The massive untendered Samsung contract Ontario taxpayers are not allowed to see

May 12, 2011 update:    Hudak is being criticized for saying he will scrap something he hasn’t seen. Well, NOBODY is allowed to see it. The NDP obtained this through the Freedom of Information Act.  Download the (Heavily Censored) Samsung Deal Here

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  1. So baffle with B.S. and still no answer. McGuinty has a great secrecy plan in place. He has a 20 year plan with no direction and no idea how much it’ll cost. Or how many lives will be negatively affected financially and those that live near Industrial Wind Turbines; with their health.
    Ugh, hopefully we won’t have to ask him too many more questions besides “When are you vacating the Premier seat?”

  2. I bet the WTO has an uncensored copy as part of the complaint proceedings.
    Funny how the general public, the very people who are funding this fiasco, and are sure to suffer other financial and livelihood hardships, are not allowed to see it.

    Obviously, we don’t mean much…

    Beat the heck out of this thing Hudak. The voters of Ontario have every right to see its entirety!!!

  3. So, if the Samsung deal has already been signed does this mean that all proposed turbines are already payed for?

    Some turbine companies have stated that they are still in the early phase of approval and nothing is 100%.


  4. I’m missing the really important parts.

    Did you get a bad copy?

    You should pay more attention to getting good copies of documents before you post them on this site.

  5. Maybe they wanted to conserve toner for their fax machines?
    You know, trying to save money and all?

  6. When Dalton McFiberal said “We’ve done something no government has ever done…” I thought he was going to finish with “we lied every time we opened our mouths, and we treated Ontarians like they were the stupidest people on earth.”

    That would have been the first time he was honest with us.

  7. Man-o-man. That Dalton sure strikes me as either one dumb piece of work or a con-artist of the highest order!

    But just wait .. the wind turbine bubble will eventually come tumbling down. I just hope it’s sooner than later .. before it racks up too much more negatively impacted countryside and ruins Ontario’s energy viability.

    If the majority of this big $$ investment had gone into intelligently conceived energy conservation initiatives, alternate energy research programs, clean-coal conversions, tie-in to Quebec Hydro and homegrown solutions .. it could have actually helped Ontario.

    As I see it .. this messianic star-struck sellout to beyond-green-zealots and foreign industrialists will ramp up the cost of electricity, all those processes & products that use electricity, the general cost of living and also cause more manufacturing jobs to relocate elsewhere.

    Ontario may be legally stuck with a hefty $$ part of the “Samsung Deal” and the hefty electricity costs that it will entail .. but when the legal and political tide turns, we’ll hopefully be able to restore the democratic rights and social welfare of rural Ontario.

    I just pray that the “bubble-bursts” and the “tide-turns” sooner rather than later!

  8. And McGuinty Gets Skewered again…

    Wind power’s dirty little secrets

    A California court tells the naked and ugly truth about a proposed PG&E wind farm, the Manzana Wind Project:

    The Manzana Project? McGuinty does “road apples” projects!

  9. do you see the lies come out of his mouth when he speaks he does NOt even answer the question , talks about 3B in heath care because of burning coal
    premier Look at this article , why have you not does this for ontarians,,2035398,00.html
    he is a very uninfomed leader , until the USA on the south side of Lake Erie stops burning coal we will breath it .
    Maybe he will sit down on the weekend and say to himself , “I might be making more cost to the health care system than burning coal once all these Industrial Turbines are installed , look at what the PEOPLE ARE TELLING ME “

  10. Okay, just watched the video…
    Can I claim a tax benefit for a broken computer screen?

    If there was ever a guy who could bring back the “sit ‘n spin” it’d be Dollyton.

    Please, please, tell me people can see through the man…?

    “I don’t ask you how to answer the question…”

    …the arrogance?

    I’m sorry, but right there is the point where the questioner should’ve ripped him a new you know what…Uggg!

    Pluuuheeeease! OMGodHelpUs!

  11. Where’s the “shoe man” when you need him…lol
    Sorry Dolly.

    • This poll was done around Feb.1,11. So what are the current numbers?

  12. Dalton-Hood”

    Dalton Hood
    Galloping through the sward
    Dalton Hood
    With his Bandits
    He steals from the Working Class
    And gives it to the Renewable Energy Companies
    Honorable Minister
    Dalton Hood
    Riding throughout the day
    Soon every dollar in his realm
    Will be spent by his majority’s hand
    What he steals from the Working Class
    He gives to the Renewable Energy Companies
    Honorable Minister
    Dalton Hood
    Dumb Dumb Dumb the night
    Dalton Hood
    Dumb de Dumb Dumb plight
    What he steals Dumb Dumb Dumb
    And Dumb Dumb Dumb Dee
    Dalton Dumb, Dalton Dee, Dumb Dumb Dumb
    Dalton Hood
    Riding throughout the countryside
    Dalton Hood
    With his parliamentary powers
    What gives to the Renewable Energy Companies
    Was taken from the Working Class
    Dalton Hood
    Riding about the province
    Dalton Hood
    With his Merry Band
    Will continue to steal from the Working Class
    And give to likes of Samsung and other Renewable Energy Companies just because he can
    Is he not Leader of this land …,

  13. BBW:

    Urban residents do not see through this man. At least some of us here recognize and accept this — some don’t.

    For those who heard the $3B statistic about health and medical care requirements cause by Coal Plants… I can only offer the truth…



    The Case for Re-examining Ontario’s Coal Policy

    “4.2 Quality Control in the OMA and Toronto Public Health Studies

    The Toronto Public Health (Basrur 2000) and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA 2001, DSS Consultants 2000) studies have attracted a great deal of attention and have no doubt influenced thinking by policy makers. It should be noted that the papers were not published in academic journals, but instead were merely posted on public web sites belonging to the agencies that commissioned or produced the papers. Considering the economic consequences of shutting down a quarter of the province’s power generation capacity and building new plants to replace them, if the debate keeps coming back to these two studies as the principal rationale, then there is a positive obligation on policy makers to conduct rigorous due diligence by assessing the robustness of the results.

    The Toronto Public Health study (“The Air Pollution Burden of Illness in Toronto” or APBIT) surveys a list of pollution epidemiology papers, and provides the reader with a good amount of detail about the coefficient estimates used for their model. The model is based on selectively reinterpreting positive correlation coefficients as causal functions, yielding the three equations presented in Appendix A. When applied to pollution data from the mid-1990s these equations generate predictions of the percentage of death and disease in Toronto can be attributed to air contaminants. When the percentages are multiplied by observed levels of death and disease the result is the large-sounding numbers of air pollution casualties.
    How plausible are the three equations? Recent air pollution levels are low compared to the 1960s. A simple way to test the credibility of the APBIT model is to plug in observed air pollution levels back to the 1960s and see if the results remain reasonable. If the model accurately describes causal relationships rooted in actual physiological and medical responses, it ought to work not only for present data but for the recent past as well. But the results for previous decades are not merely implausible, they are numerically impossible. This calls into question the accuracy of the model and the meaningfulness of the data it generates.

    Figures 4—6 show the results of applying the APBIT model to air pollution rates from 1965 to 1997 in downtown Toronto, as measured at the Bay/Wellesley monitoring station. NOx and O3 levels prior to 1973 are not available. The NOx series was filled back to 1965 with the post-1973 sample mean, while the ozone series was filled with 30.0, which due to the threshold is effectively zero in the model. This likely understates the true value since there has been a downward trend over time (see Figure 2).”


    “The diamonds mark the monthly point estimates and the dark lines are 6th-order polynomial curves to show a smoothed mean. From Figure 4 we can see that while the implied death proportions are less than 10 percent in the mid-1990s, going back to the mid-1960s the model frequently attributes over 50 percent of deaths, and in one case over 100 percent of deaths, to air pollution. Likewise respiratory and cardiac admission attribution rates go over 100 percent at some points in the 1960s. These numbers are, needless to say, impossible. Cardiac admissions are especially attributed to air pollution: for much of the sample (including the most recent years) the model says that over 50 percent of hospital admissions for cardiac problems are due to air pollution.

    With percentage attributions this high, the “body count” becomes high simply because these percentages are then multiplied by actual observed totals. For instance the model claims that in the year 1965, just over 50 percent of all non-traumatic deaths were caused by air pollution. Not old age, cancer, heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, or any of the other things people thought at the time. It even says that in February 1965, more people died of air pollution than there were deaths. The model clearly lacks basic credibility.”


    Was McGuinty Lying? Lying implies motivation. Perhaps he is simply motivated to NOT KNOW THE TRUTH…

    You can lie by commission or omission…

    Like wise CAPE has the same problem. Interpreting simple statistical models…

    CAPE = CLOAK — maybe that is the reason for the name — it is a society that CLOAKS the truth…

  14. Wait a minute!

    Our vaunted leader eluded to a “report” that said burning coal in Ontario is costing
    3 billion in additional healthcare costs!

    On this I have two questions:

    1) Seeing as he won’t produce the Samsung agreement, maybe he can produce the above mentioned report on coal induced healthcare costs?

    2) If he manages to shut down coal, is it his intention to recoup these costs by cutting 3 billion from Ontario’s health care budget?

    Any takers?


  15. Gotta love the Sussex-like subliminal messaging in the background of McGuinty at the podium: “Jobs & Growth”. Actually it’s pretty creepy.

  16. If you repeat a lie enough times…somebody might believe it…

  17. Broke-By-Wind ..the poll didn’t tell you what questions they asked or who they asked.
    I can tell you this , there are but a few that are fooled by this party anymore.
    When we went door to door not one person we spoke to had any respect or confidence in the McGuinty Liberal Party…..
    Hudalk better pick a side and stand or he will lose the election by himself.
    Doesn’t the Liberals are even considered..they are done.
    That’s what you get when you cross the line with people..people are mad as hell and aren’t buying any of this anymore.

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