Has McGuinty’s Green Energy Act reached the peak of insanity yet?

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  1. while the threat to endangered species is indeed important, it is shocking that this issue is getting so much main stream coverage whereas the issue of human health does not even merit a blip on their radar. What is wrong with this picture?

    • Thank goodness people still care so deeply about the natural world. Deep inside, we all know that what harms one sentient being harms us all. If this is what it takes to shake awake the dozing populace, glory be.

  2. Because they have tried that too.
    To date some media groups are pretty good at getting the story out..others censor it.
    CBC is unethical in it’s agenda and most should and sooner or later will be fired.
    People think it’s house current coming from these things, they don’t understand.
    There is not enough of the people affected actually speaking to the media.
    We talk about them but there is no face to show people
    That being said , wildlife is important , but there is a fine line on how much you attribute to IWTs true or not. Or it becomes more alarmist than factual

  3. Now is the time to uncover the public safety issues associated with IWTs. Online information from manufactures and suppliers of IWT equipment provides proof of these safety issues.

    • Renewable Energy Focus Public Safety Issue?

      “Lightning Prediction Systems Boost Wind Turbine Safety”

      Evacuation parameter for evacuating a wind farm is when lightning is 30 miles/50 kms away.
      Wind turbines provide a conductive channel to the ground.

      If wind farms need worker evacuation at 30miles/50kms from lightning then what about other people in the immediate area of IWTs?

    • 21st International Lightning Conference,2010

      “How Lightning Safety Practices Differ in Wind Energy,Sports and Construction Applications”

      Wind Farm Safety:
      Wind Farm Lightning Alert Procedures for workers:
      1. Notification, Lightning range 50 miles
      2.Evacuation,Lightning range 30 miles
      3.All clear range and time, 50 miles and 15 minutes

      Wind turbines are like lightning rods.

    • Windpower Magazine, March 3,2011, IWT Lightning Safety Issues

      1.Alert,storm distance 50-60 miles away
      2.Evacuation, storm distance 30 miles
      3.All clear, can be 30 miles for 15 minutes

      Workers need to at least be able to reach the safety of a truck with windows rolled up and no contact with vehicle metal frame.

      Should people who live near IWTs also know about the lightning risks associated with being near them in stormy wweather conditions?


      Same article also has this information: The Langdon Wind Energy Farm in North Dakota operates a 40-acre, 133 turbine wind farm. The facility is owned by NextEra Energy Resources. Capacity 199.5 MW with a team of 12 technicians.

      Again the worker to wind turbine ratio is ~ 1/10.

    • In the case of branch lightning, one branch can strike the IWT while another branch/branches will strike nearby objects. This another reason why evacuation of the IWT area is required.

    • A motor vehicle car/truck is also a Faraday cage which protects against electrical shock provided you don’t touch any metal part/parts of the vehicle while inside the vehicle.

    • Thanks Ernest,
      We are on the “same page” most of the time.

  4. Forget Green Energy–Its Fake!

    This lady explains it so well that even a logic-blind GREEN idealogue can understand…

  5. I’m glad CBC is reporting at all. About time. I hope they do more pieces about the human effects as well, but I can understand how intimidating it is to let anyone know. Who would want to be known as a victim of Industrial Wind Turbines with a government that doesn’t acknowledge it?!
    Where is Margaret Atwood on CBC explaining her concerns about Turbine construction around her Great Lake cottage?

  6. Yes, that’s true. Her concerns shouldn’t have just disappeared though. Perhaps her and her pal David Suzuki could do a show on CBC discussing human, animal and natural landscape destruction with Industrial Wind Turbines. Oh what a Canadian dream!

  7. Yes indeed, I can see the “Big Spin” now:

    An article in the June, 2031 edition of Ontario Nature Magazine, lamenting the state of the Ontario countryside. Anne Bell, Senior Director of Conservation and Education, goes on to say that despite the heroic efforts of Ontario Nature, Nature Canada, CPAWS and such courageous citizens as Margaret Atwood and Gideon Foreman, almost every pristine landscape, nature reserve and conservation area in the province has been desecrated by abandoned Industrial Wind Turbines. Bell also expressed her sorrow for the decline of many birds and bats, including some Endangered Species.

    All this, she noted, occurred during the reign of ideologue, right-wing scary Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    Others cited for this crime against nature included Mike Harris and Howdy Doody …

  8. The CBC should have done their home work on this one. The Ontario Government passed legislation in 2007 to cover off the aspect of killing off flying wildlife with their Endangered Species Act, Section 17.

    If your looking to see what “David Suzuki” and some other environmental groups did, in assisted with the Endangered Species Act passed, please review the document at;


    And by the way the feds don’t give a crap about saving flying wildlife, though it maybe perceived as such because every once in a while, they do something that creates NEWS, like charging two hunters for shooting two Swans in the Luther Marsh and as well charging the oil sands company out west for killing all those ducks in their tailing ponds.

    The Canadian Government has SARA, but the Canadian government has the same problem as the Provincial government, which is, making the connection between birds and wind turbines. In fact their comprehension is some what limited in this regard because they are not really interested in making the connection, in other words plead “stupidity”.

    Well at the very same time we see nothing is being done about the slaughter of flying wild life by wind turbines on wind farms.

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