Hudak vows to kill controversial $7-billion Samsung green energy deal

Richard J. Brennan and John Spears Toronto Star

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he will kill the $7-billion Samsung deal to deliver green energy to Ontario if elected premier.

“This deal is a rip-off … we’ve got to cut our losses,” Hudak said Tuesday.  “It is an odious deal,” he said after speaking to the annual Ontario Power Summit.  It was the first major commitment by Hudak on energy policy in months.

But Hudak acknowledged he hasn’t seen the contract and doesn’t know what financial penalties might be triggered by ending it.

Hudak argued it is not a hard and fast deal with the Korean company, but rather a framework for negotiating specific contracts for supplying wind and solar power.

The Liberal government’s deal with Samsung has been controversial from the beginning.

One tentative solar and wind development deal between Samsung and the Six Nations community near Brantford fell apart earlier this year.

4 thoughts on “Hudak vows to kill controversial $7-billion Samsung green energy deal

  1. Finally, a major party leader with an unequivocal position on the FIT madness. Electricity prices should be among the top 5 ballot issues on Oct. 6th, and Tim Hudak is in the right space on this one.

  2. Hooray for Mr Hudak. You have my vote. A vote to restore democracy to Ontario. Also sanity to the hydro industry. A triumph for rural residents. An end to Orwellian press releases from the publicly funded wind companies.

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