Hudak vows to scrap $7B Samsung green energy deal 7

By Jonathan Jenkins, Toronto Sun

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is vowing to rip up the $7-billion memorandum of understanding for wind and solar power with multinational Samsung and scrap the feed-in-tariff incentive for renewable energy.

“Even Dalton McGuinty says the largest contributing factor to rising hydro bills over the next several years will be his FIT and Samsung projects,” Hudak said in a release. “Instead of engaging in social engineering and expensive experiments, I will integrate renewable energy sources at prices families can afford.” Read entire article here

3 thoughts on “Hudak vows to scrap $7B Samsung green energy deal 7

  1. I think Hudak understands that he will be inheriting a soon to be public disobedience enmasse and all out war.
    We are all waiting till election time….the GEA will be repealled.
    We are nor asking.

  2. Unfortunately Industrial Wind Turbines and Wind Farms only directly impacts about 3% of the population….We will need to branch out with a broader appeal if we want to defeat the Liberals in the next provincial election….The attached link provides details on the Liberals failed record…It should be used to discredit the Liberals before the next election. Use it to remind you friends, family and undecided voters what a disaster the McGuinty Liberal Government has been…Hudak’s intentions mean nothing unless we defeat the Liberals..

  3. If the Green Energy it not repealed then the environmentalists will be in court to enforce the act.

    Some environmentalists blame the U.S. Congress for blocking Cap & Trade and/or carbon taxes. It’s not Pres. Obama’s fault. As a result Canada is draging its feet on these two issues.

    Of course the UN is also backing “green” energy and carbon trading in North America.

    The economies of scale argument is also being used to promote IWTs. However, economies of scale is a useless argument in discussing machinery that dosen’t work to begin with or only works when the wind blows or the sun shines.

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