Frank Klees wind project flap

by Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun

TORONTO – An Ontario PC MPP’s involvement in a Bruce Peninsula wind project flies in the face of his leader Tim Hudak’s pledge to kill the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program, Ontario Liberals say.

Tory MPP Frank Klees said the Liberals are misrepresenting his position on the FIT program because he agrees it is unsustainable and should be scrapped.

According to a media release issued Friday by the Liberals, Klees sits on the board of directors and holds stock options in Tribute Resources, which has filed an application for the Ontario FIT program for the Mar Wind Project.

“Klees is thumbing his nose at his rookie leader in support of the McGuinty Liberal plan for Ontario to replace dirty coal with clean energy…” the Liberals say.

The Grits issued the release on Canada News Wire before Hudak held his own media conference to unveil his team of election candidates.

Klees said he raised his concerns about the FIT program with Tribute, but he is only one voice on the board.

“Obviously, the decision of the company was to proceed,” he said.

Asked about the issue, Hudak said that all his PC candidates support his plan to end the “sweetheart” deal with Samsung and other wind and solar projects that are driving up the cost of hydro.

“We all know Frank’s in the energy business,” Hudak said, when asked about Klees’ link to Tribute Resources.

The McGuinty government’s FIT program pays extremely attractive rates for renewable energy such as wind and solar power, far in excess of the current market rates for electricity.

Klees said he supports alternative energy sources like wind but said the FIT program is seriously flawed.

The Liberals say Klees is one of several Tory MPPs that veered from Hudak policy.


by Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star 

A veteran MPP in his caucus stands to cash in on a green energy plan that his boss, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, wants to scrap or pare back.

In the latest pre-election volley, the Liberal government issued a press release Friday stating that MPP Frank Klees sits on the board of directors of an energy company that has filed an application for a FIT (feed in tariff) contract with respect to the Mar Wind Project, a huge wind turbine project on the Bruce Peninsula.

Hudak announced earlier this week that he would scrap the controversial $7-billion Samsung wind and solar energy deal signed by the Liberals and would only honour those contracts already signed with smaller producers to supply green energy to the Ontario electricity grid.

Klees sits on the board of Tribute Resources and holds stock options in the company based on information supplied in the MPP’s 2010 public disclosure statements.

“Klees is thumbing his nose at his rookie leader in support of the McGuinty Liberal plan for Ontario to replace dirty coal with clean energy and make the province a world leader in clean energy jobs and innovation,” the Liberal release states.

A spokeswoman for the Conservatives told the Star that Newmarket-Aurora MPP is onside with the party policy, despite his financial interests.

“It’s not big deal,” she said.

Hudak said he doesn’t care if Klees stands to profit from green energy.

“Everybody is going to be treated the same,” Hudak said, adding that it is well-known Klees is in the energy business.

5 thoughts on “Frank Klees wind project flap

  1. I hope Klees removes himself very quickly from that board. His relationship with any company that will contribute to further distress to struggling residents pocketbooks and local families health and well being is unacceptable.
    Shame on anyone that is supposed to be representing us who are involved with any of these developers.
    We need immediate full disclosure from every MPP, minister, ministry employee and our premier on any personal or business interests in any of these projects. NOW!

    • snowball,
      Yes, this has been a forgotten issue here for the past few months.

  2. Any IWT supporter will not be elected in that riding…

  3. With the government so heavily involved in IWT technology and solar power projects any MPP or candidate for this position would have a huge conflict of interest. He needs to divest himself of any and all connections to this controversial industry.

  4. Forget Green Energy–Its Fake!

    This lady explains it so well that even a logic-blind GREEN idealogue can understand…

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