, Colby refused to meet with the residents because he was offended by public comments made about him.” Really.

“Colby said he doesn’t deny that wind turbines can be an annoyance and that the annoyance can cause stress,” but NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) and BANANAs (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) shouldn’t be pretending there are adverse health effects. How much are taxpayers paying this microbiologist for his opinions?

Well written, Monica.

Thankfully, a former dean of a medical school testified wind turbine construction should be halted until medical studies are completed. Can we count on this to take place?


4 thoughts on “Colby refused to meet with the residents

  1. To Dr David Colby if wind turbines do not effect your health, whey did Suncor Energy buy out four homes in Ripley Ontario, because of the adverse health effects it caused the people who lived in them. Maybe Dr Colby should live in a home surrounded by wind turbines for 4 months and then he can find out first hand.
    The answer is to get rid of the Liberal Government forever for the way they have treated the people of Ontario.

  2. Isn’t Dr. Colby obligated to address people with public health concerns?

  3. We can’t count on anything until Dalton gets put out with the rest of the garbage we have been handed

  4. Colby can’t say anything as he has already given testimony in a hearing that has not yet been decided. Can’t change what his present testimony is.

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