Chatham-Kent Locals Support Killing Wind Farm Deal

by Laura Carney, Blackburn News

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is getting local support for his plan to cancel the feed-in-tariff program.

Monica Elmes, spokesperson with Chatham-Kent Wind Action says their group also supports Hudak’s plan to scrap a 7-billion dollar deal with Samsung if he gets elected this fall. Elmes says she’s not seeing any environmental benefits for the turbines that are up and she believes landscapes are being ruined.

She adds “In fact, we’re paying over a windy weekend when we didn’t need the energy the turbines were producing, we had to pay over $4 million for the U.S. to take the electricity from us because of the contracts that have been signed.”

Elmes also states “I kinda resent paying an exorbitant amount of money for my electricity…and you know it’s going to subsidise a farmer and as a farmer myself, i don’t think that’s a good way to subsidise agriculture.”

2 thoughts on “Chatham-Kent Locals Support Killing Wind Farm Deal

  1. It’s already ruined… made me physically sick just driving through the area. Something about a spinning background that plays havoc with your sense of balance. It’s like watching the spinning scene in High Anxiety (1977) over and over. Couldn’t wait to get what we came for and leave.

  2. We too were approached to sign a lease for IWT. We didn’t do it. I agree with you Monica Elmes, IWT’s are no way to subsidize farmers. Farmers need a fair return on their products and grain and oil seed farmers have been making out like bandits on that front. Yes, 3 or 4 years ago they were hurting big time, but then the ethanol industry took off and they are now making mucho $$$ on their crops.

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