McGuinty’s Liberals likely next victim of ‘vote-against’ wave

by Jim Merriam, Toronto Sun

The Gang has done other backroom deals, such as the one involving offshore electrical giant Samsung. The company is to bring green-sector jobs to Ontario, in exchange for sweetheart pricing and years of bonuses.

This deal is part of the green energy imbroglio in which the government finds itself. Even supporters of green energy don’t understand the above-market prices paid for power that regularly is sold out of province at discount rates because it isn’t needed.

They also don’t understand the lack of meaningful local input into the establishment of wind farms. Why the province didn’t pick an uninhabited tract of land for installation of thousands of windmills with one transmission line out is anybody’s guess.  Instead they have made enemies of thousands of rural Ontarians who now live among the towers.    Read entire article here

2 thoughts on “McGuinty’s Liberals likely next victim of ‘vote-against’ wave

  1. I’m tired of living in a dictatorship. Bring on the election. I can hardly wait until I can stop worrying, protesting writing letters, and spreading the word about the Green Energy farce. I want my home and security back

  2. Does McGuinty really think the Liberals will be re-elected? Here’s a quote from an article in the Guardian, by Rahul Gupta, about York South-Weston residents switching to the NDP after voting Liberal in every election but one since 1979.

    “He (Liberal Alan Tonks) dismissed the suggestion that his support for a controversial plan to build a rail link between Union Station and Pearson International Airport that would run through the riding played a major role in his defeat to Sullivan (NDP), a vehement opponent of the project.”

    Tonks said people were concerned about “the high cost of utilities and the future of health care.”

    Sounds like high energy costs and wind turbines in our backyards will be an issue during the provincial elections as well.

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