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While I totally agree with the letter from Shelagh Purcell, I believe that a correction is required. It was NOT OPG that mandated “Time of Day metering”, but Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party of Ontario. OPG does not have the mandate to set prices or how they are charged. They can only suggest to the Government of Ontario what they think they need to run the stations. It is the Government that dictates what the cost of power to the consumer will be and how that cost will be billed. The “Time of Day metering” was one of the solutions that the McGuinty Government came up with to the potential power shortages that would be caused by their decision to shutting down the coal-fired stations. The other solution McGuinty and the Liberals came up with was to guarantee exorbitant prices for Wind and Solar energy to private providers. We, the ratepayers, are now forced to pay these providers anywhere from five to 10 times the cost of having OPG provide the same amount of Power.

Yes, I do agree that we are being charged too much for electricity and being charged more for power use when we are awake is ridiculous. Let us put the blame where it belongs, Dalton McGuinty and the Provincial Government.

Diego Fabris, Cobourg

2 thoughts on “High hydro rates

  1. The time of use metering recorded by the Smart Meters is the basis for our billing now. We personally have been trying to use our household washing equipment at the least expensive electricity times each week. However our daily usage on our Hydro bill last month showed a 5 kWh increase per day over the same period last year. Could the Smart Meters be faulty?

  2. We the consumer are also paying for utilities to install efficient meters. Charge us more but these meters use less power. Need to get off the grid forever.

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