Barrett Brings Wind Development Petition to Legislature

By Ashley Degroote, CD98.9  FM

Toby Barrett is making it known that he is not going to stop until there is a moratorium on wind development in the province.

Toby Barrett brought a petition with nearly one thousand signatures to the Ontario Legislature Monday asking for revisions on the Green Energy Act and to have power restored to municipalities to decided whether or not they want wind turbines in their area.

At least 75 municipalities, including Norfolk and Haldimand have passed resolutions objecting to industrial wind turbines and the Liberal’s Green Energy Act.

3 thoughts on “Barrett Brings Wind Development Petition to Legislature

  1. Ditto from the Norfolk Victims of IWT’s.

    Toby also read our petition into the legislature in 2009. Unfortunately, the Liberal MPP’s chose to absent themselves from the house OR to do anything to mitigate the adverse health effects from the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE which started generating in November of 2008.

    Those IWT’s were jammed in within a 3 km radius of our community of ~ 140 houses from which ~ 70 people signed our petition. We are still waiting and hoping for relief of our symptoms which started at the start of the generation.

  2. Revisions to the Green Energy Act won’t do! It must be repealed. Don’t be fooled here. This is a compromise.

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