What Hudak omitted to say

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In a much ballyhooed speech yesterday, would-be Ontario Premier Tim Hudak promised to kill the financing method that Premier Dalton McGuinty uses to build wind turbines. But Hudak doesn’t promise to kill wind turbines. He merely proposes some alternative financing method, not yet described, to bring Ontarians more wind turbines. Hudak’s wind turbines will also be uneconomic, just less so than McGuinty’s.

Would Ontario get more or fewer wind turbines under Hudak’s sketchy plan than under McGuinty’s? He doesn’t say. He does say that he won’t try to undo contracts with those who already have McGuinty-style deals – not surprising since many of them live in rural ridings Hudak hopes to win. Also not surprising, Hudak doesn’t rule out offshore wind turbines, which McGuinty had cancelled. Hudak has scant hope of winning some ridings that would be affected by offshore wind turbines.

Hudak promises to “put families first and respect that they pay the bills” but he indicates he will continue to throw good money after bad by continuing to support Ontario’s uneconomic nuclear reactors. And he doesn’t say boo about the single biggest measure he could take to keep power bills from exploding – reversing the senseless shutdown of Ontario’s perfectly good coal plants.

In his carefully crafted speech, Hudak claimed to be a delivering a “clear message.” Perhaps he will let the Ontario public in on his plans in the weeks ahead. At this point, his message is anything but clear.

To read the inscrutable Hudak speech, click here.

6 thoughts on “What Hudak omitted to say

  1. yes, and how about the ones planned already. I don’t trust anyone anymore. I want a promise.

  2. A promise is truly needed. Did Tim Hudak not promise a moratorium if he were to be elected? Please remind me. There certainly is nothing in his current speech which even hints at a moratorium.

  3. Here’s a promise. “I will not raise taxes”. If you read the fine print it was in the first week of being premier. Loser liberals always raise taxes then whatever is left after greasing their backers goes to the public usually in some form of not so desirable use. Can’t wait to see how Daltons full day kintergarden works out. Want to save a buck ? Reduce your pension or even reduce your expense claims. That’s it. Where’s my prozac. Lol.

  4. In the news reports I have read I do miss one item not mentioned, the discontinuation of using taxpayers money for subsidising the renewable energy program. These are staggering sums of money paid-out to an industry that could not and cannot exist without such assistance. I hope Mr. Hudak will address this as well

  5. Keep writing to him. We need more than a promise to end Samsung and FIT as all other contracts are ‘honoured’. The word honour has no place in the wind industry.

    Tim Hudak
    E-mail Address(es):

    My own message to him is, good start bud. Now acknowledge that people are being badly hurt across this province by turbines, dump all proposed projects and decommission the the turbines up and running. Or at the very, very least, help those who can’t stand living near them anymore.

  6. So,, in other words,,Mr Hudak is just like every other politician out there.. Can’t tell the truth about anything, always speaking doubletalk.. No wonder this province is in such bad shape….

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