Social Cost: A Few New Spins on Wind

By Steve Campbell,

Much has already been said on the future of wind turbines in the County. I probably don’t need to retrace the steps which have already been covered, but I would like to offer a few new insights into Big Wind in the County.

As you probably already know, I love the concept of wind turbines as a ‘green energy’ resource. I found it puzzling that someone like me ­ who would love to have a hand in changing our world for the better ­ can’t come to grips with Wind Farms here. I’m sure you’re suffering the same anxiety, in one form or another.

For me, the Big Stumbling Block is the politicizing of wind power in Ontario. I consider it a very bad thing when provincial politicians declare their undying love for global corporations at the altar of Eternal Green Legacy. (Green being the colour of both Alternative Energy and Money.)

When this unholy couple starts calling the shots, they can turn even the best intentions into a fascist regime. We are told we have no choice … the government has legislated our choices away. But a law which is based on who the government chooses to deal with, is not a proper law. Read the entire article here

2 thoughts on “Social Cost: A Few New Spins on Wind

  1. TVO Agenda had John Bennett of Sierra Club on this evening and he said the next agenda will be court action to enforce the already existing environmental laws. By the way he was wearing a two wind turbines pin in his lapel.

    Kick-start = creating an artifical demand for renewable energy devices like wind and solar.

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